Naughty Dog Might Be Working On A New IP


Naughty Dog, renowned for its involvement in iconic adventure game franchises like Crash Bandicoot, seems to be venturing into its next big project, “latest IP”.

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When it comes to new game releases this generation, Naughty Dog has been somewhat silent. But behind the scenes, the studio is hard at work on other projects. And now, there are rumors that one of these games is a part of a brand-new IP. Apparently, those doubts have been confirmed by Colin Lorimer, an illustrator at the studio. The developer is preparing the studio’s “latest IP,” according to his LinkedIn profile.

According to the information initially shared by Redditor u/AngieK22, illuminator and story artist at the studio, Colin Lorimer’s LinkedIn page notes in its “about” section that he is “currently helping develop Naughty Dog’s latest IP.” In addition, his “experience” section lists an “untitled project” as one of his past projects with Naughty Dog.

While details about the specific nature and setting of this new IP currently under development remain uncertain, a potential clue was hinted at through an in-game Easter egg. In The Last of Us Part 1, there were images on a soft board with a consistent fantasy theme, and if we tie the loose ends together, it is possible that the upcoming IP might be based on this theme.

Well, the long-awaited multiplayer The Last of Us was unexpectedly canceled, but there was one bright spot: Naughty Dog revealed that several other games were in development. Naughty Dog’s refusal to become a live service studio resulted in the project’s official cancellation. Rather, the developers desired to concentrate on creating additional single-player games. Thus, the announcement also verified that there were other single-player games in development.

Up until now, that was all the information we had. However, now it seems like one of these might be the studio’s brand-new intellectual property.

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Speculation about a new IP at Naughty Dog has been circulating for some time. Concept art found in The Last of Us Part 1 for PS5 in 2022 fueled speculation about a fantasy-themed IP. Concurrently, leaks have hinted at the development of The Last of Us Part 3. Naughty Dog’s statement last month further emphasized their focus on “more than one ambitious, brand new” single-player game, leaving room for possibilities like The Last of Us Part 3 and a new IP.

Despite these intriguing details, approaching this news cautiously is advisable. The information on LinkedIn might be outdated and plans at Naughty Dog could have changed. So, it’s best to wait for official information.

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