HSR Guinaifen: new 4-star character’s path, release date, abilities, and eidolons


HSR Guinaifen, a new 4-star character has been officially revealed for Honkai Star Rail 1.4 banner along with details on her release date, abilities, and eidolons.

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HSR Guinaifen, a new 4-star character for version 1.4 revealed

Gacha games tend to receive a significant earnings boost from the introduction of new waifus or husbandos, and HoYoverse, the developer of Honkai: Star Rail, has recently unveiled three of these captivating characters for the HSR 1.4 banner.

First up is Jingliu, a five-star cryo character who follows the path of Destruction. Next is Topaz, accompanied by her trotter companion Numby. She’s a five-star Pyro character who takes the path of the Hunt. Lastly, we have Guinaifen, also a pyro character, but she pursues the path of Nihility and holds a four-star rarity.

Guinaifen’s existence was initially uncovered through a leak that hinted at upcoming characters in Honkai Star Rail. And now a recent tweet from HoYoverse has now solidified HSR Guinaifen’s appearance as the speculated third featured character for Honkai Star Rail 1.4 banner.

HSR Guinaifen Official Reveal

Guinaifen’s arrival in Honkai Star Rail was officially confirmed via a tweet from the game’s official account. Guinaifen, a non-native resident of Xianzhou Luofu, found herself in the region by chance and fell in love with the local culture, making it her home. Renowned as a street performer, she’s admired for her unique charm and personality.

The name “Guinaifen” was affectionately given to her by her friend Sushang, derived from her original name, Guinevere. She is designed as a Fire DPS character, excelling in AoE (Area of Effect) damage. Intriguingly, she can also provide shields to her party through her Technique.

The official description of Guinaifen reads:

“Would you like to see me break that stone slab with my chest?”

An outworlder who ended up residing in Xianzhou by accident. She is now a passionate and vivacious street performer. With her real name being Guinevere, Guinaifen is the Xianzhou name given to her by her good friend Sushang.

Faced with a whole new life on the Loufu and relying on her adoration of Xianzhou culture, Guinaifen quickly learned skills that would keep her clothed and fed — these being eating noodles upside down, smashing large stones upon the chest of others, and catching projectiles with her bare hands, et cetera.

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HSR Guinaifen Release Date

The new four-star character, HSR Guinaifen is anticipated to make her debut in the 1.4 banner, specifically during the second phase of the Stellar Warp banners. Based on previous leaks, it’s plausible to expect her debut sometime in November 2023.

Guinaifen’s inclusion in the Honkai Star Rail 1.4 banner roster comes as a surprise, as earlier leaks had pointed to the arrival of Xueyi instead. However, if she indeed appears in the second phase, players might get to see her in November 2023.

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HSR Guinaifen Abilities

A leak from within the Honkai Star Rail community has disclosed HSR Guinaifen’s kit, offering a preview of how this four-star Fire character might perform upon her launch.

  • Guinaifen Skill – A Good Start: Inflicts ?% of Guinaifen’s ATK as Fire DMG on a single enemy if they’re under the burn effect. These triggers burn damage on the target and adjacent enemies, equivalent to Guinaifen’s talent scaling.
  • Guinaifen Ultimate – A Show For You: Deals ?% of Guinaifen’s ATK as Fire DMG to all enemies on the field.
  • Guinaifen Talent – In ancient times, gentlemen raised artists: Guinaifen’s Basic Attack, Skill, Ultimate, and Technique inflict the [Fire Swallowing] state on the target for 2 turns. When a target under the [Fire Swallowing] state takes Fire DMG, there’s a ?% base chance to apply burn and cleanse the [Fire Swallowing] state. Enemies with Burn suffer Damage over Time (DoT) equal to ?% of Guinaifen’s ATK at the start of each turn for? turns.
  • Guinaifen Technique – Juggling Tricks: Immediately attacks enemies, dealing ?% of Guinaifen’s ATK as Fire DMG to random enemies, followed by additional ?% DMG.
  • A Full House of Splits: Deals ?% of Guinaifen’s ATK as Fire DMG to a targeted enemy.
  • Margin Pole: When Guinaifen uses a skill, it inflicts damage equivalent to ?% of her Basic Attack DMG on one randomly adjacent target of the selected enemy.
  • Narrow Cast: Guinaifen’s Effect Hit Rate increases by ?%.
  • Over the Front: Damage dealt to enemies under the Burn state is boosted by ?%.

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HSR Guinaifen Eidolons

  1. Eating Noodles Upside Down: The Ultimate’s damage is increased by ?%.
  2. Whistling while Brushing Teeth: Whenever Guinaifen’s Burn state inflicts damage, she restores ? energy to herself.
  3. Boulder Smashing: Ultimate level +2, up to a maximum of level 15. Basic attack level +1, up to a maximum of level 10.
  4. Neck-Pulling: Applying Burn to an enemy under Guinaifen’s effect has a ?% fixed chance to amplify the DoT damage received by the enemy target by ?%. This effect lasts for ? turns.
  5. Sword-Swallowing: Skill level +2, up to a maximum of level 15. Talent level +2, up to a maximum of level 15.
  6. Bullet Catching: While using the Skill, there’s a ?% fixed chance to intensify the Fire DMG suffered by the primary target by ?% for ? turns.

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Well, HSR Guinaifen, a four-star Fire character residing in Xianzhou Luofu, finds pleasure in honing her skills as a street performer during her free time. Although many details about this unreleased character remain a mystery, her performative side is likely to be unveiled during the game’s storyline.

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