Shadow of the Erdtree Putrescent Knight: How to Beat Putrescent Knight in Elden Ring DLC


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Shadow of the Erdtree Putrescent Knight: How to Beat Putrescent Knight in Elden Ring DLC

Elden Ring, a popular game by FromSoftware and Bandai Namco, has been a hit since it came out in 2022. Now its new Shadow of the Erdtree DLC adds a lot, including tough new enemies like the Putrescent Knight, and beating this opponent gives cool rewards to players.

It’s one of the hardest foes in Shadow of the Erdtree, with many different attacks. Sometimes it even attacks with its warhorse, which makes things even harder. You have to stay focused and find the best times to attack because they don’t come often. This guide will help you learn how to beat the tough enemy, Shadow of the Erdtree Putrescent Knight.

Finding the Location of Shadow of the Erdtree Putrescent Knight

Before you take on the boss, it’s important to find the Putrescent Knight location.

First, go to the Fissure Depths Site of Grace. From there, go up the stairs and jump off the bull’s head statue. You’ll spot the Knight on his horse right away.

To reach the Fissure Depths initially, start at the Cerulean Coast in the South of the map. Head West, then follow the coast South until you find The Fissure Site of Grace. Jump into the large hole there and you should easily locate the Stone Coffin Fissure Site of Grace.

Next, head directly East until you reach the Fissure Depths. Move forward, jump into the abyss once more, and prepare to face your opponent.

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Tips to Defeat Shadow of the Erdtree Putrescent Knight

But before you take on the Putrescent Knight, it’s important to do some general preparations:

  • Upgrades: Make sure you have plenty of Scadutree fragment upgrades and Revered Spirit Ash Blessing upgrades. A level 8 Scadutree fragment upgrade and a level 5 Revered Spirit Ash upgrade should suffice.
  • Summoning: Make sure to bring either the Mimic Tear or another strong Spirit Ash, such as Black Knife Tiche. The Putrescent Knight is tough against Frostbite, so don’t count on it for heavy damage.
  • Magic users should use fire spells: The Putrescent Knight is vulnerable to fire damage, so using fire-based magic attacks is effective.
  • The knight can cause Frostbite: Some of its attacks, especially a strong one, can build up Frostbite. To counter this, have high Frostbite resistance and use items that neutralize Frostbite.
  • Dodging is better than blocking: While you can block the knight’s melee attacks with a shield, it’s safer to dodge instead. Blocking drains a lot of stamina and the knight attacks quickly, so dodging helps avoid damage, especially when the knight and its horse separate.

How to Beat Shadow of the Erdtree Putrescent Knight?

To beat the Putrescent Knight in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, you’ll first need to understand its weakness. The Putrescent Knight May seem scary at first, but it has two major weaknesses.

First, it’s vulnerable to bleed damage. This means if you use weapons that cause bleeding and focus on dexterity and arcane stats, you can deal significant damage. Katanas are particularly effective for building up bleeds quickly.

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Secondly, the Putrescent Knight is weak against physical attacks. Using weapons like the Bloodhound’s Fang or powerful greatswords can break its poise faster and deal substantial damage. These strategies will help you take down the Putrescent Knight more easily in the game.

Now that we know what its weaknesses are, it’s time to handle him with ease. To beat the Putrescent Knight, you’ll need the right equipment, a good plan, and patience. Here are some tips to help you succeed:

  1. When the battle starts, the Putrescent Knight charges at you. Quickly summon your Spirit Ashes and use Mixed Physick if needed.
  2. From medium to close range, the knight throws its bone weapon like a boomerang. Dodge by rolling under it as soon as you see it coming.
  3. When the knight charges on horseback and slashes sideways, you can block or dodge. Take the chance to counterattack right after it swings.
  4. Occasionally, the knight jumps off its horse and slams down its weapon. This move has a long windup, so roll or block to avoid massive damage.
  5. Right after the jump attack, the knight charges on the ground while its horse charges twice. Dodge rather than attacking during this combo.
  6. After the combo ends, the knight remounts its horse. This is your opportunity to attack without immediate retaliation.
  7. At around 60% health, the knight performs its most dangerous attack. It summons a cliff of slime under its horse and launches three waves of blue fire across the arena. Roll forward through each wave to avoid damage and Frostbite buildup.
  8. Following the fire waves, the knight shoots a wave of blue flame forward. Roll away from it to avoid damage.

Rewards for Defeating Shadow of the Erdtree Putrescent Knight

After defeating the Elden Ring Putrescent Knight, you’ll receive the Remembrance of the Putrescence. To exchange this item for rewards, head to Enia. There are two main rewards you can choose from:

  • The Putrescence Cleaver: It is a weapon that needs 28 Strength, 10 Dexterity, and 15 Arcane, and deals 141 physical damage.
  • Vortex of Putrescence: This item lets you shoot ghostly flames similar to those used by the Putrescent Knight.

Additionally, you’ll earn 220,000 runes, which are useful for leveling up your character.

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