Remnant 2 Classes Guide: Best perks and skills of each class


With our thorough Remnant 2 Classes guide that details the best perks and skills for each class, get ready to unleash the full power of your chosen class and set out on an epic adventure.

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Remnant 2 Classes Guide: Best perks and skills of each class

With Remnant 2’s release just 10 days away, each day brings out something that tells us the universe of this title is much bigger than the previous title. For example, the classes exhibit a superior level of sophistication in their playstyles, skills, perks, and buffs.

So in this article, we will scrutinize all three confirmed (so far!) Remnant 2 classes.

Remnant 2 Classes

At the moment, Gunfire Games have only confirmed three classes. These three classes include:

  • Gunslinger
  • Handler
  • Challenger

There could be more coming but for now, here are detailed facts about each of the three Remnant 2 classes.

Remnant 2 Class: Gunslinger

As the name implies, Gunslingers own the game when it comes to firearms. Add to that perks galore that boost the force of their damage, ammo efficiency, and fire rate. Take garner at the perks of this Remnant 2 Class below:

Gunslinger Perks:

Loaded: For 15 seconds after using any skill, all weapons have unlimited reserve ammo and can be instantly reloaded.

Swift Shot: Boost of 5% fire rate, 25% ranged damage, and 5% critical chance for all firearms.

Posse Up: Pick up ammo and get 30% more ammo for every player, split equally. More ammo from ammo boxes as well.

Quick Hands: Boost of 10% in reload speed. Keep the magazine empty and the 10% gets doubled.

Sleight of Hand: Boost of 15% in ranged damage for 10 seconds by using a relic. Also reloads equipped firearm.

Gunslinger skills:

Sidewinder: Invoke Desert Sidewinder for a boost of 50% in ADS movement and draw/swap speeds. Cycle weapons for automatic reload of incoming weapons for 20 seconds.

Bulletstorm: Boost of 50%, 50%, 25%, and 20% in projectile speed, reload speed, critical chance, and fire rate respectively for bows and crossbows. Traditional firearms become fully automatic.

Quick Draw: Draw the side piece with 6 rounds of ammo upload space, each shot dealing 93 damage. Press the button to fire evenly distributed shots toward enemies within a 25-meter radius. Press and release for manual control.

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Remnant 2 Class: Handler

An all-rounder Remnant 2 Class, the Handler class includes a Companion dog and is a support class that is involved with the entire team.

Handler Perks:

Here are the perks of Handler Class:

Pack Hunter: With Companion active and within a 25-meter radius of the player, a boost of 30% in ranged and skill damage and of 5% in skill critical chance is granted.

Spirit of the Wolf: Boost of 10% to movement speed. Within a 10-meter radius, all friendly players match the Handler’s movement speed if faster. The Stamina cost also decreases by 15% for all actions and for all allies.

Teamwork: Boost of 30% to Handler’s and Companion’s revive speed. During revival, both of them get 25% reduced damage. The Companion also receives a -1 stagger.

Best friend (Relic Perk): For 15 seconds, damage is boosted by 25% and damage resistance by 35%. Additionally, Companion dog’s health is restored.

Bonded (Prime Perk): The Companion can revive a KIA Handler at 50% max health. If a friendly has a Dragon Heart, they can be revived as well.

Instead of the Handler’s skills, we can give commands to the Companion dog. Here’s a list of all three and what they do:

Guard Dog:

The Companion dog comes in second with a 15% threat generation (attracting enemies) and a 20% damage reduction bonus.

Single press: The Companion dog defends a place by engaging in combat with adversaries.

Double tap: The Companion returns to the Handler’s side from wherever it may have been and remains there.

Hold: For all allies within 20 meters of you, Howl grants a 15% damage reduction. Twenty seconds will pass while the threat is generated.

Support Dog:

The Companion dog not only follows the Remnant 2 Handler but also continuously heals teammates in a 3.5-meter radius. This amounts to 0.25 percent of their total health each second.

Single press: The Companion dog defends a place by engaging in combat with adversaries.

Double tap: The Companion returns to the Handler’s side from wherever it may have been and remains there.

Hold: The regenerative effect is used by Howl. a 25-second movement speed boost of 25% and a 2% increase in maximum health per second within a 20-meter radius.

Attack Dog:

The Attack Dogskill increases damage by 20%. Both the handler and the companion dog will follow.

Single press: The Companion dog defends a place by engaging in combat with adversaries.

Double tap: The Companion returns to the Handler’s side from wherever it may have been and remains there.

Hold: Howl increases damage by 20% for 20 seconds on allies within a 20-meter radius.

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Remnant 2 Class: Challenger

The Challenger class is like a bull charging through in Remnant 2. It works best in the close-to-mid range. It can take seriously heavy attacks and strike back with equal force with melee weapons.

Challenger Perks:

Here are the perks of this Remnant 2 Class:

Die Hard: Every 10 minutes, after taking fatal damage, invulnerability is granted for five seconds with 100% regeneration of health.

Close Quarters: Between a range of 7-to-13 meters, with decreasing effect, a boost of up to 40% in ranged and melee damage is granted (increase the Challenger level for more damage). Within this range, there’s also a boost of 10% in critical chance.

Intimidation Presence: Within a 10-meter radius, for 15 seconds, a skill activation grants a 10% damage reduction. Every enemy hit grants an additional 2.5% up to 10%.

Powerlifter: Each weight bracket’s stamina regen delay and additional stamina cost increase are decreased by 50%.

Face of Danger: Within 10 meters of an opponent, a Relic will provide 10% increased damage and two stacks of Bulwark.

Challenger skills:

Rampage: For 20 seconds, a heightened state is activated where a boost of 15%, 20%, and 10% is granted for fire rate, reload speed, and movement speed respectively. Moreover, do high damage to an opponent for one stack of Rage. This stack in itself boosts ranged damage by 5%. If you manage to reach 10 stacks, then the Challenger enters Berserk mode. This will redo the Rampage skill and reload the current firearm.

War Stomp: A high-impact tremor will deliver 210 damage with a bonus stagger in a forward cone within a distance of 7.5 meters. At a very close range, the damage is delivered in every direction.

Juggernaut: For 25 seconds, a boost of 15% in movement and melee speed and of 50% in melee damage is granted. The Bulwark level rises to 3. -1 for stagger damage.

When it comes to Remnant 2 classes, you have to play it to your strengths. Having read all that, we are sure you would be able to decide which class suits you the best. Happy playing!

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