Best Splatoon 3 Chargers: how to use Chargers, its uses, and more


A list of the best Splatoon 3 Chargers and how to use it has been listed below. Check them out.

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If you want a sniper rifle in Splatoon 3, the best thing for you is the Charger class. Let’s what exactly that is how we go about unlocking it.

First of all, let’s draw up a picture of what a Splatoon 3 Charger looks like. A long-range option, a Charger can be charged up to let loose a potent one-shot-splat. The name of a Charger is derived from the fact that they charge up their ink shot for extra power, and then use that for covering fire at seriously long range. Backline warriors, the Inklings, and Octolings, who don’t have the guts to fight their enemies face-to-face, delight in Splatoon 3 Chargers.

Not the top choice to ink up a stage, Chargers are great weapons with high accuracy players due to their one-shot-splat potential. They give you the potential ability to eliminate an opponent on the spot, thus letting your team dominate.

So how exactly do we use Splatoon 3 Chargers? Let’s look into that.

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Using Splatoon 3 Chargers

Here are the series of steps you need to follow to use the Charger class in Splatoon 3.

  • Hold ZR until the gun becomes almost fully charged (or fully charged), and then release to let the shot loose.
  • You can choose to fire a fast shot by tapping ZR with Charger if you want easy-stage painting.
  • For getting the drop on opponents, hold ZR when you are swimming in ink (ZL) to store a charge. Then pop out of the ink and let the shot go by releasing both the buttons.

Top Splatoon 3 Charger

Splat Charger is the best Splatoon 3 Charger. And that’s great news because you have this Charger from almost the beginning of the title. Not to say that other Chargers can’t one-shot opponents. It’s just that Splat Charger reaches maximum charge much quicker than the other ones, and you can blast straight through enemies and splat the players standing behind them with it.

The kit of the Splat Charger is best-in-class, while not having as much range. A Splat Bomb and Ink Vac to cover and protect yourself at close range is the best combination for unlocking the potential of the Splat Charger. However, with this Splatoon 3 Charger, you don’t have a scope or range of the other options. But you still can store a charge and unleash it the moment you come out of the ink.

The Splat Charger is unlocked at Level 2. To unlock, spend a ticker at the Ammo Knights weapon shop.

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Some tips for the Splatoon 3 Charger class

  • Don’t go into close-quarters combat. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t be afraid and have a shot at the beck and call to terminate the threat if necessary.
  • Focus on splatting opponents to let your team paint the stage quickly. If you want, with the tap fire mode, you could do zone painting of your own.
  • Store a charge when you want to use the team’s ink to change position. When you have a bit of distance between yourself and your enemy, spring up and finish them.
  • Close-range power is not a strong suit of the Charger class. Therefore, make use of Subs and Special Weapons to make up for this.

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