League of Legends Crystalis Motus Leona skin: beautiful splash art, price, release in 13.12 patch


League of Legends Crystalis Motus Leona is the champion’s Mythic level skin with new animations, visual effects, and sound effects.

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League of Legends Crystalis Motus Leona skin has been revealed for patch 13.12

A multiplayer online battle arena game called League of Legends has been around since 2009. The game is well-known for its competitive gameplay, distinctive champions, and enormous player base. The skins that are offered for each champion in League of Legends are among its most well-liked aspects.

The Riot Store in the game client may be used to purchase skins, which are different versions of champions. Every year, new skin lines for League of Legends are launched. PROJECT, Pulsefire, Arcade, Elderwood, Blood Moon, and Star Guardian are a few of the well-liked skin lines.

In League of Legends, there are several distinct skin types available, including Classic Skins, Legacy Skins, Limited Skins, Mythic Skins, Legendary Skins, and Ultimate Skins.

Every patch brings a new skin to League of Legends, and if a Legendary or Mythic skin is included, it becomes even more unique. Riot has been releasing new Mytic skins for some time now as part of the Ashen series, however, that is now over. And now Riot has revealed League of Legends Crystalis Motus, a new Mythic skinline series.

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League of Legends Crystalis Motus

Every season has a different Mythic-only theme, with a new Mythic skin and two unvaulted Mythic skins making their debuts at the beginning of each cycle. Some of the great skins were added for Pyke, Pantheon, Sylas, Mordekaiser, and Shen as part of the Ashen series.

Even though, Riot promised Mordekaiser to be the last Ashen skin, the Ashen skin line was finally discontinued when a new Ashen Guardian Shen was released early this year. And a new League of Legends Crystalis Motus skyline has been introduced.

The first skin in the League of Legends Crystalis Motus series is the Crystalis Motus Leona, which was just recently made public.

The LoL Crystalis Motus Leona skin will replace the Shen skin in the Mythic Shop, and the developers have also unveiled a PBE trailer for the new skin.

The devs succeeded in maintaining the purple color scheme while incorporating fresh images and audio into the League of Legends Crystalis Motus skinline. The sound effects of glass breaking and the depiction of the crystal shards are both great and it is absolutely justified to say that this skin is fantastic in every way.

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League of Legends Crystalis Motus Leona skin splash art

Leona, a popular LoL champion has amassed a significant influx of crystals, giving her even more flare in her sun-worshiping endeavors.

Leona’s entire body is covered with the purple crystals in the Crystalis Motus Leona skin, which also comes with a matching crystal sword and shield, crystal headgear, and crystal armor.

Her abilities all display some variation of this purple brightness, and her ultimate even shatters the ground to expose additional crystals beneath it.

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LoL Crystalis Motus Leona splash art

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League of Legends Crystalis Motus Leona skin release date

Leona will be the next champion to receive a Mythic-tier skin, according to a statement from Riot Games. This LoL Crystalis Motus Leona skin will only be available for purchase using Mythic Essence from the Mythic Essence shop, and it is anticipated to go live on June 14, 2023, with LoL Patch 13.12.

Although it’s unclear how long Crystalis Motus Leona will be offered for sale in the Mythic Essence store, if the skin sells out, it’s not likely to return any time soon.

League of Legends Crystalis Motus Leona skin price

Legendary skins are one tier below LoL Mythic skins, whereas mythic skins offer special animations and effects. They can be gained through a Mythical Skin token or bought from the Mythic Shop. For their initial release, these skins cost 100 Mythic Essence, and for subsequent unvaults, they cost 125 Mythic Essence.

This Crystalis Motus Leona Mythic Skin will cost 100 Mythic Essence, just like all the other Mythic Skins. The Mythic Shop in-game is the only place to buy the skin. It will be released and then made available in the Mythic Shop.

Prestige is anticipated to cost 150 Mythic Essence if a Prestige version of the Crystalis Motus Leona skin is released.

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