OW2 Illari: Season 6’s new support hero leaked


OW2 Illari, Season 6’s new support hero skins and abilities have been revealed by leaks.

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OW2 Illari: Season 6’s new support hero leaked

Recent leak suggests that a new support hero named Illari will be introduced in OW2 Season 6, called “Invasion.”

While Tank characters have received the majority of attention, Season 6 will bring a change with the introduction of Illari. Players have been eagerly waiting for her arrival, and new leaks and teasers have just piqued their interest.

OW2 Illari Leak

Twitter user @_FireMonkey, known for leaking new content regularly, has revealed that Illari will be the name of new support hero coming in the ‘Invasion’ season. Though the details of her abilities are still unclear, the leak has showcased a few of her skins.

She will have nine skins in total at debut, three of which are legendary skins: Daybreak, Sundown, and Llamas Pajamas.

The official tease from the Invasion trailer and the leaked image of Illari looks remarkably similar. And we can get a vibe of might and power from Illari with her large sword-like weapon and Daybreak skin cape.

OW2 Illari Abilities and Origin Leak

Illari’s abilities are yet to be announced officially, but content creator Stevo humorously mentioned a healing turret as part of her kit.

Moreover, another Overwatch content creator named Akash, who allegedly had early access to the hero, shared information about Illari’s abilities.

The leaked information suggests that OW2 Illari will have a destroy able healing turret, similar to Baptiste’s jump, which can knock enemies back. Additionally, Illari is rumored to have a hitscan-like rays that can either deal damage or heal, depending on the target. Her ultimate ability is said to be similar to Raze’s from VALORANT, featuring a single rocket that deals damage and applies a debuff to those hit.

Regarding Illari’s origins, speculation suggests that she may have Peruvian roots. The ‘Peru’ poster found on the Overwatch 2 Antarctic Peninsula map looks similar to the teaser image used in the Overwatch 2 Roadmap. Additionally, a previous Overwatch 2 Blog article mentions the Peruvian city of Arequipa.

Also, the Overwatch community has pointed that her name and the use of the Quechua language in her rare skin names hints at her being from Peru.

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OW2 Illari Release Date

Now comes the main question, “When does Illari release?” Blizzard is expected to release Illari along with Season 6, ‘Invasion,’ set to launch on August 10, 2023.

With the addition of a new hero and rumored skins for other characters, Season 6 is shaping up to be more exciting, and fans hope that Blizzard will deliver on their promises.

Adding to the excitement, Blizzard President Mike Ybarra accidentally leaked new Overwatch 2 Invasion skins and a glimpse of the game’s upcoming support hero.

The Blizzard campus was decorated to celebrate the upcoming season, and the image was shared in a elnow-deleted tweet. The picture showcased several upcoming skins, including a possible Omnic-themed Mythic Ana skin. The Battle Pass theme revolves around “Invasion,” and fans also spotted the new support hero in the top left corner.

The image also features Reaper, Cassidy, Pharah, and Genji with Omnic-style skins, though it’s unclear whether they will be part of the Battle Pass or available in the shop.

Little is known about OW2 Illari, but the developers have teased that she will wield a very unique weapon. Also, the players are thrilled after seeing what cosmetic surprises await them when Invasion launches later this month.

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