Pikmin 4’s Pikmin Limit: How to Increase Maximum Capacity of Pikmin


In Pikmin 4, learn how to maximize the Pikmin limit at your fingertips as we explore the art of Pikmin management.

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Pikmin 4’s Pikmin Limit: How to Increase Maximum Capacity of Pikmin

Pikmin 4 is the beloved micromanagement creature game that has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. With the inclusion of new features like the Ice Pikmin, Oatchi, and an expansive cave system, the game promises to deliver the same enchanting gameplay experience with exciting new additions.

In Pikmin 4, players are once again tasked with rescuing stranded individuals on a mysterious planet, relying on the assistance of Pikmin, small and obedient creatures, to help them navigate and overcome challenges. This time around, players can engage in more activities, even during the night, adding depth to the gameplay.

One crucial game aspect involves increasing the maximum Pikmin Limit to enhance your journey. In this article, we will explore the various ways to achieve this in Pikmin 4.

The Core Gameplay of Pikmin 4

Before diving into the mechanics of increasing Pikmin Limit in Pikmin 4, let’s briefly revisit the core gameplay of Pikmin 4. As in its predecessors, players control a protagonist who must rescue stranded individuals by utilizing Pikmin, adorable plant-like creatures, to perform various tasks. These tasks include carrying objects, battling enemies, and solving puzzles.

Players can command Pikmin to perform specific actions or simply throw them to direct their movements. Pikmin come in different types, each with unique abilities crucial for overcoming specific challenges in the game.

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How to Increase Maximum Pikmin Limit in Pikmin 4

In Pikmin 4, players start with a limited capacity of 20 Pikmin. However, this number is insufficient to complete the game. Therefore, it is essential to increase the Pikmin Limit to progress effectively.

Similar to previous Pikmin games, you are limited to a fairly small number of Pikmin, which you will learn to upgrade as you progress through the game. Nevertheless, by capturing them in caverns in Pikmin 4, you can artificially increase your Pikmin limit without using upgrades. A Pikmin that you find in a cave will stick with you no matter your limit. There are two primary methods to achieve this:

1. Collect Flarlic

Flarlic is a valuable item in Pikmin 4 that resembles a pale Onion. When you find and absorb Flarlic, your Pikmin limit increases by 10, allowing you to have more Pikmin at your disposal.

You can obtain Flarlic by throwing your Pikmin at it or digging it up from the ground. Once your Pikmin comes into contact with Flarlic, they will carry it back to the Onion, permanently increasing your Pikmin Limit.

2. Collect Wild Pikmin

While exploring caves, you may come across Wild Pikmin. By adding these Wild Pikmin to your squad, you will temporarily increase your Pikmin limit. However, once you return to the surface, the Pikmin limit will revert to its previous number. At this point, you will be asked to choose which of your Pikmin to call or return to maintain your original capacity.

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Maximum Pikmin Limit in Pikmin 4

As of now, there is no official data regarding the maximum Pikmin limit in Pikmin 4. However, based on previous games in the series, the maximum limit has historically been set at 100 Pikmin. It is reasonable to assume that Pikmin 4 will continue this trend, providing players with a cap of 100 Pikmin Limit.

Once you’ve reached this limit, you can no longer raise your Pikmin Limit by collecting more Flarlic. You will instead get either regular nectar or ultra-spicy nectar.

While Pikmin 4 retains the fundamental premise of the series, it introduces new features that enrich the gaming experience. One of the significant additions is the ability to engage in activities during the night, providing unique challenges and opportunities. Furthermore, the introduction of Ice Pikmin, Oatchi, and the sprawling cave system adds variety to the gameplay, encouraging players to explore and adapt their strategies.

With a better understanding of how to increase the maximum Pikmin capacity in Pikmin 4, you can now embark on your epic adventure with confidence. Utilize Flarlic and recruit Wild Pikmin to bolster your Pikmin ranks and enhance your capabilities in the game.

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Whether you’re a seasoned Pikmin player or new to the series, the joy of exploring a mysterious world with these delightful creatures awaits you in Pikmin 4. So gather your Pikmin, set out on your journey, and prepare to experience the magic of Pikmin 4’s gameplay and the captivating universe.

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