Remnant 2 Final Boss: location and how to take down Annihilation


The Remnant 2 final boss is known as the Annihilation, and players can find it in a specific location, and to emerge victorious, they must learn how to beat and defeat this brutal enemy effectively.

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Remnant 2 final boss: location and how to take down Annihilation

The Remnant 2 final boss is a force to be reckoned with. After you have collected all three mysterious objects for Clementine and the Keeper, you are pitted against this monstrosity – the mother of the Root creatures, Annihilation. You would have to be brilliantly advanced to defeat the Remnant 2 final boss in one go.

Annihilation looks terrifying and its moves are terrifying. The strikes it delivers are truly berserk – you will be hard put to it to dodge against the fast pace. Even if you are on the lowest of the game’s difficulty levels, it will be one hell of a fight.

Remnant 2 final boss Annihilation being as difficult as it is, it pays to know which parts of the monster to target to strategically weaken it, making it much easier to take it on. In this article, you will find just such tactics to apply to make the job easier.

Remnant 2 Final Boss Location

At the Blackened Citadel, nestled in Root Earth, awaits the formidable final boss, Annihilation. Engaging in a battle with this powerful foe is no easy feat, as it will demand your utmost preparation and endurance. Before facing Annihilation, it is crucial to construct a solid build and select the most suitable mods, mutators, relics, and rings to gain an edge in combat.


Remnant 2 final boss: How to Defeat Annihilation

The most important aspect of getting one up on a boss is pining down its attack patterns. When it’s your first time, Annihilation’s strikes look wild and unorganized. However, when you have repeatedly played that match, you see a pattern emerge. That’s the first step toward countering it. And once you’ve got the dodging part down, the attack comes next.

We have detailed the attacks that the Remnant 2 final boss executes in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 below.

Annihilation Fight Phase 1

Sword Stab: Annihilation bangs its sword and then drives it outward. It follows this sequence thrice and the third time, a surprise gift of energy orbs seeks the player and has to be taken out.

Ground Slam: Annihilation brings down its hand on the ground sending shockwaves of energy speeding toward the player.

Sword Rush: Taking a step backward, Annihilation surges forward with its sword, attempting to take down the player.

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Annihilation Fight Phase 3

Sword Swipe: Annihilation backs up toward one side of the arena and then performs a sweep of the ground with its sword. Usually, streaks of lighting follow immediately, and then comes a Tentacle Slam.

Tentacle Slam: The tentacles of the arena fly out in a specific direction. Sometimes, the Remnant 2 final boss hits its tentacle. If this happens, a Blight cloud forms over the player’s location.

Glitch: Annihilation switch its first and second forms. This is meant to confuse the player and pull off their guard.

These are the attacks that Annihilation has up its sleeve. The Remnant 2 final boss doesn’t stick to a set pattern of attack sequences and any strike can be followed by a random one. However, the good news is that the wind-up animations are pretty long and you get enough time to make your way to safety. Learn to recognize the animations, and you will be able to dodge a lot of Annihilation’s strikes successfully.

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Tips to beat Annihilation in Remnant 2

In addition to this, we have given some tips and tricks below to make the fight with the Annihilation much easier.

  • Don’t ignore the energy orbs that are spawned at the end of the Sword Stab. If all of them manage to connect, it’s a one-shot against the player. So shoot them down as quickly as you can. Gunslinger makes such things easy.
  • The lighting strikes that follow the Tentacle Slam are usually twice or thrice in a row. If you locate yourself at the place where the second or third of the lighting streaks strike, then dodging the next set of strikes gets easier.
  • A follow-up tentacle strike is a possibility in Phase 2. The best way to prepare oneself to dodge this is to center your player in the arena.
  • Do not run around much. For one, the arena is space. For another, running won’t provide any advantage over Annihilation’s tentacle attacks and lighting pillars. Rather, movement makes you an easier target with these strikes.
  • The Sword Swipe attack in Phase 2 is heralded by an easily recognizable sound. Look out for this and your life will be a lot easier.
  • If you have the Hunter set as your main archetype in Remnant 2, then you can keep the Hunter’s Mark active throughout the battle just as long as you keep delivering Weakspot damage.
  • The best weapons against the Remnant 2 final boss are mid-to-long-range weapons. Handguns, shotguns, and similar weapons will not be fully effective against Annihilation without using trinkets.

Sometimes, even following all of these tips and tricks is not enough to take down Annihilation. In such cases, you might consider using the Challenger Archetype as your main due to its ability of the one-time revive passive.

Applying all of these tips and tricks will give you an edge over the Remnant 2 final boss.

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Remnant 2 Final Boss Fight Rewards

Emerging victorious against Annihilation bears rich rewards and benefits. Firstly, you’ll obtain a new item that grants you access to a new Archetype, expanding your character’s abilities and possibilities. Additionally, defeating the boss will earn you the prized Forgotten Memory material, essential for crafting the Alpha/Omega long gun, and unlock the valuable Scholar trait, enhancing your experience points gains by up to 15% at level 10. This trait is considered one of the most advantageous traits in Remnant 2.

Also, you will get another item, the Broken Compass that enables you to unlock the coveted Explorer class and you’ll receive a Tome of Knowledge and six Lumenite Crystals, which serve as further tokens of your accomplishment.

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