Dungeons & Dragons Scarlet Witch build: races, powerful spells, feats, and more


Dungeons & Dragons Scarlet Witch build is essential to know if you want to have the best race, infusions, and feat for your class.

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Dungeons & Dragons Scarlet Witch build: races, powerful spells, feats, and more

If you are something who has the taste and time to experience some mind-bending (literally!) chaos magic in Dungeons and Dragons, then you have come to the right post. What better way to channel this need for dark magic than to build the Dungeons & Dragons Scarlet Witch and experience some extremely weird and powerful time/space-warping witchcraft?

Wanda, AKA Scarlet Witch, can control minds, manipulate and direct energy towards her targets, throw them around like dolls, and create something out of nothing. And this is something that D&D Fifth Edition allows you to do and something you should do. Wanda’s power comes directly from an Infinity Stone. So, you know it is no joke.

If you are in for this ride, you will have to decide on the race and class for Dungeons & Dragons Scarlet Witch first. Multiclassing might be the best option for her as it will allow her to bring forth more of that Scarlet Witch flair that she has in her movies. You can enjoy more aspects of her powers if you multiclass two mighty spellcasters.

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Best Dungeons & Dragons Scarlet Witch Races

In the Scarlet Witch comic book, Wanda is a mutant. But the Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch is portrayed as being a human first. And that is what race should fit her well. You can grant her a feat at creation if you select the Variant option. This should be the Telekinetic feat when you are at level one.

But if you want to take D&D Scarlet Witch Charisma up a notch and make her race more interesting, which will be useful for spellcasting, you should definitely go Half-Elf to allow for this. Half-Elf can increase the Charisma of PCs by +2 and their ability score by +1. If you want to make her move quicker and make her natural armor sturdier, then put it into Dexterity.

You get dark vision and an abundant skillset. This will prove useful if you want to manage any gaps she has. Choose Perception and Stealth for this.

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Best Dungeons & Dragons Scarlet Witch ability score

For D&D Scarlet Witch, the most important ability score is Charisma because it is a mirror of her ability to deceive and also persuade. So it will be the substance of her spell casting. The second and third highest scores are Dexterity and Constitution. Now, these will help increase Dungeons & Dragons Scarlet Witch hit points and armor class.

Moving down the list of important scores, we have, in order, Intelligence, Strength, and Wisdom. If you want, however, you can exchange Strength and Wisdom as Wisdom helps Wanda avoid mind control herself. Strength, then, is a challenging dump stat, but still, it isn’t hard to imagine.

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Best Dungeons & Dragons Scarlet Witch classes

Playing as a Sorcerer should be the first choice because you want to tap into the Scarlet Witch’s Chaos Magic. And for this, the Wild Magic Sorcerer subclass will make a perfect pair with it.

D&D Wanda is a powerful spellcaster, and the meta-magic abilities will go great with that. To capitalize on the trademark reality manipulation of Scarlet Witch, you would do well to choose the Tides of Chaos and Bend Luck abilities. Not that we don’t realize that this comes with the Wild Magic table. But this is balanced by the fact that magic does go askew sometimes.

Now, if you are a big MCU fan, then you know that there is an encounter between two manifestations of the Mind Stone, Wanda and Vision, in the series Wanda Vision. So keeping this in mind, you could choose to multiclass into a Great Old One Warlock. The expanded spells you get are perfect, as the Mind Stone almost acts as her patron.

Another way to allow the D&D Scarlet Witch to continue her damage rampage is to grant her Eldritch Blast. You can think of her red bolts as the Warlock staple spell. The most effective part in terms of damage will be the splitting of levels. You could simply split 50-50 between Sorcerer and Warlock, which will fetch you great advantages from both.

But you can also choose to uplevel that one which you think will come into play the most or which suits your playing style. If you want to increase meta magic options, for example, then Sorcerer is the one you should uplevel more.

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Best Dungeons & Dragons Scarlet Witch feats and background

For the background, the Haunted One would be suited to Wanda’s past. Plus, it will give expertise in Investigation and Survival. And also in extra languages. Now, for feats, we obviously go for Telekinetic as part of Variant Human or as the first feat. But there also are more feats that will enhance Wanda’s gameplay.

Wanda can manipulate fate. So Lucky should be a great addition. Plus, it is already many’s preferred choices. Fey Touched may not be exactly to her liking, but it is good mechanically. You could combine Misty Step and also the first-level spell. Definitely do this if you are choosing Hex or Bane.

Spellcasters have always been squishy. So Spell Sniper will make Wanda keep some distance. War Caster will be necessary for the concentration spells that she pulls.

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Best Dungeons & Dragons Scarlet Witch Spells

This is where you will need to be most careful because it will really define D&D Wanda’s character. For starters, you can choose spells that will cause psychic damage, like Mind Sliver, Mind Spike, and Tasha’s Mind Whip. These will really bring along that mind-control flavor to the character.

Spells that allow Wanda to take control of her targets are another set that will be necessary to let the character’s qualities come through. Some spells that come to mind are Fear and Hold Person, Mass Suggestion, Confusion, and Monster.

Now Wanda has the ability to fly. So teleportation spells like Kinetic Jaunt and Far Step are some important spells to have. Wish, Earthquake, and Psychic Scream are also strong spells that Wanda should have. All this will make the Scarlet Witch stronger than Doctor Strange even.

Well, that’s all we have for you on this one, folks! Enjoy this best Dungeons & Dragons Scarlet Witch build and unleash hell on your targets.

Is Dungeons and Dragons Witchcraft?

Being an RPG, D&D has nothing to do with magic. Dungeons and Dragons is a game, based on another game that simulates combat, but the creators needed magic. They read The Lord of the Rings and other similar books and based their magic rules on their favorite fantasy books. 

Are there witches in Dungeons and Dragons?

Yes, there are several classifications of witches in D&D such as Druidic Wiccans, Prophesying Seers, Traditional Hags, Sea-Faring Sirens, and astrological Cosmic Witches.

What powers do Scarlet Witch have in D&D?

D&D Scarlet Witch has the following abilities:
Healing Abilities
Chaos Magic
Energy Resistance
Alternate Reality Creation
Nexus Being

Where do Scarlet Witch’s powers come from?

In the MCU, Wanda was born with certain Chaos Magic abilities. But if Hydra hadn’t experimented on her and her brother Pietro, they would disappear.
Wanda and Pietro were mutants in the Scarlet Witch comic books from the beginning. Wanda did not actually become the Scarlet Witch until Chthon gave her the ability to use his Chaos Magic.

Can Scarlet Witch cast spells?

Indeed yes. Wanda uses teleportation spells like Kinetic Jaunt and Far Step. Earthquake, Psychic Scream, and Wish are perfect for Wanda when it comes to spells of a higher level. She also has excellent choices in Tasha’s Mind Whip, Mind Spike, and Mind Sliver.

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