Remnant 2 Root Nexus: location and tips and tricks to beat the defenseless boss


Players will encounter the Remnant 2 Root Nexus boss as they progress through the game, and it is essential to locate its position and learn how to beat it to move to the next part of the game.

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Remnant 2 Root Nexus: location and tips and tricks to beat the defenseless boss

How can a boss fight be if the boss doesn’t attack? Yet the Remnant 2 Root Nexus boss behaves in such a manner. It is probably the most unique boss in Remnant 2 as it appears to be vulnerable and defenseless.

However, to judge by appearances would be a mistake here. Sure, the Remnant 2 Root Nexus boss doesn’t have offensive strikes and attacks lined up against those pitted against it. But it has the ability to invoke a force that protects it from harm and proves surprisingly challenging to overcome.

Watch out, the Remnant 2 Root Nexus is a tricky one! Here are some tips to make life easier when you are up against this manifestation of the Root infection.

Remnant 2 Root Nexus Location

When venturing through the hostile Yaesha jungle in Remnant 2, you’ll come across the Root Nexus boss in a courtyard-style area, entangled with roots, beyond a stone archway.

The boss, often referred to as the Nexus, behaves in a particular way. It calls forth waves of animals from the Root, but it does so at set intervals.
It is better to concentrate on causing smaller, more frequent amounts of damage to the Nexus rather than trying to hit it hard once.


To defeat this challenging foe with ease, follow these strategies:

  1. Deal with summoned ad swarms in an open area away from the nexus. Use your guns to handle the ads and reserve your melee attacks for the nexus itself.
  2. Be mindful of the map layout and avoid corners or areas with dead ends and invisible walls that could hinder your movements during the fight.
  3. Consider playing as a Medic or equipping a healing Mod for one of your guns to improve your survivability during the battle.
  4. Purchase the Rootward Ring from Bedel, a vendor in Yaesha. This ring prevents Root Rot, a Blight caused by the attacks of the enemies summoned by the Root Nexus.

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Remnant 2 Root Nexus: Tips and tricks to defeat the boss

Preparation is key

Before you come face-to-face with the Root Nexus in Remnant 2, you will have traversed much of Yaesha. That means your resources and supplies could be running low. Consider it wise to replenish these stats and restore your health as much as you can before you confront the boss.

Before you reach the arena of the showdown with the Root Nexus, you will find a checkpoint. Make full use of this opportunity and take a rest. Go into battle only with all your supplies and resources, that is, ammo, health, and relics, stocked full. Keep in mind that once the engagement with the boss starts, there’s no turning back: the checkpoint will have become unavailable by then. So don’t miss this chance.

Melee attacks work best

While the Remnant 2 Root Nexus boss is open to attack, that doesn’t mean there is no one to protect it. Hordes of minions emerge during the battle to fight for the boss.

But that makes this battle unique. Whereas most bosses can be damaged only through long-range attacks, the Root Nexus, being vulnerable, can be damaged at close quarters. In fact, the best and most resourceful way of offense against this boss is melee attacks. Not only do they work best due to the fleshy exterior and lack of armor of this creature, but you can also save all of your ammunition for those irritating minions.

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Attack consciously

Who wouldn’t take the bait of a defenseless boss to let out all their previous frustrations and kill it in one go? But that is exactly what you have to resist doing. See, there are consequences to attacking the Remnant 2 Root Nexus boss. As the boss’s health lowers, at certain points, a fresh wave of minions zones in on the character, and each successive wave gets increasingly difficult. So if you do too much damage to Root Nexus at once, you risk getting overwhelmed by its ugly minions.

In such a situation, you have to attack consciously. Once a wave of minions has been summoned by the Root Nexus, take care of it first and leave attacking the boss for a while. After that is done, you can go back to the boss.

Use the entire arena

As the battle progresses, the space around the Root Nexus gets crowded as more and more of its minions join in. When this starts to happen, it is best to retreat to any of the numerous open spaces offered by the arena. Once you are in an open space, it becomes much more manageable to take out the hordes of minions descending upon you.

The force that the Root Nexus summons varies in size, strength, and attacks. They employ both long and short-range strike maneuvers. Being in a place without obstructions allows you to dodge attacks, retaliate well, and maintain a safe distance from the most formidable opponents. Defeat these minions and then you can go to work on the Root Nexus again.

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Taking brief breaks during the fight can help you regain focus and composure, making it easier to handle the waves of Root creatures effectively. After defeating the creatures in an open area, return to engage the Root Nexus again. This alternating approach between clearing waves in open spaces and inflicting damage on the Nexus maximizes your chances of success in the battle.

Remnant 2 Root Nexus Boss Fight Rewards

Upon defeating the boss, you’ll receive the Blood Bond Trait along with 100x scrap. Additionally, the boss will reveal a glowing blue egg-like reward at the bottom half of the tree. This reward is the Hallowed Egg amulet, which enhances combat by increasing your Firearms magazine by at least 30% and boosting your melee damage by 10% for 7 seconds, with the stacks reaching 5x.

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Those were our tips to help you against the Remnant 2 Root Nexus boss.

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