Pikmin 4 Yellow Electric Gates: how to cross yellow electric gates easily


Looking for tips on how to easily cross the Pikmin 4 yellow electric gates? Let’s find out!

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Pikmin 4 Yellow Electric Gates: how to cross yellow electric gates easily

Pikmin 4, the beloved problem-solving game, challenges players with its strategic gameplay, where selecting the right tools for each task is crucial.

Among its numerous puzzles, the Pikmin 4 Yellow Electric gates present a unique challenge. To progress past these hazardous barriers, players must assemble the perfect team of Pikmin. While the game typically offers multiple solutions, this obstacle demands only one specific Pikmin type capable of safely bypassing the electric fences. In this post, we explore the key to success in navigating these electrifying barriers and uncovering the secrets that lie beyond the Pikmin 4 Yellow Electric gates.

How to Break Pikmin 4 Yellow Electric Gates?

Players can overcome Pikmin 4 electric gates by destroying them. This task can easily be achieved with the help of Yellow Pikmin. Being immune to electricity, these Pikmin can be safely hurled at the gate to dismantle it. 

To expedite the process, players can throw multiple Yellow Pikmin at the gate simultaneously. However, it’s crucial to remember that only Yellow Pikmin can be used to accomplish this feat successfully. 

With the right team of Yellow Pikmin, players can confidently navigate past these electric barriers and continue their journey through the captivating world of Pikmin 4.

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Ways to Choose Yellow Pikmin in Pikmin 4

The process of selecting the appropriate Pikmin for tackling Pikmin 4 Yellow electric gates is streamlined and user-friendly. By utilizing the L and R buttons, players can effortlessly cycle through their available Pikmin types, which now include Oatchi, the rescue pup. 

The currently selected Pikmin type is prominently displayed in a blue circle located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, complete with a numerical representation of the Pikmin count. 

To break through the electric fences, players need only to switch to the Yellow Pikmin, aim the cursor at the gate, and press the A button to set the Pikmin into action.


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Remember: Caution is crucial while setting the Pikmin into action. Because pressing the A button repeatedly risks depleting a specific Pikmin type, triggering an automatic switch to the next available type. 

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