Honkai Star Rail Huangquan: skills and abilities of powerful 5-star Lightning character leaked


Honkai Star Rail Huangquan is a new strong 5-star Lightning character and leaks have his talents and abilities.

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Honkai Star Rail Huangquan leaks

A brand-new HoYoverse space fantasy RPG is called Honkai Star Rail. It is the fourth entry in the Honkai series, and it features both new characters and other iterations of characters from Honkai Impact 3.

Version 1.1, Galactic Roaming, the most recent patch for Honkai: Star Rail, was made available on June 7th, 2023. It introduces three different playable characters, a wealth of interesting events, quests, and gameplay elements.

When players are busy exploring current available content and characters, Blade will be released in Phase 1 of the Honkai Star Rail 1.2 banners, and Kafka and Luka will be introduced in Phase 2, according to a recent leak from renowned HoYoverse leaker: Team China.

Trailblazers are still learning about new units from the Honkai Star Rail character leaks, and this time, Huangquan has been made public. This 5-star Lightning character belongs to the Nihility Path, which gives him the ability to burn enemies and degrade them.

We have compiled all the knowledge we have about Honkai Star Rail Huangquan, his abilities, eidolons, and light cone based on the data that has leaked.

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Honkai Star Rail Huangquan

Although Honkai Star Rail Huangquan hasn’t been seen in any official announcements, leakers have still shown off his capabilities and prowess. So, if you want to know more about the impending 5-star character, Star Rail Huangquan, and how he might work, keep on reading.

On June 3, information regarding Star Rail Huangquan, a future character, appeared online. This most recent rumor was shared on Twitter by @HSR_stuff and comes from trustworthy leaker Thorisllian.

Players might gain access to another character who deals lightning damage if the leaks on Star Rail Huangquan turn out to be real.

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Honkai Star Rail Huangquan Abilities

Huangquan’s skills have not yet been made public by HoYoverse, but leakers have provided information about them, allowing Trailblazers a glimpse at his playing style.

Like every leak, Honkai Star Rail Huangquan’s skills can change before his scheduled release. They are all included here, though.

Star Rail Huangquan Basic Attack

Deals Lightning DMG equivalent to ?% of Huangquan’s ATK on the enemy target.

Star Rail Huangquan Skill

Deals Lightning DMG equivalent to ?% of Huangquan’s ATK on the enemy target, deals 2 DMG instances. Each damage instance deals Lightning DMG damage equivalent to ?% of Huangquan’s ATK on random enemies.

Star Rail Huangquan Ultimate

For every enemy target with debuffs, Huangquan obtains stacks of [???], which can be triggered per action per unit. [???] can stack up ? stacks, and when [???] is greater than or equal to ?, you can activate her Ultimate.

When casting an Ultimate, you can choose to designate an enemy unit to deal Lightning DMG equivalent to ?% of Huangquan’s ATK the amount of DMG instances dealt are increased based on the stacks of [???] consumed, up to a maximum of 5 times.

After using Ultimate, perform a follow-up attack with a knife, and deal Lightning DMG equivalent to ?% of Huangquan’s ATK to the enemy target. [???] cannot be obtained during Ultimate’s cast.

Star Rail Huangquan Talent

At the beginning of the battle, apply 2 stacks of non-removable [Curse] to all enemy targets, and the damage caused by allies to targets with [Curse] will increase by ?%. Each time Huangquan hits an enemy target, [Curse] is stacked by 1 time, and when [Curse] reaches 3 stacks, the number of stacks will be decreased to 1 stack and 1 additional Lightning DMG equivalent to Huangquan’s ATK to enemy targets.

Star Rail Huangquan Technique

After using the secret technique, enter the [Eternal Tribulation Nothingness] state for seconds. In the [Eternal Tribulation Nothingness] state, when attacking an enemy target with a level of less ? than or equal to ?, it will not start a battle and directly kill it, and if you attack an enemy target with a level greater than or equal to level x, you will get 1 stack of [???] at the beginning of the next battle.

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No, HoYoverse has not yet disclosed the release date for HSR Huangquan. Nevertheless, we’ll be sure to update this area as soon as we learn more information.

It’s important to keep in mind that when the character is eventually brought to Honkai Star Rail, this kit might change. Additionally, some of the information provided here is ambiguous, so readers are encouraged to hold off until the Star Rail Huangquan’s official debut.

We will keep you updated with new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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