Best Oatchi Skills in Pikmin 4: Oatchi Guide


In Pikmin 4 guide, players can discover and utilize the best Oatchi skills available, exploring all the unique and powerful abilities Oatchi has to offer.

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Best Oatchi Skills in Pikmin 4: Oatchi Guide

Meet Oatchi, your newest and most loyal companion in Pikmin 4, the adorable dog-like creature that will be your faithful sidekick throughout your adventure.

Unlike the expendable Pikmin, Oatchi is one-of-a-kind and can be upgraded to learn new tricks. As you progress and meet Shepherd, you’ll have the opportunity to teach Oatchi various skills in exchange for Pup Drive. While the list of possible upgrades might seem intimidating, we’re here to make it simple. Let’s explore the best Oatchi Skills to unlock in Pikmin 4.

Best Oatchi Skills in Pikmin 4

There are 35 Oatchi skills in Pikmin 4, and as the game progresses, unlocking these skills will greatly ease your exploration of challenging caves and puzzles. However, not all skills are equally useful. To make the most of Oatchi’s abilities, invest your Pup Drive points wisely, which are Oatchi’s skill points.

Here are a few best Oatchi skills you should focus on.


1. Buff

Buff is a handy skill for Oatchi in Pikmin 4. It lets Oatchi push or carry bigger objects, like 3 Pikmin at first, and up to 10 at level 3. 

Luckily, Oatchi starts with this skill, so you just need to level it up. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can learn Super Buff after reaching level 3. With Super Buff, Oatchi’s strength matches up to 20, 30, or even 100 Pikmin when maxed out, but that might be a bit excessive. 

Focus on leveling Buff for a useful and practical boost throughout the game.

2. Heal

Heal is one of the best Oatchi skills in Pikmin 4, allowing him to recover health automatically over time. Here’s how it works:

  • Heal level 1: Oatchi starts healing himself gradually. It costs 3 Pup Drive to unlock this level.
  • Heal level 2: Oatchi’s healing speed increases, making him recover even faster. It also costs 3 Pup Drive.
  • Heal level 3: Oatchi’s healing speed improves further, making him regain health even more rapidly. This level also requires 3 Pup Drive.

Maxing out the Heal skill for Oatchi is essential as it reduces his healing time when he gets K.O.’d at the camp, saving you valuable time and ensuring he can be summoned back into action sooner.

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3. Rush

Rush is an exciting skill in Pikmin 4 that lets Oatchi dash forward. It’s useful for charging at enemies or breaking obstacles like pots and frozen objects. Oatchi can also knock down hard-to-reach items by ramming into walls. 

Additionally, Rush helps Oatchi move against conveyor belts and instantly shatter frozen hydro jellies. When Pikmin are riding Oatchi, they can be launched directly onto enemies or obstacles during a rush. 

This skill opens up various strategies for both combat and exploration during your adventure.

4. Doggy Paddle

Oatchi learns Doggy-Paddle to swim, keeping his back and hips above water, allowing the player and Pikmin riding him to stay dry while crossing water. You unlock it after a failed swimming attempt, and Oatchi gains this skill two in-game days later or after growing up, whichever comes second. It’s a handy skill for traversing water obstacles without getting everyone wet.

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Well, the list of Oatchi Skills is quite long, but these are the top choices are they are the most beneficial to Oatchi in Pikmin 4.

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