Final Fantasy 9 Remake is in development and will be turn-based, claims Insider


Exciting news for Final Fantasy fans as insider sources reveal that a Final Fantasy 9 remake, is currently in development.

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The Final Fantasy 9 Remake might get announced soon, as leakers continue to drop new info

Through remasters and remakes, developers and publishers have tapped into nostalgia, which is a strong force in the gaming industry.

There have been rumors about a potential remake of Final Fantasy 9 since the success of the Final Fantasy VII remake. Square Enix has not confirmed the existence of the game, but leaks and information from insiders have sparked rumors.

New Final Fantasy 9 Remake Rumors

Final Fantasy 9 Remake rumors have been swirling around for a while now, and Gaming journalist and insider Jeff Grubb has added weight to the rumors by confirming that Final Fantasy IX Remake is in active development at Square Enix.

The forthcoming Final Fantasy 9 Remake will feature the ATB turn-based system, according to Grubb, who also stated that the classic game won’t alter significantly but will still feel excellent and isn’t just an HD remake.

However, he emphasizes that the scale of the remake will not match that of the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Instead, Grubb compares it to the difference between Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and Final Fantasy VII: Remake. This suggests that the FF9 Remake will retain the essence of the original game while enhancing its visuals and gameplay.

Previously, Gematsu also reported that FF9 Reamke is in active development too.

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Final Fantasy 9 Remake: Expected Features

While fans may have hoped for a monumental overhaul similar to the Final Fantasy VII Remake, Grubb’s statements imply a more focused and faithful approach.

The goal seems to be to capture the essence of Final Fantasy IX while delivering an upgraded experience. This could mean a more streamlined gameplay experience that highlights the elements that made the original game so beloved.

One key aspect of Final Fantasy 9 Remake that Grubb mentions is the continuation of the Active Time Battle (ATB) turn-based system. This decision is likely to please fans who appreciate the classic gameplay mechanics of the original game. The ATB system has been a defining feature of the Final Fantasy series, and its inclusion in the remake ensures a sense of familiarity and nostalgia.

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Final Fantasy 9: A Beloved Classic

Final Fantasy IX holds a special place in the hearts of die-hard fans, making the prospect of a Final Fantasy 9 Remake an exciting prospect.

Final Fantasy IX, released at the turn of the last century, has a unique charm that resonates with players. The game stands out among the Final Fantasy franchise and is cherished by fans for its captivating story and memorable characters. Its release marked the end of an era, as subsequent Final Fantasy games took a different direction. The game’s reputation and positive reception have fueled the desire for a remake.

The rumors surrounding the Final Fantasy 9 Remake began with the GeForce Now database leak and have sparked excitement among fans of the series. While Square Enix has yet to confirm the project, insider information from Jeff Grubb suggests that active development is underway.

Well, the emphasis on preserving the core aspects of the original game, such as the ATB system, indicates a commitment to capturing the essence of Final Fantasy IX. As fans eagerly await official confirmation, the prospect of revisiting the magical world of Gaia in a refreshed and visually stunning experience is an enticing one.

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