AC Mirage Dervis’s Artifacts: how to all artifacts, their locations, and rewards


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AC Mirage Dervis’s Artifacts: how to all artifacts, their locations, and rewards

In Assassin’s Creed Mirage, there’s lots of extra stuff to do in the city of Baghdad. You can find collectibles that give you better gear, weapons, and cool looks, or just make you feel good for finding them.

One of these collectibles is Dervis’ Artifacts. Dervis, a merchant, asks you to pickpocket rich folks all over the city to find these treasures. You can turn them in as a group, not one by one, which is a relief. Handing them in gives you upgrades for Basim’s stuff and a nice discount in Dervis’ shop. This guide will help you find these artifacts, tell you what you get for them, and where to find them.

How to Get All AC Mirage Dervis’s Artifacts?

Dervis’ treasures can be found everywhere on the map, even in the wild. They only show on your map when you’re near a town. You can track how many you’ve found and how many are left in the area. 

When you sync at a viewpoint, golden markers will help you locate treasure holders. Approach them and try to take their stuff. Be careful, though – it’s tougher to steal from treasure holders, so it’s smart to get the Pickpocket Master skill to make it easier.

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Location of Each of Dervis’s Artifacts in AC Mirage


  • Scandinavian Brooch: You’ll find this in Zubaidiyah fields, to the south of the Fief Ditch Sluice. Look for a man next to the stall between two buildings.
  • Money Cowrie: Go to Khuld, south of the bridge leading to Zubaidiyah. You can sneakily take this from someone shoveling hay.
  • Aksumite Amulet: Outside the Dyeing Factory in Shari’, there’s a person stirring colors with a stick who has this amulet.
  • Buddhist Votive Plaque: Head to the South of Damascus Gate Prison, in the area called the Quadrangle of the Persians. You’ll spot an NPC in a yard holding this plaque.


  • Small Chinese Box: You can find this item in the Kahtabah Suburb, which is to the northwest of The Four Markets. Look for a woman walking around The Four Markets area, and she’ll have it with her.
  • Tang Censer: Head to Haylanah, which is located southwest of the entrance to the Hammam. There’s a guy working with bricks in that area, and he’s the one carrying the Tang Censer.
  • Round Moon Plaque: You can get this item by pickpocketing a woman standing by the river to the north of the Hammam.
  • Olibanum: To find this artifact, go to Yasiriyah, which is southwest of the Scriptorium. Look for an NPC who walks around to the east of The Great Bimaristan. Keep in mind that his exact location might change, but he’s always in that general area.


  • Ivory Chess Piece: You can find this in Tabik. Look for a person walking between the Monastery of the Virgins and the House of the Poulterers. They will have it with them.
  • Jade Comb: This one is in Sharqiyah. You’ll spot it with an NPC in a market south of the Harbor Camp.
  • Glass Weight: In Tabik, you’ll find it with an NPC who’s working with carpets, located between the Cookmen’s Quarter and the Al Mi’dhana Al’-Ateeqa Viewpoint.
  • Decorated Shell: In Tabik, go southwest of the Cookmen’s Quarter to find this artifact. Look for an NPC to the east of The Bazaar who has it.

Round City

  • Pyxis: You can find this item in the Commanders’ District. Look for an NPC who is southeast of the Shurta Headquarters. They’ll have it.
  • Coptic Censer: Go to the residential district. Search for an NPC south of the Harem area, and they’ll be carrying the Coptic Censer.
  • Sillan Christian Cross: Head to the Administrative District. Find an NPC who is to the west of the Postal Bureau, or sometimes on a roof. They’ll have the Sillan Christian Cross.


  • Special Box: You can find this in the north Wilderness, carried by a character near the Winter Palace.
  • Rare Coin: Head to the western part of the wilderness and look for an NPC standing in the desert, 150 meters to the east of the excavation site. They have this coin.
  • Ancient Jewelry: In the southern Wilderness, you’ll find an NPC in the village of Jarjaraya who has this beautiful bracelet.

AC Mirage Dervis’s Artifacts Rewards

Dervis wants you to find artifacts in groups of three, starting with three, then six, and eventually all 18. For every set you bring, like the first 3, he’ll give you rewards.

AC mirage Dervis’s Artifacts, all Dervis Artifacts location in Assassin’s Creed Mirage, Assassin’s Creed Mirage Dervis Artifacts, all Dervis Artifacts in ac mirage, How to Get Dervis Artifacts in AC Mirage

You’ll get 180 Leather and 180 Steel Ingots in total. These materials help you improve your equipment, which is important for being better at fighting and sneaking. If you collect all 18, you’ll also get a special Treasure Hunter outfit. So, it’s a good idea to find these AC Mirage Dervis artifacts and upgrade your gear.

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