Remnant 2 Nightweaver Boss: location, ways to beat, and the alternative kill method


Discovering and defeating are both tricky when it comes to the Nightweaver boss in Remannt 2. But with the Alt Kill method that you’ll learn here, it’s a piece of cake.

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Remnant 2 Nightweaver Boss: How to Locate and Beat this Boss

The Nightweaver Boss, a powerful enemy that tests even the most experienced players, may be found in the shadowy depths of Remnant 2. Learn his location and how to beat this boss using a variety of strategies, including an alternative kill technique that might give you a special advantage.

Remnant 2 Nightweaver Boss Location

Morrow Parish in the Losomn region introduces you to two quests of the Nightweaver boss: The Nightweaver and Strange Web.

You get to know about the Nightweaver at the Asylum’s gates. You can’t enter the yard instantly. For entry, go through the long route involving opponents, mini-bosses, and a lot of loot (even more if you have completed the Remnant 2 Sewer and Morrow Parish safe codes)

Morrow Sanitorium Asylum: How to get there

Collecting three Stone-carved Dolls is the first step to reaching the Asylum. Their locations are:

  • On the third floor, behind white curtains in a big room.
  • On the second floor, behind a shelf in the study.
  • In some rubble by the front yard.

Collect these dolls and go to the basement where a woman’s voice is heard from a cell. Give the dolls to her and hear her sing a jingle that unlocks the Asylum safe. A spirit is released when the cell door opens and leaves behind the Nightweaver Stone Doll.


Shattered Gallery Dungeon

Go ahead to reach the Shattered Gallery dungeon to come face-to-face with the Magister Dullain boss. Defeat this boss and take the Soulkey Tribute quest item it drops. Return to the basement to finish the Strange Web main quest and be transported to a shadow realm.

Use the Nightweaver Stone Doll in a nearby cell to get the melee weapon Dreamcatcher (along with the Dreamwave mod) which unleashes a Dreamwave, after reaching 250 damage, which boosts damage and movement speed of the player as well as slows down opponents.

Nightweaver Mansion in Losomn

In Losomn, to enter the Nightweaver mansion, first reach the locked Hewda’s Clocktower. Then solve the Clock Tower puzzle and beat the boss. After this, you are transported behind the clock tower. Continue through Losomn, beating opponents on the way. Reach the mansion’s rear and climb over the wall, then interact with the crystal that appears.

Defeat the saw enemy locked inside a shed in the courtyard to gain access to the third floor.

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Fae Nimue encounter

Proceeding forward, you encounter Fae Nimue who tells you a Nightweaver’s victim’s heart is required to venture further. Then, you are transported to Fae’s dungeons.

This heart is in the Gilded Halls dungeon, where you have to defeat the Red Prince boss and then go through the door that gets unlocked. Here, you find the Soulkey Tribute left behind by the Nightweaver preying on a victim.

Nightweaver’s hunting grounds

You find another glowing door here leading to the Morrow Parish Mansion. Go through and reach the web downstairs. Give it the Soulkey Tribute to unlock an alternate version of the mansion. Now you face the ultimate Remnant 2 Nightweaver Boss.

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Remnant 2 Nightweaver boss fight: Phase 1

Find the Nightweaver Boss by going through the glowing crystal door in the basement of the asylum. Phase 1 of the fight is located on the grounds of this asylum, which is where you find the famous Remnant 2 Nightweaver Boss.

In Phase 1, Nightweaver has four attacks up its sleeve. They are:

Ground Strike

The Nightweaver lunges and then does a ground pound. The lunge can be dodged but the ground pound is tricky and it deals heavy damage.

Icy Assault

Two times in a row, the Nightweaver can fire icy projectiles that track you. Dodging at the right moment is crucial.

Fireballs and Blue Spiders

The Nightweaver throws surprisingly fast blue fireballs that are hard to dodge. Additionally, this boss at times unleashes a swarm of explosive blue spiders. However, these are easy to destroy.

Strategy to defeat the Nightweaver Boss

Mods that deliver fire damage are extremely helpful. Shoot when the Nightweaver Boss is summoning the blue spiders as this is when it is most vulnerable. Use healing items wisely. Combine evasive tactics and offensive fire-damage-dealing strikes to quickly decimate this boss.

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Remnant 2 Nightweaver boss fight: Phase 2

Phase 2 is more intense than its predecessor and happens within the Asylum. Collect all ammo packs before you are transported inside. Switch tactics as this is a packed place.

The Nightweaver boss has three strikes in Phase 2. They are:

Melee Strikes

The melee strikes are now more intense. It begins with a lunge, then two slow swipes, and then a single-turning swipe. All this is followed by the Ice Crystals. Beware of these moves and maintain distance.

Disappearance Act

The Nightweaver sometimes disappears and appears suddenly to plant a strike on a surprised character. Just stay well away from the walls whenever this happens otherwise you could be taken by surprise.

Beetle Bombers and Lifesteal Rend

The Nightweaver boss continues to summon the Beetle Bombers in the second phase as well. Usually, this is from the ceiling to allow you to concentrate on only one target. After her health goes below 50%, she begins to perform the Lifesteal Rend which is a dangerous grab attack that drains your health while increasing hers. This move is recognizable by a slow-turning animation.

Strategy to beat the Nightweaver Boss

Essentially, you have to dodge and then attack. In Phase 2, don’t run mindlessly in the narrow spaces. Try to stay in the lobby area as much as possible. In this phase, the Nightweaver boss performs more melee swipes.

Adjust to her movement pattern that switches constantly to crawling on the ground rather than hovering. And stay away from the walls when the Disappearance Act is being performed. Stay alert, sidestep her countless strikes, and attack cautiously.

With his tips, beat the Nightweaver boss to acquire the materials for The Nightfall, a lethal weapon.

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Alternative Kill method to defeat the Nightweaver boss

The alternative method for the Remnant 2 Nightweaver boss battle is to aim for her heart when she is summoning the Beetle Bombers as this makes it vulnerable. Shooting the heart grants critical damage.

But this won’t let you have time for the Beetle Bombers and these explode when they get too near. So you have to somehow evade them while shooting at the Nightweaver’s heart. But if you successfully pull this off, the Nightweaver won’t summon the Bombers in Phase 2. She’ll spawn them only when she comes out of the floor.


Use this method and grab the prize: Nightweaver’s Finger. This is used to craft the Nightshade melee weapon, which has a damage output of 47, an 18% chance for crit hits, and 110% weak spot damage. Also, it has a -20% stagger modifier, a real benefit in close-quarters combat.

The Nightshade Mod is Beyond the Veil. It transmutes Neutral Evade into mist and imbues the weapon with a lifesteal property for some time. This grants a base damage lifesteal of 5% for five seconds. If you do a perfect dodge, it lasts for 10 seconds.

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And that is how you defeat the Remnant 2 Nightweaver Boss. Admittedly, it’s a tough one to kill as well as locate, but the rewards are worth it. If you are able to pull off the alternative kill method successfully, then you can get through this stage of Remnant quickly.

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