Remnant 2 Ravager: location, how to defeat the boss, and alternative kill method


Players will encounter the Remnant 2 Ravager boss, also known as the Corrupted Ravager, at a specific location, and they can defeat it by following various strategies or alternative kill methods.

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Remnant 2 Ravager: Location, how to defeat the boss, and alternative kill method

Yaesha is overrun with the Root infection and one of its most horrendous manifestations is the Ravager, the once-Pan god of death. If you have a keen eye, you’d recognize it as a barely recognizable version of the six-limbed wolf in Remnant: From the Ashes. The Remnant 2 Ravager, however, proves more difficult to beat.

Being a god, it is obvious that the Remnant 2 Ravager boss is no sunshine and roses. We give you some tips to get one up on this ugly beast below, along with some alternative kills included in the Ravager quest.

Remnant 2 Ravager Location

One of the main quests of Yaesha in Remnant 2, the Corrupted Ravager quest is available once the Water Harp puzzle is solved and the bridge to the boss’s lair is raised. Once you enter the Ravager’s Lair, a dialogue between the boss and you ensues at the end of which you decide whether to kill the Red Doe or spare it. If it’s the latter you choose, you are pitted against the Ravager.

Just know that there are key points that can turn the tide of the battle. We have listed them down here.


Remnant 2 Ravager: Defeating the Corrupted Boss

Aiming for vulnerable spots of Remnant 2 Ravager

Due to the Root’s infection, the Remnant 2 Ravager is barely recognizable from what it was in Remnant: From the Ashes. One of the key differences is the red pulsating growth on its back, which also happens to be the beast’s weak spot. It is this spot where you have to target all your offenses, right from the beginning of the battle.

Make sure to carry fully-equipped Long Guns and Handguns that have high magazines and high volume. It is near impossible to beat the Remnant 2 Ravager down with just melee attacks.

Utilizing the stone pillars

The stone pillars of the arena are the safest place to hide behind. However, the Ravager eventually smashes them down, especially those that are in its way of attack. To keep the pillars standing for as long as possible and to avoid the destruction of the only shields in the arena, do not stand behind a selected few of them so the Ravager doesn’t inadvertently bring it down on its way to attack you.

These stone pillars are the main protection from the Ravager’s strongest attacks: the energy pulse and the vortex. However, the energy pulse breaks down whichever pillar it hits.

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Remnant 2 Ravager’s Vortex ability

The Ravager summons a cyclone that draws the player in and impales them with the beast’s many limbs and sharp claws. This is the deadliest attack of all and results in instant death. The character capable of surviving this has a revival ability. Also, dodging doesn’t work against this attack because eventually, the stamina runs out.

The only evasion measure that can be taken is maintaining a safe distance. This also allows for dodging lunging attacks and attacking the Ravager’s weak spot. Once you are some distance away, you can take shelter behind a stone pillar, which is the safest place in the arena.

Dodging the lunges of the Remnant 2 Ravager boss

Don’t be tricked by the simplicity of the Ravager’s lunges. They might be easy to dodge, but if they connect, a sizeable portion of health falls. Focus on the dodge because one misstep could cost you your character’s life.

There’s a caveat for close-quarters combat with this beast: the lunge has two strikes. So if you relax after you’ve dodged the first attack, you are in for it. With that said, if you observe, you can easily cue into the attack pattern of the Ravager.

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Remnant 2 Ravager boss fight: Alternative kills

Remember how at the beginning you had a choice between killing the Red Doe or sparing its life. Well, what if you want to kill both the Ravager and the Red Doe? If that’s what you want, you are faced with two alternative results.

Eliminating the Red Doe mid-fight

The Doe watches the battle between you and the Ravager from the side of the arena. As the Ravager’s health drops, it uses the Red Doe’s health and revitalizes itself. But you can intervene and kill the Doe before the beast gets this chance.

If you kill both the Doe and the Ravager, you are rewarded with the Ravager’s Maw, which is used to craft the Feral Judgement weapon from McCabe. This weapon is a melee weapon with claws. Quick successive attacks make it more powerful.

Let the Ravager eat the Doe

If you do not kill the Doe and let the Ravager replenish its health and still manage to defeat it, you are rewarded the Crimson Membrane. You can take this to McCabe in Ward 13 and exchange it for the Merciless long gun. With this weapon, you can dish out significant damage and also have an additional 25% chance of extra critical damage.

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Remnant 2 Ravager Boss Fight Rewards

If players successfully win over the Corrupted Ravager and spare the Doe, they have a chance to obtain the Doe’s Antler, a valuable item that can be exchanged for a unique melee weapon imbued with healing abilities. Additionally, defeating the Ravager rewards players with the next Segment for the Index, which can be taken back to the Labyrinth to progress to the next zone.

Regardless of the chosen path with The Ravager, players should not miss the opportunity to explore the side area outside the main chamber. Here, they’ll uncover fascinating lore and discover three chests filled with valuable rewards and goodies.

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