League of Legends Milio: Season 13 support abilities, release date, and more


League of Legends Milio is the upcoming LoL Season 13 Support, and leaks have already revealed its abilities, release date, and more prior to the official announcement.

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League of Legends Milio has been revealed as Season 13’s first support champion

League of Legends, the 2009 multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games, has recently seen a rise in popularity. And now the developers have just launched the 13th Season, and they’ve done it with a bang.

Riot Games has revealed four different champions for the new year (a little late maybe). The first one is the Support champion named Milio, the second one is going to be a Darkin assassin, Naafiri, then a new hangry jungler, and an artistic mid-laner.

Well, this post will educate you on all that we know so far about the LoL Season 13’s First champion, Milio, his abilities, and lore. And we’ll also be discussing when the next League of Legends Support will be going live on Summoner’s Rift.

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League of Legends Milio – Who’s the upcoming Support?

It was in the champion roadmap in September 2022 that the upcoming Support was first introduced to the public as an “Ixtal-born male enchanter.”

Then in January 2023, it was made known that the name of Champion 163, the LoL Support, is Milio.

Then things sort of exploded in January 2023 during the reveal stream of Season 13. The LoL Pls video revealed that Milio will use fire as his elemental magic because Ixtalis are renowned for using elemental magic. And he is currently healing and enhancing teammates with this fire magic.

Now fast forward to March 4th, 2023. The devs have officially revealed Milio to the fans.

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League of Legends Milio Abilities

All of Milio’s abilities have been detailed below:

Passive – Fired Up!

Milio’s abilities enchant allies on touch, making their next damage deal a burst of extra damage and burn the target.

Q – Ultra Mega Fire Kick

Milio kicks a ball that knocks back an enemy. The ball launches upward on hit and falls toward the enemy, damaging and slowing enemies in the area upon impact.

W – Cozy Campfire

Milio creates an empowering zone that heals allies and increases the attack range to those inside. The zone follows the ally nearest to the cast point.

E – Warm Hugs

Milio tosses a shield to an ally, temporarily increasing their movement speed.

R – Breath of Life

Milio unleashes a wave of soothing flames that heal and remove crowd control effects from allies in range.

League of Legends Milio lore and appearance

The newest champion to the League of Legends roster, Milio, The Gentle Flame, was just unveiled by Riot. The champion was first revealed on the League of Legends Vietnam website, and subsequently, Riot formally unveiled Milio along with his Splash Art and Universe Page.

Enchanter champion Milio, The Gentle Flame, is from the same region of Ixtal as Qiyana. He is a kind-hearted young man who, despite his youth, has mastered the fire axiom and learned something new about the soothing power of fire. Instead of causing harm, he uses the comforting fire to heal and assist others.

Players are currently aware that Milio is an enchanter, but as of this writing, none of his Milio abilities have been made public. His visual identity and Milio lore, meanwhile, are more than enough to delight the majority of LoL enthusiasts. Just take a look at those tiny blobs of flame.

The Milio splash art and some of the character’s backstory were both made public. He discovered how to control his “inner light,” a healing force for others. His grandmother created a backpack that could contain his flame and enable him to carry the light with him while on the go.

Fans can also view some concept art in his champion theme even if his skills aren’t confirmed. They give some indication of what Riot’s devs have in store for this character before the whole Milio kit is revealed, though they don’t explicitly state what his kit will ultimately be.

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League of Legends Milio gameplay leaks

The excitement reached its peak as the new League of Legends Milio in-game look was revealed recently. We’ve discussed the image that was released online officially displaying what the Support would be looking like.

Big Bad Bear, an apparently Spanish Twitter leaker, is known for many leaks coming out to be true. They lately tweeted a video of what could very well be the in-game look of the LoL Support Milio

BigBadBear claims that Milio’s gameplay will mirror Lulu’s quite a deal. Yet the precise Millio abilities will differ greatly.

By engaging with Millio’s ultimate ability, players can flip between his two distinct types of ability. Moreover, he will have two variations of his power forms. He will take two different forms, one of which will focus on healing and speeding up teammates and the other on doing damage and managing crowds.

Milio strikes as an interesting character who will be helpful in the game. The forms will be immediately distinguishable thanks to League of Legends Milio’s firepower and his firefly friends’ visual effects.

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League of Legends Milio release date

Riot Games has confirmed that the LoL Support – Champion 163, will be released later in season 13 of League of Legends.

Probably with the next LoL Patch 13.5, or later on in March 2023, Milio will be released as per the sources.

Aurelion Sol CGU launch is past us now and Milio will be the first champion to release in Season 13. Hence the excitement for the League of Legends Milio release is quite high.

Well, that is all we know so far about League of Legends Milio, the new LoL Support. Make sure you give this Champion a try when it releases.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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