Ibai Llanos Breaks Twitch Viewership Record: Highest views in 2023


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Ibai Llanos Breaks Twitch Viewership Record: Megastar slams platform for Outages

Ibai Llanos, the renowned Twitch streamer, has once again shattered the Twitch viewership record with his latest event, La Velada del Año 3. With over 3.4 million viewers at its peak, Ibai has solidified his position as the biggest creator on the platform.

Despite recent controversies and the departure of some of Twitch’s prominent creators, the platform remains vibrant, particularly for international audiences. Ibai’s record-breaking stream is a testament to the platform’s global reach and the passion of its viewers.

Ibai Llanos Twitch Record: La Velada del Ano 3

La Velada del Año 3, the third edition of Ibai Llanos’ marquee event, exceeded all expectations. Not only did Ibai surpass his previous viewership record, but the event also took place in an arena filled with thousands of enthusiastic fans.

With 3.4 million viewers at its peak, Ibai’s stream far outperformed other notable broadcasts. The next closest livestream was Grefg’s Fortnite skin reveal, which garnered 2.4 million live viewers. Ibai’s record-breaking numbers demonstrate his massive influence and the strong connection he has with his audience.

Twitch Outages and Ibai Llanos’ Response

Despite the success of La Velada del Año 3, the event faced technical difficulties with Twitch. During the second match of the night, many users reported problems with the platform, and the hashtag #Twitch began trending on Twitter.

Ibai Llanos addressed the outages during a break in the fight, expressing his disappointment with Twitch’s lack of preparation to accommodate the high traffic to the Velada livestream. He acknowledged the frustration of viewers and apologized for the situation.

While the numbers associated with Ibai’s stream are impressive, they likely don’t capture the full extent of the viewership. Many people gather to watch La Velada together, with multiple viewers sharing a single connected device.

Twitch’s count only registers each device as a viewer, which may underestimate the actual number of people watching the stream. Additionally, the Twitch outage prevented some individuals from accessing the event. Nevertheless, Ibai’s stream maintained an average of 2.89 million live viewers throughout the eight-hour event and attracted 15.19 million individual viewers.

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Ibai’s Rise as a Creator

For a long time, major esports events dominated Twitch’s viewership records. High-stakes tournaments in popular games like League of Legends and Counter-Strike attracted enormous audiences. However, creator-led events have recently taken the platform by storm, thanks in large part to streamers like Ibai Llanos.

Ibai Llanos has been pushing the boundaries of Twitch streaming with his high-production value events that rival major television broadcasts. His dedication and hard work have paid off, as he currently holds the record for the highest viewership on Twitch with his La Velada del Año 2 boxing event.

Ibai’s monumental achievement with La Velada del Año 3 underscores the strength of the Spanish-speaking streaming community on Twitch. The event featured not only exhilarating boxing matches but also performances by top artists from the Spanish-speaking world.

Artists such as Ozuna, Lola Índigo, Quevedo, and Duki added to the excitement of the stream. The Spanish-speaking community dominates the list of channels with the most concurrent viewers of all time, further emphasizing their significant presence and influence on the platform.

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In conclusion, Ibai’s record-breaking Twitch stream with La Velada del Año 3 highlights his remarkable success and the dedication of his fanbase. By continuously pushing the boundaries of Twitch streaming and organizing high-quality events, Ibai has solidified his position as the biggest creator on the platform.

The incredible viewership numbers and the support of thousands of fans in the arena further cement his status as a prominent figure in the streaming community. Ibai’s accomplishments serve as a testament to the passion, engagement, and global impact of Twitch and its creators.

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