The Last of Us Part 1 artifact location: how to find every artifact in the Suburbs


The article below has listed the location of every one of The Last of Us Part 1 artifacts in the Suburbs.

If you have a collector’s heart, then the sixth chapter of The Last of Us Part 1 will prove to be a gold mine for you. In this part of the game, you escape the Humvee and see friends return. You will have to thaw the ice somewhat in this reunion. Ish, a man from the sewers, will prove to be a pivotal source of collectibles, along with his community of the sewers.

As a collector, this is among the best side stories of The Last of Us Part 1. If you sincerely collect all that is collectible here, then you will have a wider and more sensitive understanding of survival in the world of zombies. In this post, we are going to be discussing the locations of every Last of Us Part 1 artifact in the Suburbs.

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  • Last of Us Part 1 artifact – Boat Note

Henry and Sam are among the first ones you are united in the Suburbs. After the pleasantries, you can go to the shore with Ellie and take a look at a boat. Inside the cabin in this boat will be the first artifact that you need to collect in this chapter.

  • Last of Us Part 1 artifact – Sewers Note

Your path will be blocked by a door when you get inside the sewers. Ellie is the solution here. To get inside, a grate to the left has to be opened for Ellie to be able to crawl through. She will then move this crate to allow passage. After this, you have to climb a short flight of stairs inside the room. On the left, you will find a table, on top of which will be a note.

  • Last of Us Part 1 artifact – Trading Note

You will need to find a way for Ellie, Henry, and Sam to get across the water. For this, you have to swim into some other section of the sewers. Here, you will come to a ladder whence you will have access to a reliable pallet to bring back. But before you carry out this operation, go into a room on the right, inside of which will be two Clickers that will need to be taken care of. Dispatch the Infected, and among the discarded materials and books will be the prized note.

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  • Last of Us Part 1 artifact – Rain Catcher Note

A bunch of Infected will attack the group. After you take care of this, go into a room to the right. A body on the far side and some random stuff will greet you. And on the corner of a table with be sitting the note.

  • Last of Us Part 1 artifact – Cornered Note

From the location of the last artifact, you go out again. Here, your trusty companions are waiting. You have to vault over an obstacle and head to where a few Infected had popped up. Up the stairs, you climb and glance behind the chair and wooden screen. A door sits there waiting for you to open it. Behind the door, on the ground, by a group of bodies, is the next note.
  • Last of Us Part 1 artifact – Kid’s Drawing

At some point in the chapter, Joel and Sam get separated from Henry and Ellie. Sam’s not that great in combat, so you will have to guide him around such that either he avoids the Stalkers and Clickers that the area is infested with, or he picks fights that he can win. You then reach your destination and wait for Joel on a ledge. Before you depart, turn around and look at the wall on the left-hand side. Beneath a chalkboard is a coveted note.

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  • Last of Us Part 1 artifact – Looting Note

You leave the sewers and enter a suburban neighborhood. On the right, a house with an open doorway sits waiting. There’s a bedroom upstairs with a bunk bed. On top of the chest of drawers will be the note.

  • Last of Us Part 1 artifact – Father’s Note

A red brick house on the second street is located opposite the ice cream van. Upstairs, into the first door on the left, on top of a desk. That’s the location of this note.

  • Last of Us Part 1 artifact – Survivors Note

Go down the street further, until you are in the vicinity of the two dogs. There’s a white house with a red symbol on the front. Go down the hallway, up the stairs to the right to the second floor, and go into the first room on the left. The note will be on the ground right next to the chest of drawers.

  • Last of Us Part 1 artifact – Matchbook

Go up to the third floor of the same house that housed the previous artifact. There’s another bedroom there. Just beside the stairs is a shelf unit. A matchbook rests on top. This has the combination of the safe in the room that had the previous artifact.

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In The Last of Us Part 1 and Left Behind combine, there are 99 notes and artifacts. Collect them all and unlock the “Chronicles” trophy.

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