League of Legends BelVeth: season 12 void jungler abilities, release date, and more


League of Legends BelVeth is the upcoming LoL Season 12 Void jungler, and leaks have already revealed its abilities, release date, and more prior to the official announcement.

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League of Legends, the 2009 multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games, has recently seen a rise in popularity. And now the developers have just launched the 12th Season, and they’ve done it with a bang.

Riot Games have revealed four different champions for the new year (a little late maybe). The character Renata is now live, and that leaves us with two remaining ones. This also includes the new Void jungler first introduced back in 2021.

Well, this post will educate you on all that we know so far about the LoL Season 12 characters, their abilities, and lore. And we’ll also be discussing when the next League of Legends Void jungler will be going live on Summoner’s Rift.

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League of Legends BelVeth – Who’s the upcoming Void jungler?

It was in the champion roadmap for September 2021 that the upcoming Void jungler was first introduced to the public as “an overwhelming new jungler that should fill a Void in all your hearts.”

Then things sort of exploded in January 2022 during the reveal stream of Season 12. The lead champion producer Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles apparently became “possessed” while discussing the new LoL Void jungler.

And now it is known that the name of Champion 160, the LoL Void jungler, is Bel’Veth.

(The part discussed above starts at 5:23.)

Here are his exact words on League of Legends BelVeth (next void jungler) while being “possessed”: “I see it. I see everything. The lavender sea, and purple cities cover the land. She rules over it all, my empress. This is what Runeterra should be, its true form.”

From what we can gather from this rather innovative reveal is that the upcoming LoL Void jungler will be really powerful.

On April 18, in a developer post, Riot Games let out a little more information about this creature. League of Legends BelVeth was described as a “skirmisher”. The already mentioned “Lavender Sea” could be one of her abilities. And this will “crash like waves against the enemy’s defensive structures.”

An image was also released that gave us some information about the Void Empress jungler. The image had a purple stinger-like appendage emerging from a wall of fog, and it is just about to attack a frightened, faceless man.

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League of Legends BelVeth leaks

The excitement reached its peak as the new League of Legends BelVeth in-game look was leaked recently. We’ve discussed the image that was released online officially displaying what the Void jungler would be looking like.

Big Bad Bear, an apparently Spanish Twitter leaker, is known for many leaks coming out to be true. They lately tweeted a video of what could very well be the in-game look of the LoL Void jungler Bel’Veth

If we talk about appearances, then League of Legends BelVeth is looking a lot like a Mantis Ray. She has enormous wings and a tail to match. In the video, she is apparently standing. It also looks as if she does have legs, plus a humanoid figure and also wings. But when she recalls and starts to fly, those two legs now turn into two more tails.

Another feature League of Legends BelVeth seems to have is that of changing her forms with her ultimate. The video in the tweet above reveals two different forms. One is standard, the other is ulted.

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League of Legends BelVeth abilities and gameplay

At the moment, we have no official news about what we are going to get from the new LoL Void jungler as far as abilities and gameplay are concerned. But still, we can make some predictions based on the way it possessed Reav3, and also his script. This League of Legends BelVeth is going to pack a load of astounding skills.

Looking at some descriptions that Reav3 had of the champion, we can decipher something. He said that the League of Legends BelVeth is someone “who is ramping up to swarm the Rift.” Now, maybe this means a bunch of creatures under its control. Or maybe it is some sort of a mist that will become an impediment for opponents chasing them.

This “Lavender Sea” that has been referred to again and again all through the teasers seems to indicate that it might be some sort of a mind-control fog, and through this, those under its control will experience the “true face of the Void”.

But with the League of Legends BelVeth kit being in development at the moment, there is not sufficient information for Riot Games to start commenting on it. The same goes for all the fans that speculate these abilities and gameplay: they can’t do so with any solid standing.

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League of Legends BelVeth release date

Riot Games have confirmed that the LoL Void jungler – Champion 160, will be released later in season 12 of League of Legends. Zeri’s launch is past us now and the Zaun support release happened quite recently. Hence this League of Legends BelVeth release will be the third release in the pecking order of releases in 2022.

Well, that is all the we know so far about League of Legends BelVeth, the new LoL void jungler. Make you sure you give this Champion a try when it releases.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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