League of Legends Darkin Assassin: release date, abilities, leaks, more


League of Legends Darkin Assassin is one of the upcoming champions that is all set to enter the battle arena soon.

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If you are a seasoned player, League of Legends is probably on your list of favorites. Commonly called League, this online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot games has come a long way since its release way back in 2009.

It has not lost its special place in the gaming community. In fact, as time has passed, it has carved a niche of its own, one that is likely to never be taken away, given the continuous flow of updates that Riot Games maintains. The latest in this line of updates is the upcoming League of Legends Darkin Assassin champion.

The champions take the spotlight in League of Legends. Riot Games recognizes the importance of presenting these guys in the best way possible and so pays a lot of attention and puts in much work to make them come out well. And so far, they have succeeded pretty well. At the moment, there are 160 champions in League of Legends. And each of these 160 people is decked out with will unique designs and characteristics.

In this post, we will talk about this forthcoming League of Legends Darkin Assassin champion and the details that have been revealed thus far about them.

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League of Legends Darkin Assassin

Champions are grouped under certain types in League of Legends. Among the most popular is the Darkin group. If you are not familiar with these guys, here is a brief introduction.

LoL Darkins are the God-Warriors. Being the corrupted ascendants of Shurima, they are the monster-type champions. These guys were involved in the void war, the result of which was them having used blood magic on themselves. But things did not go as planned. The Darkins’ status quo is imprisonment with various weapons. And the ascended forms that they formerly possessed are out of their reach right now.

Getting down to the specifics, at the moment, there are three Darkins in League of Legends. These have been named Aatrox, Varus, and Rhaast (Red Kayn). Their forte lies in their healing abilities. Also, their sustain is of a decent quality.

The God-Warriors have been more or less ignored by Riot Games since 2017, meaning there have been no new releases in this champion-type. Given their popularity among the fans, there has been a general appeal for updating the Darkins character count. Well, this week confirmed that Riot Games is going to release a new League of Legends Darkin Assassin champion in the upcoming preseason 2023.

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League of Legends Darkin Assassin teaser

Riot Reav3 tells us that this upcoming League of Legends Darkin Assassin is trapped in a dagger. Now for the leaked part, the Darkin’s credentials and its wielder remain unknown to us right now, however, some rumors conjecture that this champion will mainly be a mid-laner.

The argument given is that since Kayn is a jungler, Varus is an ADC, and Aatrox is a top-laner, the only unoccupied position is that of a mid-laner. All this from leaks. The official sources only tell us that the upcoming LoL Darkin is going to be an assassin.

League of Legends Darkin Assassin Abilities

Of course, we know nothing about the LoL Darkin Assassin abilities. Officially, that is. Unofficially, we could say that this guy will have at least a handful of self-healing or life-stealing abilities, just like all of the Darkins that are in League of Legends currently.

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League of Legends Darkin Assassin Release date

Again, there is no official news in this area. Riot Reav3 says that the LoL Darkin Assassin’s release date is situated in the middle of the next season, or at the end of it.

Apparently, this Darkin was slated to be released before the Ixtal Enchanter or some time around that time next year. But the developers thought the Darkin needed to work upon and so delayed its release, says Riot Reav3 in a Reddit thread.

At the moment, that’s all that we know about the upcoming League of Legends Darkin Assassin. We know it’s not a lot. However, new updates about it are sure to come now as the release date nears.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.


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