Saints Row Criminal Venture: How to unlock every Criminal Venture


Saints Row Criminal Ventures system is the one that tops the charts and we have brought you the guide on how to unlock every one of them.

Saints Row criminal ventures

This year just wasn’t Saints Row’s year. It ranked in the list of the worst games of the year in most players’ minds. However, all the ship hasn’t sunk yet. There are some side aspects of the game that do offer interesting content. Among these, Saints Row Criminal Ventures system is the one that tops the charts.

With Saints Row Criminal Ventures system, you can invest funds into the myriad ongoing criminal businesses of Santo Ileso and generate a steady income. Plus, additional gameplay content, events, etc. are unlocked. This system itself is unlocked after you reach a certain milestone in the game, meaning after you complete certain missions. Also, each venture rewards you with a mission that you could complete. Admittedly, some are dull. But every now and then, you find a great one.

And if you have the OCD of completing every aspect of the game, we highly recommend taking a look at this, in addition to sympathizing with your state. Here we list out all of the different types of Saints Row Criminal Ventures you would find in the game.

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Saints Row Criminal Venture

In total, there are 14 Saints Row Criminal Ventures. You have to start playing through them until you finish the Networking mission. Empire Table will get unlocked through this. This is where the planning and execution of different ventures’ take place.

And this is where you will start to get quest lines that are related to Saints Row Criminal Ventures.

  • Jimrob’s Garage

 Jimrob’s Garage is an automatic unlock because of the main story. You will have to steal and deliver those stolen cars to Jimrob. This will fall under the Chop Shop mission. Finishing this will fetch the car delivery service and cash rewards.

  • Chalupcabra

To unlock this, you have to finish the Food Truck Kingpin. This quest requires you to steal and drive back to the Saints HQ food trucks that are scattered over the map. It does sound like Jimrob’s Garage, but in reality, it’s shorter and easier. You get new costumes, 4 food trucks, plus cash.

  • Bright Future Disposal

Toxic Waste quest completion is required to unlock this quest. Frankly speaking, this quest will annoy the hell out of you. You need to transport radioactive stuff across a long distance. That means you can crash or blow up your vehicle. And you know how difficult it is to drive safely in a game. But the rewards are great. You get a load of cash, vehicles, and outfits, including a hazmat suit.

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  • Shady Oaks Medical Clinic

The Insurance Fraud quest line needs to be finished to unlock this Saints Row Criminal Venture. This is a unique venture, as it gives you access to one of the most popular and interesting “extra-curricular” activities in the entire Saints Row game, which is Insurance Fraud.

This ensures you more costumes and outfits, cash, and the Shady Oaks crew. With this gang of professional fraudsters, you can lure anyone into your insurance fraud, which equals more money. You can get your hands on them pretty early in the game.

  • Castle Kraken

This venture is unlocked by finishing the Dustlander Beacons quest. This is a short but sweet Saints Row Criminal Venture. You will defend a castle from waves of opponents. If you make it out alive, Castle Kraken will be unlocked and you will be handed cash.

  • Eurekabator!

Alpha Test has to be completed to unlock this venture. You will test different types of products to see if they are fit to go out into the market. But there are side effects of these products. Once you complete this, you can research and develop your unique items and wacky weapons to be in line with Saints Row’s comedic theme.

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  • Laundromat

Clean Up Crew is the prerequisite. You will have to clean up corpses before the police get a hold of you. This is a short and fun quest line, which results in unlocking the Laundromat and some money.

  • Wuzyerz Repo

Finish Repossession to unlock this Saints Row Criminal Venture. This could be classed under the most boring quest line in all of Saints Row. You will need to roam all around Santo Ileso in tow trucks and tow them to the repo person.

  • Cutting Edge

This is one of the longest quest lines, consisting of 15 missions. But finish it, and you will be rewarded with a great, thorough customization feature that will customize you, your vehicles, and your weapons. Cutting Edge materials are called collectibles and these can be used for modification of your possessions.

  • Kakts Radio

This is an arduous but enjoyable Saints Row Criminal Venture. You have to travel around Santo Ileso and jam radio signals that will interfere with not only the police but also rival gangs from getting backup during the fighting. Finishing this will fetch you the ability to stop opponents’ communication.

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  • The Big One

The Big One is the big one. It is an important Saints Row Criminal Venture that will lead to you asserting your dominance among your enemies. You will need to cause destruction and bedlam in various sites around the map. Completion will lead to setting up your own weapons enterprise and giving you possession of several powerful weapons. Plus, there’s a lot of cash in this.

  • Final Strike Dojo

This is the quest line that will get your gang into shape and discipline. That will lead to better performance in fights. You will have to go around the city building and set up items that help your team members to train.

  • Planet Saints

Planet Saints is your fashion venture. However, no Saints Row Criminal Venture of yours was ever founded on hard work, but on dirty work. You will have to steal trucks carrying clothes and get them to stores across Santo Ileso as your own shipment. The resulting fashion brand will bring in huge income.

  • Saints Tower

Being the final Criminal Venture, to unlock Saints Tower, you need to have 8 million dollars in your bank account and also need to have finished all other Saints Row Criminal Ventures. With that cash, you will purchase a skyscraper and label in Saints Tower that will assert your dominance over the entire Santo Ileso.

We will update you with the new information as soon as it comes out, so keep following Gamevro.

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