Honkai Star Rail Screwllum: skills, traces, release date, light cone, and 1.1 leaks


Honkai Star Rail Screwllum belongs to the Genius Society and is a humanoid robot that travels the Path of Erudition, having a 4-star Imaginary rarity.

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Honkai Star Rail Screwllum might appear in the 1.1 update

Turn-based fighting, dungeon exploration, open-world play, and elements from HoYoverse’s action RPG Genshin Impact are all included in the role-playing gacha game Honkai Star Rail. The Trailblazer, a character whose name and gender can be changed, is followed as they awaken on a space station without any recollection of their previous lives.

Players can transition between platforms without difficulty thanks to the game’s crossplay and cross-progression features.

Characters with ratings of four and five stars have already been released in the game. But further new characters, including Screwllum, will be added in later releases.

Leaks of Honkai Star Rail Screwllum have provided information on a forthcoming 4-star Imaginary character. Below is all that you need to about Star Rail Screwllum, including his abilities, eidolons, light cone, and traces based on the data that has leaked.

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Honkai Star Rail Screwllum

A 4-star Imaginary character named Star Rail Screwllum travels the Path of Erudition. Screwllum is a robot gentleman who, according to his leaked description, is “an open-minded individual, and he is more than happy to provide you with whatever help you need in your investigation before shutting down the system for good.”

The planet Screwllum is ruled by a mechanical guy named Screwllum. Additionally, he belongs to the Genius Society, where he collaborates with Herta and Ruan Mei of Honkai Star Rail to build the Honkai Star Rail Simulated Universe. He acquired a spot for his portrait in Herta’s office and built the algorithm that powers it.

Screwllum is regarded by Herta as having the “best hacking skills in the universe,” with Silver Wolf being the first to match them. In addition, she calls him a “really good man, a gentleman with an exceptional mechanical mind” from whom she has gained a lot of knowledge.

While we already knew a little bit about Screwllum’s lore, famed leakers Mero and @ThorisIlian have provided additional information on Screwllum’s abilities and Screwllum Traces.

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Honkai Star Rail Screwllum Abilities

Star Rail Screwllum Skill

Screwllum launches a missile at an enemy, and the missile bounces at the enemy up to 4 times, dealing damage each time. If Screwllum is in an enhanced state, using the skill triggers a passive effect and consumes one layer of Precision.

Star Rail Screwllum Enhanced Skill

Same as the regular skill, but each time the missile bounces it also damages nearby enemies. Using the skill removes all Precision layers.

Star Rail Screwllum Ultimate

Screwllum deals damage to all enemy targets and gains 3 Precision layers.

Star Rail Screwllum Talent

When using the Ultimate, Screwllum gains Precision layers and can gain up to a maximum of 3 layers. If Screwllum reaches the maximum number of Precision layers, he enters an enhanced state.

While in an enhanced state, if an ally triggers a follow-up attack, Screwllum will also attack and deal damage to all enemy targets, consuming a layer of Precision. Each time an ally triggers a follow-up attack before the talent is triggered, the talent’s damage increases, up to 3 times. After all Precision layers are consumed, Screwllum exits the enhanced state.

Star Rail Screwllum Technique

Screwllum deals damage to all enemy targets and gains a Precision layer.

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Honkai Star Rail Screwllum Traces

Also, the following has been revealed about Screwllum’s Traces:

Trace 1: At the beginning of the battle, immediately receive ? Precision stacks.

Trace 2: When talent is triggered, Screwllum receives ? energy.

Trace 3: When Screwllum is in an enhanced state, he has a ?% base chance to receive ? Precision stacks every time he attacks.


Honkai Star Rail Screwllum Light Cone

Though leaks have not provided any information regarding Screwllum’s signature light cone, he does appear alongside Silver Wolf on the We Will Meet Again light cone.

The Nihility path’s 4-star Light Cone: We Will Meet Again has the same path and rarity as Screwllum’s.

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Potential Screwllum Lightcone: We Will Meet Again

Potential Screwllum Lightcone: We Will Meet Again skill –

After the wearer uses Basic ATK or Skill, deals Additional DMG equal to 96% of the wearer’s ATK to a random enemy that has been attacked.

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Honkai Star Rail Screwllum Release date

No, Screwllum has not yet received a release date from HoYoverse. But previous rumors indicated that Screwllum will appear in the game’s 1.1 update, and the livestream verified this by showing him in the Belobog museum and conversing with Herta on the space station.

Although Hoyoverse has not officially confirmed whether Screwllum is a playable character, leaks have made it quite evident that a character with such a lavish and distinctive look will eventually be playable.

Additionally, Screwllum can also be seen on the We Will Meet Again light cone design in-game for the Honkai Star Rail. This suggests that he will eventually be playable.

This concludes our knowledge of Honkai Star Rail Screwllum. So, if you’re eager to discover more about the game’s devoted robot gentleman, be sure to check back soon for his formal introduction.

We will keep you updated with new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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