Diablo 4 Expansion Price and Early Access with Costly Edition rumored to be revealed by survey leak


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Diablo 4 Expansion Price and Early Access With Costly Edition Leaks

Vessel of Hatred, the next Diablo 4 expansion, has been the subject of much conversation online lately, and not because of its early revelation. Instead, the creators’ nearly official confirmation of the price they would charge for Diablo 4’s first substantial post-launch DLC has caused a stir on social media and online forums.

The first confirmed Diablo 4 expansion may cost for anywhere from a more reasonable $49.99 to an eye-raising $99.99, according to recent claims that Blizzard is considering. A recently leaked survey suggests that owners of the more expensive versions of Diablo IV’s Vessel of Hatred expansion may also receive extra stash tabs and potentially early access to brand-new Legendary elements, Unique items, and significant game features.

Diablo 4 Expansion Price and Early Access With Costly Edition Leaks

The information was provided by YouTuber Bellular, who is most renowned for covering World of Warcraft from Blizzard but also creates videos on other Blizzard games and video games in general. In the video “Blizzard’s Latest Survey Is VERY Concerning,” Bellular shared details from a leaked survey discussing Diablo 4 expansion pricing and potential perks for higher-priced editions.

According to the survey, Vessel of Hatred could be sold at different price points, each potentially offering players various in-game items and perks. The poll suggests that Vessel of Hatred might retail for $50, $70, $80, or $100.

The $50 version of Diablo 4 Expansion might include:

  • a new non-horse mount
  • a cosmetic skin for the game’s still-unrevealed new class
  • 1,000 of the game’s premium Platinum currency
  • one Premium Battle Pass
  • access to the base game
  • four-day expansion early access
  • a Town Portal skin
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Controversially, it also hints at additional stash tabs and early access for one season to what Blizzard refers to as “Companions,” which are “non-player” characters that follow players around, collect gold, and enable remote stash access.

The $70 edition might grant early access to a powerful Unique item. Meanwhile, the $100 version suggests “Hero” skins and unique mount armor and even hints at early access to a “functional item” like a Legendary aspect. Well, the concept that some editions, such as the $100 version, could provide early access to a “functional item” similar to a Legendary aspect is maybe more problematic than players possibly having to pay for more stash tabs.

Though it is important to remember that this is just a survey that Blizzard is conducting to evaluate interest, should the company follow through on any of the suggestions made above, it might mean that the company would compromise on its commitment to never let players “pay for power” in Diablo IV.

Concerns around pay-to-win situations and the perceived value of content have been raised by the uproar surrounding the possible $100 price tag for the top tier. If this pricing model is adopted, it has the potential to drastically change the Diablo 4 environment, particularly in light of the game’s ongoing critiques of its microtransaction system and conflicting evaluations it received after launch, including accusations of manipulating Steam reviews with bots. 

As the expansion’s release date nears, how Blizzard addresses these concerns and their final pricing decision will be watched closely. However, it’s crucial to remember, though, that organizations use surveys to determine player preferences and interests. They don’t always show what content is currently being developed or reflect decisions that have been made.

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