HSR Kafka: banner, abilities, unique gameplay, and everything we know


Uncover the unique aspects of Kafka’s gameplay and abilities that distinguish her from the competition as you explore the HSR Kafka banner and the mysteries of Honkai Star Rail’s universe.

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HSR Kafka: banner, abilities, unique gameplay, and everything we know

Honkai Star Rail has taken the gacha gaming community by storm, attracting both Genshin Impact veterans and newcomers alike. The game had an amazing 20 million downloads in just one day, which was more than Genshin’s previous record.

During the Version 1.2 Special Program stream, players got a sneak peek at what’s to come, including the new character Kafka. This article will look into everything we know about HSR Kafka in Honkai Star Rail, from her abilities to her expected release date, and more.

About Kafka in Honkai Star Rail

HSR Kafka, a Lightning element character who follows Path of The Nihility, excels in debuffing and weakening foes. As a Stellaron Hunter, she joins Blade and Silver Wolf, set to arrive in the game later this year. 

Mysterious and intriguing, the Interastral Peace Corporation’s entry on her only mentions her name and her peculiar fascination with collecting coats. 

Players eagerly anticipate her official release to unravel the enigma surrounding her and delve into her captivating story.

How to Get Kafka in Honkai Star Rail

To unlock Kafka in Honkai Star Rail, players will have to use Star Rail Special Passes on the HSR Kafka banner. If she doesn’t drop on the first 5-star character roll, she’s guaranteed on the next attempt.

HSR Kafka Banner

During the Version 1.2 Special Program stream, it was revealed that Kafka would be part of the second phase of the update. Players can expect the HSR Kafka banner to debut on August 9, 2023, until August 30, 2023, alongside 4-star characters Luka, Sampo, and Serval.

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The HSR Kafka banner was announced during version 1.2 livestream

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HSR Kafka Abilities

In Honkai Star Rail, Kafka possesses a set of powerful abilities that make her a force to be reckoned with:

  • Midnight Tumult (Basic attack): Kafka inflicts Lightning DMG to a single enemy, amounting to half of her ATK stat.
  • Caressing Moonlight (Skill): This skill deals Lightning DMG to an enemy, equal to 70% of Kafka’s ATK stat, and also hits adjacent enemies with 25% of the same damage.
  • Twilight Trill (Ultimate): Kafka’s ultimate ability deals Lightning DMG amounting to 38% of her ATK to all enemies. Moreover, affected enemies are inflicted with Shock, causing them to immediately take DMG equal to 82% of the received damage. While Shocked, enemies experience additional Damage over Time (DoT) at the beginning of their turns.
  • Gentle But Cruel (Talent):  Kafka’s talent triggers when an ally uses their Basic ATK on a Shocked enemy. In this scenario, Kafka immediately deals Lightning DMG to that enemy. This talent can only activate once per turn.
  • Mercy Is Not Forgiveness (Technique): This technique allows Kafka to launch an immediate attack on an enemy. Additionally, upon entering the battle, she inflicts 50% of her ATK as Lightning DMG to a random enemy. All enemies then have a chance of being Shocked for a duration of 3 turns.

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HSR Kafka Traces

  • Torture: DoTs deal increased DMG when triggered by Kafka’s Skill or Ultimate. The increase is 15% of Kafka’s Break Effect, up to a maximum of 30%.
  • Plunder: Defeating Shocked enemies grants Kafka 5 Energy regeneration.
  • Thorns: Increased base chance (20%) for Kafka’s Talent to apply DoT to enemies and Ultimate to Shock enemies.

With these abilities at her disposal, Kafka is bound to be a formidable and strategic asset in Honkai Star Rail. Players can look forward to exploring her potential in the game.

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HSR Kafka Eidolons

According to pre-release information sourced from Honeyhunterworld, obtaining duplicates of Kafka from Warping on Banners grants players her Eidolon. This valuable material unlocks Eidolon levels, enabling upgrades that enhance existing attacks or passive abilities.

Here’s a rundown of all of HSR Kafka’s Eidolons.

  • Da Capo (E1): Kafka’s Talent follow-up attack increases the target’s DoT by 30% for 2 turns.
  • Fortississimo (E2): Kafka on the field boosts allies’ DoT damage by 25%.
  • Capriccio (E3): Kafka’s Skill level increases by 2 (max level 15) and Basic attack by 1 (max level 10).
  • Recitativo (E4): Kafka regenerates 2 Energy when enemies take damage from the Shock inflicted by her.
  • Doloroso (E5): Kafka’s Ultimate and Talent level increase by 2 (max level 15 for both).
  • Leggiero (E6): Kafka’s Ultimate, Technique, and Talent follow-up attack increases the Shock damage multiplier by 156% and extends Shock duration by 1 turn.

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With the HSR Kafka banner releasing on August 9th, don’t forget to get the thrilling experience and explore all the unique qualities and skills of this new 5-star character!

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