Best Minecraft biome seeds for 1.19 update


Minecraft biome seeds give players the opportunity to bring out the best creativity within them and go on wilder adventures in an entirely different world.

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Minecraft’s boon is its bane. Yes, the room for unbounded creativity is an original perspective on video games in general. However, this very opportunity soon turns boring if newer updates and features are not introduced time and again. This is where seeds come in.

See, you spawn in Minecraft biomes like plains, deserts, mountains, taiga forests, etc. However, there are many more biomes that are much better than those named just now. Two new ones were added in the Minecraft 1.19 update.

Such new Minecraft 1.19 biomes include Badlands, Mushroom Fields, Dense Jungles, and Extreme Hills. Now, these are hard to locate. You could travel far and wide and yet never chance upon them. Minecraft biome Seeds help you generate these biomes in a snap. You can use these seeds for finding structures, speedrunning, and discovering needed biomes.

And here we are only going to talk about the Best Minecraft biome seeds available in the current 1.19 update.

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Best Minecraft biome seeds

A little explanation is recommended for those who are unfamiliar with the term “seed” in Minecraft. A Minecraft “seed” is, to put it simply, a series of numbers that serve as the “code” for a particular Minecraft world.

With the use of seeds, those who have put out the effort to create a complete world within the game can share it. When you enter these numbers, that precise world appears. The ability to create a new map for yourself is yet another use for seeds. You may theoretically have any kind of world.

The Minecraft 1.19 seeds for the Java and Bedrock versions of the game were chosen to appeal to the broadest potential audience when patch 1.19 for the game was recently published.

And here we list the 5 best Minecraft biome seeds in the 1.19 update.

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Minecraft biome seed: 6306808076142139007

You may have heard of the Badlands, and yes, everything they say about it is true. It is truly a terrific place and a tremendous experience. However, this perspective changes depending on your position. It provides awesome vistas. But living in it proves to be tough.

Now, this particular Minecraft biome seed spawns you right next to a Badlands, and a big one at that. Some villages have found loading nearby, and there’s a Pillager Outpost beside one. Also, a desert temple is a stone’s throw away. Lastly, the spawning point lies inside a Mangrove Swamp.

Minecraft biome seed: -4474036629155014047

Mushroom Fields are hard to come by. We are talking about one of the rarest biomes in all of Minecraft. And this being the case, having a seed round that spawns you close to one is very convenient.

We could have put this in at numero uno but for its small size and absence of real trees. This equals a tough time living here. Talking about the locale, there’s a sprawling village and a shipwreck close by meaning there will be much loot here. The actual biome is right next to the spawning point and is usually large, and hence this seed makes it to our list of best Minecraft biome seeds.

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Minecraft biome seed: 2837031034737048010

It was in Minecraft 1.17 update that dripstone caves made their way into the game. The excitement around them is mainly being these are still new. But finding them is a tough bone to crack, especially if you are no hound. But all that became unnecessary when you clicked on this post.

Now, mineshafts and Ancient Cities are both rare experiences in Minecraft given that they are such awesome underground structures. This Minecraft biome seed takes care of even that need with a biome that has all this in addition to the dripstone cave. You will find a dripstone and Ancient City side by side at -999, -39, -28. A mineshaft lies close by providing a great looting opportunity.

Minecraft biome seed: 1450778142214593647

The Mangrove Swamps are among the latest above-ground biomes to grace the servers of Minecraft. However, they aren’t great with structures and you won’t find a lot of them here. This seed, however, does all it can to remove that inadequacy. A village sprawls right next to the Mangrove Swamps biome. Together, they are the closest thing you could get to a Mangrove Swamp village.

This is a great seed for such a biome. The village part is an especially convenient feature.

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Minecraft biome seed: 4009

The biome you drop into, literally, with this seed is uncommon, if not rare. You spawn right inside a flower forest. But here’s the amazing part. One of the most coveted biomes right now, a deep-dark biome, is located at 77, -42, -40. Also, an Ancient City, which is the calling card for the deep dark, lies close at hand at 112, -35, -176.

If you happen to wander over to 0, 87, 112, you will hit upon a Pillager Outpost. At 90, 70, 300 is located a village. One thing’s for certain. You won’t run out of loot here. This biome is sure to be a blast of fun.

And that’s all for our pick of some of the best Minecraft biome seeds in the 1.19 update. Don’t take this list as absolute. Explore seeds of your own and find out which ones work the best for you.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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