How to Cross Water in Pikmin 4: Save Pikmins from Drowning


Discover everything you need to know about crossing water in Pikmin 4 with our comprehensive Pikmin 4 guide!

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How to Cross Water in Pikmin 4: Pikmin 4 Guide

In Pikmin 4, water poses the most common and challenging obstacle for players to overcome. Many Pikmin types cannot swim or survive underwater, making it a hazard to their progress. However, worry not! There are various ways to tackle this issue and keep your Pikmin safe.

Whether it’s freezing the water, utilizing the Blue Pikmin’s abilities, or swimming alongside Oatchi, players will learn to navigate water hazards effortlessly. This article will detail the different methods of how to cross the water in Pikmin 4 and provide essential tips on how to rescue drowning Pikmin, ensuring a smooth and successful journey through aquatic terrains.

Method 1: Freeze the Water With Ice

Using Ice Pikmin or the Ice Blast, you can freeze water to create a safe path for all your other Pikmin and can easily cross the water in Pikmin 4.

Throwing Ice Pikmin at bodies of water will freeze it, with the required number displayed upon pointing. The ice remains as long as the Ice Pikmin are frozen. 

Once recalled, the ice will start melting. While Ice Pikmin can float on water, they cannot dive to carry objects. This method ensures your Pikmin’s safe passage over frozen water bodies

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Method 2: Use Blue Pikmin

In the game, Blue Pikmin offers the advantage of swimming through water, allowing them to transport items and battle goes underwater. 

However, for the Sun-Speckled Terrace area, where a Blue Onion can be found, players must first cross a body of water and construct a wall to reach the ledge. To do so, a minimum of 30 Ice Pikmin is required to freeze the water path and create a safe passage. 

Although Blue Pikmin are unavailable in the caves, they become the go-to choice for navigating vast water expanses and accessing important locations, like the Blue Onion in this particular area.

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Method 3: Ride Oatchi Over Water

In the game, Oatchi can teach Doggy-Paddle to swim by bringing him near water until he nearly drowns. After two in-game days, Shepherd recognizes Oatchi’s potential and begins training him. With Shepherd’s guidance, Oatchi hones his swimming skills, allowing him to swim faster and dive underwater like Blue Pikmin. 

Moreover, Oatchi can now carry any Pikmin that would otherwise drown, making him an invaluable companion for crossing water obstacles and exploring new areas in the game.

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Does Recalling With the Whistle Helps Pikmin Swim?

Not really, in fact, Pikmin will drown in water, but whistling calms them. They must reach safety or dry land promptly to survive. Time is limited, so act fast to protect them and guide them to Oatchi.

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