Remnant 2 Corruptor Boss: location, ways to beat, and the alternative kill method


Prepare to face the formidable Remnant 2 Corruptor Boss as we guide you through its location, strategies to defeat it, and reveal an alternative kill method that will test your skills to the limit.

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Remnant 2 Corruptor Boss: location, ways to beat, and the alternative kill method

Remnant 2 presents players with a host of powerful enemies, each testing their skills and mettle. One such enemy is the Remnant 2 Corruptor boss, located in the Yaesha region.

This boss fight is akin to a challenging 2-on-1 handicap match, as players not only face the Corruptor but also need to be wary of the Guardian Construct. Defeating this duo requires strategic planning and quick reflexes. In this guide, we will explore effective ways to beat and conquer the Remnant 2 Corruptor boss.

Remnant 2 Corruptor: Location and Abilities

The Great Bole Arena

The Remnant 2 Corruptor can be encountered in the Yaesha region and serves as a mandatory boss fight to progress in the game’s campaign. The battle takes place in The Great Bole, a medium-sized arena with few points of interest apart from the bosses and a couple of platforms.


Abilities of the Remnant 2 Corruptor

The Corruptor and Guardian Construct possess various abilities, including:

  1. Environmental Hazard: Falling: The arena features three long platforms with small steps, allowing players to jump between them. Falling down the chasms instantly results in the character’s death.
  2. Guardian: Flying Sword Arms: The Guardian Construct chases players, using its sword arms to slash and swipe from a distance.
  3. Guardian: Leaping Smash: The construct can leap high into the air and crash down, closing the distance between itself and the player.
  4. Corruptor: Devastation Beam: The Corruptor begins the fight partially damaged. As its HP approaches 50%, it fires a deadly beam that covers an entire side of the map.
  5. Corruptor: Revival Protocol: If the Guardian Construct is defeated, the Corruptor attempts to revive it.

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Preparation for the Remnant 2 Corruptor Boss Fight

To tackle this Remnant 2 Corruptor boss fight effectively, players should consider the following preparations:

Light Armor and Shock Resistance

The fight involves platforming and dodging, making light armor a suitable choice. Armor sets that substantially reduce weight, such as the Space Worker or Realmwalker sets, are recommended. Additionally, armor with Shock Resistance can be helpful during the second phase of the fight.

Weapons with Burst Damage

Select weapons with high damage output and/or a high rate of fire. Players will have limited windows to attack the boss’s weak spots, so weapons with burst damage are advantageous.

Challenger Archetype

The Challenger Archetype is the best option if you want to wear heavy armour because you can withstand the Remnant 2¬†Corruptor’s nuke thanks to its Prime Perk. Nevertheless, as long as you can avoid the attack rather than attempting to tank it, any Archetype can be used successfully.

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How to beat Remnant 2 Corruptor Boss?

Well, the flow of Remnant 2 Corruptor Boss fight involves disabling the golem, moving between platforms, targeting the Corruptor’s weakspot, and repeating these steps until the boss is defeated.

The following is the basic overview of what people have to do:

  • The main opponent in this fight is the Thaen Guardian, a massive four-armed golem with detachable hands.
  • The golem moves slowly, but its floating sword arms can be challenging to dodge.
  • Players can shoot down the golem’s arms to temporarily immobilize it and hinder its ability to attack.
  • The Enigma weapon is highly effective for shooting the golem’s arms due to its wide area of effect and multi-target capability.
  • The Corruptor, another enemy in the fight, mostly relies on a deadly laser beam attack that covers an entire lane of the arena.
  • Players must avoid the Corruptor’s laser by jumping onto adjacent lanes.
  • To disable the golem, players need to shoot the red stone on its head.
  • Depleting the golem’s health will prompt the Corruptor to try to revive it, during which it exposes its vulnerable underbelly, acting as a massive Weakspot.
  • Players should take advantage of this opportunity to deal significant damage to the Corruptor.

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Below, we have detailed all the steps that are to be followed to beat Remnant 2 Corruptor Boss.

Tackling the Guardian Construct

The Guardian Construct is the more dangerous of the two enemies. It attacks aggressively, flinging its limbs and engaging in melee combat. Players should watch out for its spinning melee attack, which deals significant damage. The weak spot of the Guardian is its head, and players should focus on attacking it after dodging its attacks.

Dealing with the Corruptor

While the Guardian does most of the fighting, players mustn’t overlook the Corruptor. Once the Guardian is defeated, the Corruptor will attempt to revive it. During this phase, players should exclusively target the Corruptor and aim for its red core found on its underside. High DPS can potentially defeat the Corruptor in this phase.

Avoiding the Devastation Beam

After reviving the Guardian, the Corruptor gains access to a devastating beam attack in phase 2 of the fight. This powerful attack can one-shot any character, making it crucial to avoid. Players should jump to a different platform just before the boss unleashes the attack. The arena consists of three platforms, allowing players to maneuver and evade the beam effectively.

Shared Health Bar and Prioritization

Both enemies share a health bar, allowing players to prioritize either the Remnant 2 Corruptor or the Guardian during the fight. However, the Corruptor takes less damage when its weak spot is not exposed. To finish the fight quickly, players should prioritize defeating the Guardian first. Conversely, for better rewards, they can focus on the Corruptor without disabling the Guardian.

NOTE: In the second part of the battle, the Guardian’s strikes also get stronger, so you’ll need to be on the lookout for those as well. You could try to just dodge the Guardian while concentrating all of your firepower on the Corruptor, depending on how much damage you were able to deal in the transitional period.


You will receive the Hollow Heart, a special crafting resource that may be used to make the potent Greatsword known as Stonebreaker, as a reward for killing the Corruptor without taking down the Guardian. And the Twisted Lazurite, a special crafting material that can be used to make the Twisted Arbalest, will be awarded to you if you slay the Corruptor after taking out the Guardian.

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Alternative Kill method to defeat the Corruptor boss

For the alternate kill method, players must defeat the Corruptor without disabling the Guardian. This method can be time-consuming and more challenging due to the Guardian’s powerful attacks.

Players can use the Enigma to shoot down the Guardian’s arms and focus on the Corruptor’s weak spot whenever safe. In order to avoid being struck by the golem’s leap attack, players will need to pay close attention to it. Before turning the camera back to the golem to observe what it is doing, it is wise to fire a couple shots at the Corruptor. Keep in mind that if you go too far from the stone stairs on the edges of each level, you might not have enough time to avoid the Corruptor’s laser beam.

This alternate kill method for Corruptor rewards players with the Stonebreaker greatsword.

Well, the Corruptor and Guardian Construct boss fight in Remnant 2 requires skillful execution and tactical planning. With a well-prepared loadout and an understanding of the fight’s flow, players can emerge victorious.

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By mastering the art of dodging, utilizing burst-damage weapons, and effectively prioritizing targets, any player can triumph over this challenging boss encounter.

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