White Pikmin in Pikmin 4: how to get them and useful abilities


With the advent of the elusive White Pikmin, explore the fascinating world of Pikmin 4 as we explore how to get these exceptional critters and reveal their one-of-a-kind and priceless qualities.

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White Pikmin in Pikmin 4: how to get them and useful abilities

In Pikmin 4, you can go on an exciting journey by exploring an uncharted planet to find lost space travelers and save them.

Alongside your trusty Pikmin friends, you’ll encounter various species, including the elusive White Pikmin. These unique Pikmin can be found early on in the game, but their location might not be immediately apparent.

Don’t worry if you miss them initially; the journey will lead you to these helpful allies later on. Get ready to join forces with these newfound creatures and uncover the mysteries of the SOS calls on this thrilling interstellar expedition with our Guide.

Why do you want White Pikmin in Pikmin 4?

In Pikmin 4, White Pikmin serve two main purposes: clearing hazardous areas with sticky mushrooms and mold in caverns, and poisoning enemies. Although they are faster, they are not as strong as regular Pikmin. 

Players primarily use them to clear contamination or sacrifice them to damage enemies. Consequently, their stockpile tends to remain relatively low throughout the game.

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Ways to get White Pikmin in Pikmin 4

In Pikmin 4, players can obtain White Pikmin by exploring the Subzero Sauna Cave in Serene Shores. It’s essential not to rush past this area, as missing these Pikmin until much later in the game is possible.

By rolling the credits, you can get into Giant’s Hearth, where you can also find these helpful creatures.

Also, these Pikmin move and strike significantly more quickly than ordinary Pikmin. They are poison-resistant. They can only be obtained by opening Candypop Buds, which are hidden in underground caverns around the universe.

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Pikmin 4 White Pikmin abilities explained

White Pikmin in Pikmin 4 possesses two exceptional qualities that set them apart. Not only are they immune to poison, making them invaluable in battles against enemies with poison-based attacks, but they are poisonous. Any creature foolish enough to attack or consume them will face a nasty surprise, making them a formidable force to reckon with.

In conclusion, White Pikmin in Pikmin 4 plays a crucial role in the game, serving two main purposes: clearing hazardous areas and poisoning enemies. Their unique abilities make them valuable assets in battles against poison-based attacks and enable players to strategically handle contaminated environments.

Their presence introduces strategic decision-making and further enriches the world of Pikmin, providing players with new challenges and rewarding gameplay possibilities.

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