Honkai Star Rail Natasha Ascension and New Trace level-up materials guide


With our in-depth guide to Natasha Ascension and Trace level-up materials, you can elevate the fearsome fighter of Honkai Star Rail to new heights.

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Honkai Star Rail Natasha Ascension and Trace level-up materials guide

Natasha, a formidable 4-star Physical character in Honkai Star Rail, harnesses the power of the path of Abundance.

Natasha’s popularity in Honkai Star Rail stems from her unique role as the game’s sole free-to-play healer. She is an essential part of a player’s team with the power to heal friends and remove adverse effects from them. Even though Natasha is only a 4-star character, her flexibility, and ability to help make her a helpful addition, especially for those who don’t have access to better healing like Bailu or Luocha.

As players embark on Natasha Ascension’s journey, they must gather diverse Trace level-up materials to unlock her full potential. These resources are essential for enhancing Natasha’s abilities and ensuring she becomes a force to be reckoned with in the battle against Honkai’s menacing forces. Now let’s discuss all the Natasha ascension and trace level-up materials.

Natasha Ascension Materials in Honkai Star Rail

In Honkai Star Rail, Natasha needs the Ancient Part, Ancient Spindle, Ancient Engine, and Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf. The Ancient Part and its upgrades can be obtained from the Simulated Universe, while the Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf can be acquired by defeating the boss Stagnant Shadow: Shape of Spike.

The resources for Natasha Ascensions are listed in the table below:

LevelAscension MaterialsCreditsAscension Rewards
20+Ancient Part x432001 x Star Rail Pass
30+Ancient Part x126400
40+Ancient Spindle x5, Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf x2128001 x Star Rail Pass
50+Ancient Spindle x10, Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf x632000
60+Ancient Engine x4, Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf x16640001 x Star Rail Pass
70+Ancient Engine x6, Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf x18128000

To fulfill your requirements, you will need the following materials:

  • Ancient Part x16
  • Ancient Spindle x15
  • Ancient Engine x10
  • Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf x50

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Natasha Trace level-up materials in Honkai Star Rail

To level up Natasha’s Trace in Honkai Star Rail, you will need the following materials:

  • Seed of Abundance x12
  • Sprout of Life x54
  • Flower of Eternity x105
  • Ancient Part x28
  • Ancient Spindle x42
  • Ancient Engine x42
  • Destroyer’s Final Road x12
  • Tracks of Destiny x5

In conclusion, HSR Natasha ascension materials include Ancient Parts, Ancient Spindles, Ancient Engines, and Broken Teeth of Iron Wolf. These materials can be obtained through various means, such as defeating bosses and exploring the Simulated Universe. Additionally, her Trace level-up materials consist of a combination of Seeds, Sprouts, Flowers, Ancient Parts, Spindles, Engines, Destroyer’s Final Road, and Tracks of Destiny.

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By gathering these materials and enhancing Natasha’s abilities, players can unlock her full potential and utilize her valuable healing capabilities in their battles against the Honkai forces.

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