League of Legends Season 13 skins: new Faerie Queen, Cats vs Dogs, Mythmaker, and more


League of Legends Season 13 skins have been revealed including Faerie Queen, Cats versus Dogs, Mythmaker Line, Lunar God skins, and more.

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League of Legends Season 13 skins

League of Legends Season 13 has already been released, and Riot Games has already revealed a few changes coming in the game. The long-awaited Ahri ASU will finally be released by Riot for this season. Riot will also finally make the Aurelion Sol CGU available at the same time.

Additionally, the balanced version of everything added in preseason 2023 will be visible. Chemtech Drake will be updated with new items, adjustments to the jungle, and much more.

Four new forthcoming champions for season 13 have also been revealed by Riot. Two of these champions are already familiar to us: Milio, the Ixtali Enchanter, and Naafiri, the Darkin Assassin. However, a new jungler and a new creative mid-laner are also among the two new champions they revealed.

Also, since skins hold a special place in the game and are being purchased by fans in large quantities, the creators offered an update on the League of Legends Season 13 skins and themes on January 9, 2023. LoL Fairy Queen and LoL Cats versus Dogs are the two prominent brands mentioned, and we are positive that the launch of these two brand-new skin lines will generate a lot of buzzes.

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League of Legends 2023 skins

League of Legends season 13 was recently released to players, and patch 13.1 for the season was also released yesterday, but there have been multiple leaks about impending champion releases, champion nerfs, and champion skins.

Players will initially receive the Milio, Ixtali Enchanter, followed a few months later by the Naafiri, Darkin Assassin, it has been revealed. In the second half of 2023, we will also see the release of a new creative mid-laner and a new hangry jungler. Neeko and Annie are also included in Season 13, and they may receive rework in 2023.

Other than the champion and champion rework, we have several leaks that suggest that some intriguing Season 13 skins are in the pipeline for 2023. The recent couple of years have been unbelievable for Riot Games as the devs have released numerous League of Legends champion skins. Players got to enjoy several returning skins, newly introduced skins along with a few events thematic-focused skins.

Now Riot has revealed a list of upcoming League of Legends Season 13 skins that players will be able to explore in the game.

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League of Legends Season 13 skins (official)

League of Legends Mythmaker skins

The first up in the list of LoL Season 13 skins is the most recently revealed Mythmaker 2023 skinline. Riot recently revealed the champions getting Mythmaker skins, however, earlier data miners were also able to find two champions that will be getting the Mythmaker skins in 2023.

As per the official reveal, the champions getting Mythmaker skins are:

  1. Mythmaker Garen
  2. Mythmaker Galio
  3. Mythmaker Irelia (Legendary)
  4. Mythmaker Sivir + Prestige
  5. Mythmaker Zyra

League of Legends Lunar God skins

Other than Mythmaker skins, we also had leaks regarding Lunar God skins, and leakers were able to find the champions for the Lunar God skins as well. Riot has announced that the following champions are getting Lunar God skins as part of LoL Season 13 skins:

  1. Lunar Empress Ashe
  2. Lunar Emperor Kha’Zix
  3. Lunar Guardian Malphite
  4. Lunar Empress Qiyana
  5. Lunar Emperor Thresh

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LoL Mythmaker and Lunar God skin release date and price

As per the official announcement, the Lunar Gods skinline and Mythmakers skin lines are coming in patches 13.1 and 13.2 respectively on January 11th and January 25th.

  • Mythmaker Skins
  1. Mythmaker Garen price: 1350 RP (Epic Skin)
  2. Mythmaker Galio price: 1350 RP (Epic Skin)
  3. Mythmaker Irelia price: 1820 RP (Legendary)
  4. Mythmaker Sivir Prestige Edition price: 125 ME (Mythic Skin)
  5. Mythmaker Zyra price: 1350 RP (Epic Skin)
  • Lunar 2023 Skins
  1. Lunar 2023 Empress Ashe price: 1350 RP (Epic Skin)
  2. Lunar 2023 Emperor Kha’Zix price: 1350 RP (Epic Skin)
  3. Lunar 2023 Guardian Malphite price: 1350 RP (Epic Skin)
  4. Lunar 2023 Empress Qiyana price: 1350 RP (Epic Skin)
  5. Lunar 2023 Emperor Thresh price: 1350 RP (Epic Skin)

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League of Legends Faerie Queen skins

Now, Riot is all set to release a new skin line in the game as well called Faerie Queen skins.

The League of Legends Faerie Queen skinline is set in a mystical realm where all of the characters are influenced by nature. The Faerie Court skin collection is a collection of skins set in an enchanting world brimming with grandeur and natural splendor.

Even while the Fairy Queen has positive qualities, according to the developers, there are some sinister tales behind these Season 13 skins. These will probably be made public later after the skinline is formally introduced.

And the champions that will be offered to the players with the Faerie Queen 2023 skins are:

  1. Faerie Queen Kalista
  2. Faerie Court Karma

The mighty Faerie Queen Kalista rules over this country as supreme ruler, controlling the seasons and giving the faeries living their strength. Since Karma did not get any new skins in the previous year, fans are eagerly awaiting her Season 13 skin.

LoL Faerie Queen skins release date and price

Unlike Lunar God and Mythmaker skin lines, we don’t have a certain LoL Faerie Queen skin release date, but based on the assumption, we should see the release of the Fairy Queen skinline with patch 13.3.

So Wednesday, 8 February 2023, can be the Faerie Queen skin’s release date. Unfortunately, we have no info on the price of LoL Fairy Queen skins price, but we expect leakers to reveal new info about them soon.

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League of Legends Cats versus Dogs skins

With the Lunar God and Mythmaker Line skins, we also have Cats versus Dogs skins that were previously released by Riot in 2019 to celebrate the April Fools in the LoL game.

Riot announced the return of a beloved skinline that features both cats and dogs as part of the LoL Season 13 skins. There are many champions who would look good in either a cat or a dog onesie, and this skin line is beloved by many players for its charming imagery and animations.

It’s a sweet skinline that has historically featured champions like Kog’Maw and Corki. This time, as per the official announcement, the champions getting Cats versus Dogs 2023 skins are:

  1. Cats versus Dogs Kled
  2. Cats versus Dogs Kindred

According to the concept illustration of this LoL Season 13 skin, Kled and Kindred have skins. Beyond what the art depicts, not much else is known. However, another interesting fact is that Riot’s artwork was titled “Kled Veigar,” suggesting that Veigar would appear in the Cats vs. Dogs in LoL Season 13 skins.

LoL Cats versus Dogs skins release date and price

Since they are April Fools’ Day skins, it is safe to assume that we will receive the Cats vs. Dogs Skins before April, despite the fact that the LoL Cats versus Dogs release date has not yet been announced.

Additionally, there is a chance that these will be released at some point early in League of Legends Season 13 as only shipped, finished items are displayed during these developer diaries.

Again, we have no information on the LoL Cats versus Dogs 2023 skins price we may expect to hear about these LoL Season 13 skins soon.

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Last but not least, Ahri ASU will debut along with League of Legends patch 13.2. As part of ASU, Ahri’s base design and all of her skins have been revamped, making her one of the game’s most visually appealing champions.

Well, this is all that has officially been revealed thus far about League of Legends Season 13 skins.

We will update you with the new information, so keep following Gamevro.

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