Minecraft 1.19 Apple farming: best ways to get apples


Minecraft 1.19 Apple Framing allows the Golden apples to be grown, although the process is frequently time-consuming. And hence, we have brought you the best ways to get apples in Minecraft.

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Even Minecraft understands the importance of having an apple a day. But in the olden days of Minecraft, apples were scarce.

A player called JTE put a crafting recipe for a golden apple in their guide. After this phenomenon, Notch put golden apples in the game with a crafting recipe that included normal apples. However, then, you couldn’t get normal apples.

It took a whole year to reverse their status in survival, which has been recorded as a great event in the history of Minecraft, for this was the first time that golden apples became craftable.

Now, in terms of benefits, golden apples are even more healthy than normal ones. They’ll keep you alive through any fight you could imagine. But for crafting them you need Minecraft apples. And that is what we are going to show you how to get Minecraft 1.19 Apples.

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Minecraft 1.19 Apple farming – Leaf drops

This is the most common way of obtaining Minecraft 1.19 Apple. Oak and dark oak leaves both drops an apple when they get broken or decay. The probability of this is 1/200, which equals a solid 0.5%. Try breaking leaves with a fortune enchanted tool for better odds.

For example, Fortune One, Fortune Two, and Fortune Three increase the chances to 0.556%, 0.625%, and 0.833% respectively. As you can see, pretty rare, these apples. The only good thing about this technique is its renewability. You can plant saplings and they’ll consistently drop leaves. Other than this, there is the option of trading for collecting Minecraft 1.19 Apple.

Minecraft 1.19 Apple farming – Loot

Now we come to a more economical way of acquiring Minecraft 1.19 apples, which is looting.

There are up to 70.4% of chances of apples appearing in Minecraft’s generated structures, such as igloo chests. Strongholds have two types of chests. Altar chests have a probability of 33.2% on Java and 32.3% in Bedrock, while storeroom chests have a chance of 47.5% on Java and 40% on Bedrock.

What makes this method so good is that it doesn’t require you to go out of the way. You’d want to visit igloos for potions and golden apples anyway, villages are needed for villager trading, which happens to be the most powerful system in Minecraft, and strongholds are used to get to the End dimension.

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Minecraft 1.19 Apple farming – Bonus chest

When you set out creating a new world, the bonus chest option will let you spawn a chest enveloped by four torches close to your spawn point. Wooden tools, bread, wood, saplings, and such are what you find inside. Oh, and of course, Minecraft 1.19 Apples. Not always, however.

For the Java Edition, there’s an 83.3% chance that you will obtain an apple or two this way. In the Bedrock Edition, there’s a 100% probability that you will get an apple, which is just another way of saying at least one apple is a certainty. However, this method is not repeatable.

Minecraft 1.19 Apple farming – Trading

Villager trading is the most popular way to obtain powerful items and enchantments from a renewable source because here, you can trade for both enchanted diamond armor and enchanted books of mending.

Now, the farmer’s villager normally buys carrots, potatoes, and other necessities in exchange for emeralds. But when the farmer villager reaches the apprentice level of trades, they can sell to you four Minecraft 1.19 Apples in exchange for an emerald.

There are 50% chances that you’ll get an apple this way if you play the Bedrock Edition. If you have the Java Edition, then the chances rise to 66.7%. What makes this method the best is repeatability. You can buy the villager’s entire stock for the day and then repeat the same process over the next day.

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And there you have it! The top 4 ways to go about obtaining apples in Minecraft 1.19. Go ahead and give each of them a crack!

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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