League of Legends Naafiri Build: new tips, roles, abilities, and executing gameplay


This Naafiri Build guide is your go-to resource for maximizing the potential of this assassin champion, from comprehending her special abilities and their synergy to performing game-changing plays.

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Best Naafiri Build can help you maximize the potential of the new Assassin champion in League of Legends

Naafiri, the newest champion in League of Legends, has made a memorable impact with its stylized and thrilling reveal trailer.

Designed to fill a role that Riot Games identified as lacking, Naafiri brings a unique playstyle to the game, incorporating RTS-style mechanics into the traditional League of Legends experience. In this article, we will delve into everything you need to know about League of Legends Naafiri build, including tips for beginners, the best builds, and a breakdown of its abilities.

LoL Naafiri build: Tips for Beginner

If you’re just starting to play Naafiri, here are some basic tips and tricks to help you get acquainted with the champion’s playstyle and have the best Naafiri Build:

  • Coordinate with your team during team fights to ensure that your allies can engage at the same time. Going in too early can result in your demise.
  • Prioritize spawning as many dogs as possible before initiating your ultimate shutdown, as this will maximize your damage potential.
  • If you’re unable to secure kills in your lane, consider roaming to other areas of the map to find opportunities for kills. Playing around with your ultimate ability is key in these situations.
  • Look for opportunities to catch enemies who are out of position and alone on the map. Warding the enemy jungle can provide you with valuable information and increase your chances of securing kills.

LoL Naafiri Build: Role and Build Options

Naafiri is primarily designed to be a mobile assassin, commonly played in the mid-lane or as a jungle clearer. However, depending on the balancing adjustments made by Riot Games, Naafiri may also find success in the top lane.

While there is no definitive best Naafiri Build, it is expected that Duskblade will be a core item due to its synergy with Naafiri’s ability-based damage and the invincibility it provides, which can be valuable for chasing down enemies or disengaging from fights.

There are two main Naafiri build paths that you can consider: Assassin and Bruiser.

LoL Naafiri Assassin Build

This Naafiri Build focuses on burst damage and prioritizes Lethality items to quickly eliminate squishy champions. Recommended items for this Naafiri Build include Prowler’s Claw, Axiom Arc, Edge of Night, and Serylda’s Grudge. Within the Domination tree, Electrocute or Hail of Blades can be effective keystone choices.

LoL Naafiri Bruiser Build

Some players have found success playing Naafiri in the top lane as a bruiser. This Naafiri Build emphasizes sustained and on-hit damage to handle tankier opponents. Suggested items for this build are Eclipse, Serylda’s Grudge, Black Cleaver, Spirit Visage, and Thornmail.

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LoL Naafiri Build: Mastering Fights and Skirmishes

When it comes to team fights, Naafiri excels at finding picks and eliminating isolated or vulnerable enemies. As an assassin, it is crucial to ward off the river and look for opportunities to catch out enemy supports or squishy champions who are alone, especially when they venture out to the ward.

Utilize your dash ability to engage and secure kills, and then quickly disengage to safety. If you are unable to find picks, the next best strategy is to engage as part of your team’s frontline.

Going in alone will make you a prime target for enemy focus, so it is important to coordinate with your team. Signal your intention to engage, wait for your tanks to be in a position to follow up, and then go in together, increasing your chances of survival and securing kills.

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The Soul Fighter Skin of Naafiri coming with LoL 13.14 patch

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LoL Naafiri’s Abilities

Naafiri’s abilities are designed to provide a relatively easy-to-understand playstyle, despite the complexity of managing the pack of hounds. Let’s take a closer look at each of Naafiri’s abilities:

  • Passive – We Are More: Naafiri periodically spawns packmates, up to a certain limit, that will attack targets she engages with her basic attacks or abilities. Hitting enemies reduces the cooldown of this ability.
  • Q – Darkin Daggers: Naafiri shoots up to two daggers in a straight line, applying a bleed effect to struck targets. If the target is already affected by the bleed, the daggers deal bonus damage. Packmates will also attack targets hit by the daggers, and Naafiri gains a bit of healing from this ability.
  • W – Hounds’ Pursuit: Naafiri and her packmates charge and dash in a chosen direction, colliding with and damaging the first enemy hit. This ability can even leap over walls.
  • E – Eviscerate: Naafiri leaps forward, slamming down to damage enemies in a small area of effect. This ability also heals her packmates to full health.
  • R – The Call of the Pack: Naafiri and her packmates coalesce and then split apart, spawning a large pack. This pack gains additional movement speed, enemy vision, and a shield when Naafiri attacks a champion. The ability refreshes itself on the first takedown.

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LoL Naafiri’s Lore and Release Date

The echoing howls of the Dune Hounds resonate across the sands of Shurima, but one pack stands above the rest, guided by a force more dangerous than mere hunger.

Naafiri, once a stolen Darkin dagger, was inadvertently consumed by a pack of Wolf Hounds, merging its consciousness with the wolves. Now, they operate as a unified entity, driven by the ambition to become the ultimate life form in Runeterra.

Naafiri is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, alongside League of Legends Patch 13.14. However, eager players can already test Naafiri on the PBE servers to explore its performance in various roles such as jungle, mid, and top. Furthermore, a Soul Fighter skin will be available for Naafiri, providing a visually appealing option for players who appreciate this unique champion.

As the release date approaches, anticipation for Naafiri continues to grow. Whether you’re drawn to its innovative playstyle or captivated by its lore, Naafiri promises to bring fresh excitement and thrilling gameplay to Summoner’s Rift. Prepare yourself for the arrival of this Darkin Assassin, and use our LoL Naafiri Build to embark on an unforgettable journey with this extraordinary champion.

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