Minecraft Command Block: How to get one quickly with cheats?


Minecraft Command Block is one of the features of the game that can help you clear the quests more quickly and easily.

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The simplicity of Minecraft is the perfect invitation to bring out the creative genius in players. What makes this game such a great platform for simply building stuff is that there’s almost no limitation on what you can do. This possibility gets even vaster and more exciting when you learn how to use coding to your advantage.

You can create for yourself the availability of quests, and to this end, you need to play with the mechanics you have at your disposal.

One particular mechanic is the Minecraft Command Block. You can do certain actions with the help of these. You use these when you want to execute impulse (default), chain commands, and also repeating commands.

But you have access to these in creative worlds and custom maps. And towards that end, we are going to share how you get a Minecraft Command Block here.

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How you obtain a Minecraft Command Block

Remember how we mentioned Minecraft allows for endless creativity. Well, that’s not totally true for Minecraft per se. If you want to say ‘endless creativity,’ to manifest in Minecraft you need to make an adjustment, which to turn on the application of cheats.

This is just an in-built function in the game. Simply make sure that you start creating your world, you have the option ‘cheats are allowed’ in Minecraft clicked.

But if you already have created a world and want to make new arrangements in it with the help of Minecraft Command blocks, then you need to follow these steps to enable the cheats first:

  1. First, press Esc.
  2. This will take you to the Game menu.
  3. Clicking on Open to LAN is the next step.
  4. Hit the Allow Cheats button.
  5. Finally, you click on the Start LAN World button.

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Following these steps will let you enable Minecraft cheats. Now, you need to get a Minecraft command block by entering any cheat code in the chat box. Here’s the list of commands for all the Minecraft command blocks.

  • Repeating – /give (your username) minecraft:repeating_command_block
  • Impulse (default) – /give (your username) minecraft:command_block
  • Chain commands – /give (your username) minecraft:chain_command_block

Just type your Minecraft username where it’s written (your username) in the above commands. As soon as you see type this out, the Minecraft Command block will be seen in the inventory. Then you just let your creativity flow.

You can choose to put the Command block down on any solid surface you want.

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Well, this is all that you need to do to get a Minecraft Command block. Wasn’t these some easy steps to follow?

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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