Pikmin 4 Hectic Hollows: walkthrough and locations of all new treasures


Start an exciting journey through the Pikmin 4 Hectic Hollows as we provide a thorough walkthrough and pinpoint the locations of all the hidden prizes.

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Pikmin 4 Hectic Hollows: walkthrough and locations of all new treasures

Nintendo Switch gamers are in for a treat as Pikmin 4, the highly anticipated fourth installment of the beloved Pikmin series, is finally here. With a plethora of exciting features and old favorites returning with a fresh twist, Pikmin 4 has garnered immense excitement among the Nintendo community.

One of the most anticipated features is the introduction of Caves and Treasures, adding depth and challenge to the gameplay. In this article, we will delve into the captivating world of the new Pikmin game and provide a comprehensive walkthrough of the Pikmin 4 Hectic Hollows, one of the challenging caves players will encounter.

Pikmin 4 Caves and Treasures

Pikmin 4 brings back the charm of caves and treasures, offering players an enthralling experience like never before. Within caves, time passes much slower than in the outside world, providing players with ample opportunity to solve linear puzzles and explore their surroundings.

Players need not worry about the day ending while inside a cave, granting them the freedom to strategize and progress at their own pace. Additionally, when exiting a cave, all Pikmin will return safely, eliminating the risk of Pikmin casualties. And one such cave is Pikmin 4 Hectic Hollows.

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Pikmin 4 Hectic Hollows Full Walkthrough

Sublevel 1

The journey through Pikmin 4 Hectic Hollows begins with the collection of raw materials from empty creature shells nearby. Players can use the drone from the lab for a flyby of the area, gaining valuable insight into their surroundings. The focus then shifts to the right, where a broken climbing wall awaits repair. By having Pikmin bring clay to the wall, players can fix it and gain access to the area above.

Once in the elevated area, players face large enemies and smaller foes, requiring tactical combat and resource management. After defeating them, collecting nectar from nearby eggs, and clearing a paper bag obstacle to create a shortcut, players will encounter the first treasure, the Empty Vase.

To obtain the Empty Vase, players must utilize the newly recruited Ice Pikmin to destroy a hydro jelly clump, revealing the treasure. Additionally, players can find more raw materials hidden behind bars in this direction.

With the acquisition of the Empty Vase, players will reach the required 1500 Sparklium total to restore the S.S. Shepherd’s radar, unlocking new gear at the lab.

Further exploration of Pikmin 4 Hectic Hollows leads to the discovery of the Mama Doll Head, positioned in the middle of the area surrounded by water. By freezing the water using Ice Pikmin, players can access and collect the treasure. Subsequently, players encounter the entrance to Hectic Hollows Sublevel 2, where the rescue of a castaway awaits.

Sublevel 2

In Pikmin 4 Hectic Hollows Sublevel 2, players must break jars and pots to collect nectar, leading to the central elevated platform occupied by an enemy. Upon defeating the enemy, players receive Red Nectar, which transforms into Ultra-Spicy Spray. Afterward, players can retrieve the Aspirational-Ritual Pole treasure and proceed to rescue the castaway Kingsly.

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Pikmin 4 Hectic Hollows Treasures Locations

Pikmin 4 Hectic Hollows is among the most challenging caves in Pikmin 4, making it a rewarding experience for players who complete it. Below is a summary of the treasures, castaways, and Onion locations found in Hectic Hollows:


  • Mama Doll: 150 Sparklium. It can be collected by freezing the water using 10 Ice Pikmin.
  • Empty Vase: 150 Sparklium, It can be collected by destroying the Hydro Jelly using Ice Pikmin.


Players will encounter a tall blue container in Hectic Hollows where the castaway is perched. By using Oatchi’s attack to hit the container, the castaway falls, allowing players to collect and rescue them with the help of their Pikmin.


Unfortunately, Hectic Hollows does not have any onions.

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In conclusion, Pikmin 4 continues to captivate players with its enchanting gameplay and delightful new features. The addition of caves and treasures, like those found in Hectic Hollows, adds depth and challenge to the game, rewarding players with unique experiences and exciting rewards. So gather your Pikmin, explore the captivating caves, and embark on a thrilling journey through Pikmin 4’s wondrous universe.

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