All Pikmin 4 Onions Locations and Easy Ways to Unlock Them


Players can discover all Pikmin 4 Onions by exploring various locations in the game world, and there are easy ways to unlock these onions, ensuring a successful collection of Pikmin to aid in their adventures.

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All Pikmin 4 Onions Locations and Easy Ways to Unlock Them

In Pikmin 4, building a strong Pikmin population for your conquest relies on Onions. Onions serve as the Pikmin’s base, where you can gather Pikmin and transform defeated creatures into new Pikmin.

To grow different types of Pikmin, you need Onions specific to those types. Finding Pikmin 4 Onions is crucial, as without them, it’s hard to increase White or Purple Pikmin numbers. This guide explains where to locate Pikmin 4 Onions and the steps to unlock them, helping you establish a diverse and sustainable Pikmin army for your adventure.

All Pikmin 4 Onions Location

Pikmin 4 features eight types of Onions, including Red, Yellow, Blue, Ice, Rock, Pink, White, and Purple. Beginning with the Red Onion, players gradually unlock more Onion types as they advance in the game’s story.

To access all Pikmin varieties, unlocking these Onions is essential. Once an Onion is unlocked, players need to transport it to their nearby base, ensuring a diverse Pikmin population and progress in the game.


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Pikmin 4 Onions Location and Ways to Unlock

Red Onion location

The initial Pikmin 4 Onion you’ll discover is the Red Onion. It’s located at the Rescue Command Post, shortly after meeting Captain Shepherd and emerging from the Burrow of Beginnings.

Yellow Onion location

You can discover the Yellow Onion in Pikmin 4’s Blossoming Arcadia area, toward the South from your starting point. It’s placed behind a downward ramp near bags. 

To access this Pikmin 4 Onion, go around to the East side. Another Yellow Onion is at the Sun-Speckled Terrace’s Southwest corner, close to the Dandori Challenge cave.

Blue Onion location

In Sun-Speckled Terrace, which is the water area near your main base, there’s a Blue Onion on a hill. 

To reach it, use 30 Ice Pikmin to freeze the water, then make a path on the left with 20 Pikmin. You’ll need 50 Pikmin in total – 30 to freeze, 20 to carry the Onion. 

Also, at Serene Shores, you can find another Blue Onion on a sandcastle’s highest point in the Southeast. This spot might be simpler to reach if you move your base nearby.

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White Onion Location

You can get White Pikmin and their Pikmin 4 Onion by finishing a special task after you’ve completed the main game. When you’re done with the main adventure, you can play a side story called Olimar’s Shipwreck Tale. 

After completing this side story, a new cave will show up near the Rescue Command Post. In this cave, there’s a challenge called the Trial of the Sage Leaf, which has different parts called Stories. 

Once you finish the 5th Story, called The White Key, you’ll get the White Onion and White Pikmin. These Pikmin can’t be hurt by poison and can poison enemies that eat them.

Purple Onion (Purple Pikmin) Location

After you finish the Trial of the Sage Leaf quest, you can get the White Onion. Purple Pikmin are super strong and heavy, like ten Pikmin in one. 

To find the Purple Onion, finish the last stage called Final Story: The Purple Key. There’s a tough Waterwraith there, so beat it first for an easier time on the stage.

Light Blue Onion (Ice Pikmin)

There’s a special Pikmin 4 Onion called the Ice Onion for Light Blue Pikmin. You can find it in Hero’s Hideaway, the fourth stage. These Ice Pikmin can freeze water and enemies. 

The Onion is up north in the freezer area. To get there, go through the Frozen Inferno cave on the stove. 

To make the cave easier, buy the Scorch Guard and Scorch Guard (Oatchi). After the cave, you’ll reach the freezer and the Light Blue Onion.

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Rock (Black) Onion location

You can find the Black or Rock Onion in the Giant’s Heart area. Rock Pikmin, which come from this Onion, are strong – they can’t get hurt from being squished or stabbed. They’re good at breaking glass and crystals if you throw them. 

To get this Onion, head to the East near the Dandori Battle. There’s a wall you can break using Bomb Rocks, which you should get from The Lab. 

You’ll need to beat a Bulblax along the way, so extra Bomb Rocks will help. After that, you can access the Black Onion.

Pink Onion (Winged Pikmin) location

In the Primordial Thicket stage, you can find the Pink Onion. This Onion makes Winged Pikmin or Pink Pikmin, which can fly and move swiftly. They’re great at carrying things and can travel over large parts of the stage. 

To reach the Pink Onion, go east on the map near the Oasis of Order Dandori Challenge. You’ll come across poison geysers that need White Pikmin to clear. 

Afterward, a box needing ten Pikmin to push opens the way to the Pink Onion.

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