Next Nintendo Direct for June 2023 has been announced


The highly anticipated next Nintendo Direct is announced to take place in June 2023, so Nintendo fans should prepare and mark their calendars.

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A new Nintendo Direct will happen in June 2023 according to recent rumors

Despite skipping E3 2023, Nintendo continues to generate buzz among fans and gamers. The Nintendo Switch, still enjoying strong sales despite a recent slowdown, has recently been hailed as a potential Game of the Year winner.

While Nintendo has not confirmed any plans for a Nintendo Direct, rumors and hints suggest that a showcase may take place before the end of the month.

This article explores the mounting evidence and speculates on what the potential Nintendo Direct in June 2023 could bring.

UPDATE: 20/06/23

Nintendo Direct June 2023 livestream announced

The Nintendo Direct June 2023 is scheduled to air on June 21, 2023, at the following times:

  • 7 AM PT
  • 10 AM ET
  • 2 PM GMT
  • 7.30 PM IST
  • 11 PM JST

Fans can tune in to the livestream on Nintendo’s official YouTube channel. By visiting the provided¬†stream link, viewers can set a reminder for the showcase by clicking the “Notify Me” button.

Nintendo Direct June 2023: Rumors

First off, the Nintendo Direct webpage appears to have been modified during the past few days as observed by eagle-eyed fans. It might not seem like a big concern, but, this sort of thing frequently occurs prior to the start of the event’s live stream.

Additionally, respected insiders such as NateTheHate and Universo Nintendo have both claimed that a Nintendo Direct will occur between June 20 and June 23, leaving only a few days until the rumored event. However, Nintendo’s silence on the matter is not surprising, as the company tends to announce a Direct only 24 hours before its commencement.

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Then we also have, industry insider, Jeff Grubb from Giant Bomb, who has hinted at early rumblings of a Nintendo Direct event in July, although the exact format remains uncertain.

Nintendo has a history of hosting presentations during the summer months, featuring partner showcases, indie directs, or game-specific events. The last update from Nintendo regarding its future projects was in February 2023, making it prime time for another update.

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What to expect from Nintendo Direct June 2023?

While sources suggest that a Nintendo Direct in June 2023 is imminent, little information is available about the content and format of the event. Even third-party publishers reportedly lack detailed knowledge, knowing only that their games will be showcased.

With only Pikmin 4 confirmed as a big first-party release for the Nintendo Switch in the next six months, fans eagerly await news about the second half of the year.

The remainder of the lineup primarily consists of third-party titles, such as Mortal Kombat 1 in September and Hogwarts Legacy Switch version in November. Nintendo would likely want to give fans something to look forward to, making it plausible that the company plans to reveal more about upcoming games, including the next Pokemon installment or a remastered version of The Legend of Zelda.

Nintendo is known for hosting various types of Nintendo Direct presentations, including the standard Nintendo Direct, Direct Mini, Direct Product-specific, Pokemon Presents, Indie World Showcase, and a Direct Mini: Partner Showcase. Any of these formats could provide exciting announcements for the Switch’s upcoming game lineup.

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Nintendo fans have reason to be excited as rumors and hints suggest a potential Nintendo Direct in June. The company’s decision to skip E3 2023 has only fueled anticipation, with fans eager to hear about upcoming games and new releases for the Nintendo Switch.

While no official word has been released by Nintendo, signs such as website updates and insider claims indicate that an announcement is imminent. As fans eagerly await news, it is crucial to stay patient and await further updates from Nintendo in the coming weeks or months.

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