Genshin Impact Chiori: new leaks on 4.x character’s design, rarity, and more


With the most recent information regarding the much-anticipated character Genshin Impact Chiori, get ready to explore the mysteries of the upcoming 4.x update.

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Genshin Impact Chiori leaks have revealed new details about the upcoming character

Genshin Impact’s highly anticipated patch 4.0 is set to introduce Fontaine, the game’s fifth region. With a new region comes a wave of excitement as players eagerly anticipate the arrival of new characters.

Recently, over a dozen upcoming Fontaine characters were leaked, sending the Genshin Impact community into a frenzy. While specific release dates are yet to be announced, it is confirmed that these characters are currently in active development. Among them is Chiori, an intriguing new character hailing from the Hydro Kingdom, with a rumored rarity of 5 stars.

This article aims to gather all the available information about Genshin Impact Chiori, the new Electro character from Fontaine.

Genshin Impact Chiori: Leak Details and Speculations

Insiders previously leaked a partial image and description of an unknown character, and it is believed that this character may be Genshin Impact Chiori.

The name “Chiori” was mentioned in Kirara’s voiceline, sparking further interest in this new addition to the game. While little is known about Chiori at the moment, the community has made efforts to gather all available information about this mysterious Electro character from Fontaine.

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Genshin Impact Chiori’s Design and Concept Art

The recent flood of Fontaine leaks included a complete character design and concept art, which strongly indicates that Chiori has Inazuman origins.

Reliable leaker HoyoverseJapan confirmed that this design indeed belongs to the upcoming character, Genshin Impact Chiori. The concept art showcases Chiori with an elegant updo ponytail, held together with a kanzashi (Japanese hairpin). While she appears to be wearing a frock, she also sports a sash around her abdomen, reminiscent of traditional kimono attire, and a corsage on her left wrist.

As a fashion designer, Chiori’s personal style and personality shine through her character design. She exudes an elegant blend of modern clothing infused with traditional elements from Inazuma. Floral motifs are prominent throughout her design, offering insights into Chiori’s personality. It’s important to note that the concept art is subject to change, and the final design is yet to be revealed.

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Genshin Impact Chiori’s Role and Rarity

Previous leaks indicated that Chiori would be an Electro character upon release. And now, a recent leak from @Randialosleaker claims that she will be a 5-star character instead.

While there is no information available regarding her weapon, it is speculated that she could wield either a catalyst or a one-handed sword. Initially, rumors suggested that Chiori would debut in the 3.8 banners. However, the lack of marketing for Chiori during the patch 3.7 updates has left her release date unknown.

Genshin Impact Chiori: Insights from Kirara’s Voiceline

Kirara, in one of her voice lines, mentions a character named Chiori from Fontaine. She describes Chiori as her former customer, highlighting the designer’s kind treatment towards the delivery girl during their time in Inazuma. According to Kirara, Chiori is a fashion designer who currently runs a fashion shop in Fontaine. Kirara often delivers goods for the designer, and Chiori has even helped Kirara tailor her own outfit.

This information suggests that Chiori may become a playable character in the near future.

In Kirara’s Character Story 4, she recounts a memorable experience while delivering a package to the fashion designer. Kirara ends up getting entangled in a mix of fashion styles and accessories, resulting in a comical situation. However, in Chiori’s eyes, Kirara resembled a cat that had fallen into a paint bucket.

To make amends, the renowned fashion label founder from Fontaine created a delightful set of clothes for Kirara. This event further piques players’ curiosity about the origin and capabilities of Chiori’s fashion creations.

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Well, with the upcoming release of patch 4.0 and the introduction of Fontaine, the Genshin Impact community is buzzing with anticipation for Chiori’s arrival. As players eagerly await more information and an official announcement from miHoYo, speculation and excitement continue to build around this enigmatic Electro character.

Fans of Genshin Impact eagerly await the opportunity to unravel Chiori’s story, experience her unique abilities, and witness firsthand the impact she will have on the game’s evolving narrative.

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