League of Legends Aurelion Sol CGU: new abilities, release date, leaks, more


New League of Legends Aurelion Sol CGU abilities have now been unveiled, and the post details all that you need to know about its release date, rework, and more.

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League of Legends Aurelion Sol CGU details revealed

League of Legends is undoubtedly on your list of favorite games if you’re an experienced player. Since its initial release in 2009, Riot Games’ online fighting arena video game, often known as League, has advanced significantly.

It still holds a distinct place in the gaming world. In reality, given Riot Games’ constant stream of upgrades, it has actually carved out a niche for itself over time that is unlikely to be filled by anyone else. The impending League of Legends Aurelion Sol rework is the most recent in this series of upgrades.

The devs originally hinted at the Aurelion Sol CGU in June 2022. However, there was no further information given regarding the final appearance of this champion following the rework.

This article will discuss the upcoming League of Legends Aurelion Sol CGU and the information that has been made available so far about it, including the abilities, anticipated release date, and more.

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League of Legends Aurelion Sol CGU

When Aurelion Sol joined League of Legends, he immediately became one of the game’s most well-known champions.

The preseason 2023 video revealed Aurelion Sol CGU, although players were largely unaware of the change. Riot indicated that Aurelion Sol’s new design would be more like a star forger than a dragon and also revealed his new Q and W.

Fortunately, once the year 2023 arrived, Skin Spotlight, one of the most well-known YouTubers in the League of Legends community, provided all the knowledge that was required about LoL Aurelion Sol CGU.

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New League of Legends Aurelion Sol Abilities

LoL Aurelion Sol Passive – Cosmic Creator

Aurelion Sol’s damaging abilities break down enemies into stacks of Stardust, which permanently improves each of his abilities.

LoL Aurelion Sol Q – Breath of Light

Aurelion Sol channels his dragon breath for a few seconds, damaging the first enemy hit and splashing reduced damage onto nearby enemies. Each second the breath is channeled directly at an enemy will deal bonus damage, which is improved by the amount of Stardust that’s been collected. This ability collects Stardust if the target is a champion.

LoL Aurelion Sol W – Astral Flight

Aurelion Sol flies over the terrain in a targeted direction. While in this state, he can cast other abilities. Breath of Light no longer has a cooldown or maximum channel duration and deals increased damage while flying.

Astral Flight’s remaining cooldown is reduced whenever an enemy champion dies after being recently damaged by Aurelion Sol. Stardust increases Astral Flight’s maximum range.

LoL Aurelion Sol E – Singularity

Aurelion Sol summons a black hole, damaging enemies and slowly pulling them toward its center. This ability grants Stardust each time an enemy dies within the black hole, and for each second, an enemy champion is caught inside it.

The center of the black hole executes enemies who are below a certain percentage of their maximum health. Stardust increases Singularity’s size as well as the execution threshold.

LoL Aurelion Sol R – Falling Star

Falling Star: Aurelion Sol crashes a star into the earth. This impact deals magic damage and stuns enemies while also granting Stardust for each enemy champion it hits. Gathering enough Stardust transforms Aurelion Sol’s next Falling Star into The Skies Descend.

The Skies Descend: Aurelion Sol drags a giant star down from the heavens with an increased impact zone and increased damage, knocking up enemies rather than stunning them. A shockwave then spreads from the edge of the impact zone, which damages and slows the enemies it hits.

Stardust increases the impact area of both Falling Star and The Skies Descend.

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League of Legends Aurelion Sol CGU Release Date

Currently, it’s anticipated that LoL Aurelion Sol CGU will debut in League of Legends patch 13.1, which will go live on January 10th, 2023.

In League of Legends, there are different kinds of reworks. Players must be aware of VGU (Visual and Gameplay Update), ASU (Art and Sustainability Update), and Mid-Scope Update. Now, recently Riot unveiled CGU (Comprehensive Gameplay Update) and Aurelion Sol CGU is the first one in the game in which Riot updates the champions’ kit without altering their appearance.

This upcoming LoL Aurelion Sol rework appears to be extremely intriguing as he actually resembles Orianna and Syndra more than ever before. He and Veigar also seem to share a few characteristics.

At the moment, that’s all that we know about the upcoming League of Legends Aurelion Sol rework. However, new updates about it are sure to come now as the release date nears.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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