Microsoft Might Release Xbox Games To PS5 And Nintendo Switch


The current rumor suggests Microsoft is considering releasing its own exclusive Xbox games on non-Xbox platforms.

Xbox, Xbox Games, Microsoft Might Release Xbox Games To PS5 And Nintendo Switch
Microsoft Might Release Xbox Games To PS5 And Nintendo Switch

Rumors are swirling that Microsoft might bring Xbox games to other platforms, like PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. This isn’t new, as Microsoft already distributes games like Call of Duty on these platforms due to the Activision-Blizzard deal.

Giant Bomb’s Jeff Grubb, and Game File reporter Stephen Totilo discussed a potential Microsoft strategy to release an Xbox game on both PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Grubb, known for industry connections, shared this information, and Totilo mentioned hearing similar things. The rumored titles for cross-platform release include first-party Xbox games: Sea of Thieves, and Hi-Fi Rush.

Hi-Fi Rush

There’s a strong rumor that the popular Xbox game “Hi-Fi Rush” might be released on Nintendo Switch in 2024. An insider named “Nate the Hate,” known for accurate game announcements, hinted that a well-received Xbox exclusive is coming to a rival console. 

Another reliable source on Resetera, lolilolailo, also seemed to confirm that “Hi-Fi Rush” is indeed coming to Switch. 

Sea Of Thieves

Jeff Grubb, a journalist from Giant Bomb, mentioned on his show that he heard from sources about Xbox games, including Sea of Thieves, potentially coming to other systems like PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch. Grubb speculates that this move could be part of Microsoft’s strategy shift and that more announcements might come.

Other Possibilities

Sea of Thieves and Hi-Fi Rush could be the games that Nate the Hate and Jeff Grubb mentioned, but there are other possibilities too. Pentiment, a medieval adventure game, or Psychonauts 2, a quirky platformer, could also be good candidates. Psychonauts 2 is already on PS4, and a Nintendo Switch version seems possible since it’s available on multiple platforms.

However, it’s unlikely that the mystery game is a big Xbox title like Starfield or Forza Motorsport. These games are key for selling Xbox consoles, so it wouldn’t make sense for Microsoft to bring them to PS5. Also, the current Switch might not handle such high-end games well, but it could manage games like Hi-Fi Rush or Pentiment.

These reports have started a debate about Microsoft’s strategy for keeping the Xbox exclusive. While some Xbox fans are upset that a game that was only available on Xbox might come out on a competing device, others are excited about the possibility that games like Hi-Fi Rush could reach a wider audience, which could bring in millions more players and make the case for a sequel stronger.

Hi-Fi RUSH steam deck

Traditionally, exclusive games help sell consoles, but things are changing. Apple is even exploring exclusive games for its Apple Arcade. The latest rumor raises questions about the future of Xbox games. It’s unclear if these rumors are true, but if they are, it could reshape how games are released across different platforms.

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