How to Move Faster in Pikmin 4: guide to increase speed


Looking to move faster in Pikmin 4? Try out the Pikmin 4 Rush Boots and check some of our tips to learn how to run faster.

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How to Move Faster in Pikmin 4: Guide to increase speed.

On 21 July 2023, the much-anticipated moment arrived for Pikmin enthusiasts – Pikmin 4 got officially released. Fans of the beloved franchise can finally delve into a new and exciting addition to the series, where they once again assume the role of a personalized character exploring a vast and intriguing planet.

Familiar gameplay mechanics await seasoned players, as they embark on an adventure reminiscent of Olimar and the Rescue Corps’ enthralling journey. However, to completely immerse yourself in the whimsical world of Pikmin once again, it is essential to know how to move faster in Pikmin 4.

In Pikmin 4, players can easily reach their destinations at the game’s start. As stages grow, it becomes more time-consuming to reach key points. The loyal companion, Oatchi, disappointingly does not boost speed, but players can eventually unlock a pace-enhancing feature or can move faster, mitigating the challenge. 

How to Move Faster in Pikmin 4?

Well, there is a method to enhance your speed and move faster in Pikmin 4, but it will require some exertion to obtain it.

Players will have the opportunity to rescue Russ, a scientist, who grants access to the Lab. This Lab allows players to utilize the raw materials they’ve collected throughout their journey to craft useful items and gear.

One of the valuable gear options players can craft is the Rush Boots. These boots offer a significant boost to the player’s movement speed, making it easier and faster to navigate the game world. Moreover, when riding Oatchi, a character or creature in the game, the Rush Boots also enhance his speed, which can be especially helpful during certain segments of the game.


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How to get Rush Boots in Pikmin 4?

To craft the Rush Boots, players can unlock it with 5100 Sparklium, which is likely a valuable in-game currency. Additionally, crafting the Rush Boots requires 120 units of raw material, making them a costly but potentially game-changing investment.

Interestingly, Rush Boots’ effects activate upon purchase. To unequip, press + for the Tablet Menu, go to Gear and Skills.

As players progress through the story mode and collect more treasures, Russ will introduce new gear options to the crafting list, likely expanding the players’ capabilities and strategies in the game.

If you are wondering whether it’s worth crafting Rush Boots, then the answer is definitely yes.

Rush Boots significantly enhance normal movement speed and help you move faster in Pikmin 4. This gives a vital advantage in the expansive zones, allowing players to accomplish more tasks before nightfall. 

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To acquire them, players must collect 5,100 Sparklium, making the Rush Boots available in The Lab for 120 raw materials. Apart from these boots, no other means exist for players to boost their personal speed, emphasizing the importance of obtaining them to maximize efficiency and productivity during gameplay.

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