Best Remnant 2 Starting Archetype: uses, how to unlock, and skills


Players frequently debate the best Remnant 2 starting archetype, with many believing the Medic class to be the ideal option owing to its beneficial skills and flexible uses.

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Best Remnant 2 Starting Archetype: uses, how to unlock, and skills

Out of all the archetypes available to players at the beginning of Remnant 2, can anyone be called the best for a newbie? This article answers in the affirmative. Read on to know all about the best Remnant 2 starting archetype.

Remnant 2 Starting Classes

There are four options offered to a player at the start of Remnant 2. Make that five options if you have the Gunslinger DLC. A red flag right at the beginning: do not opt for either the Challenger class or the Hunter class. Both of these archetypes have low utility throughout the game.

The remaining classes now are three: the Medic, the Gunslinger, and the Handler. The Gunslinger archetype is admittedly tricky to unlock, so we can strike it off the list for a newbie player. The Handler is great but, in some regions, it gets tricky to handle, so this class is out too. The remaining one is the Medic class, making it the best Remnant 2 starting archetype.

This is most easily accessible by a beginner player. It is the most popular in Remnant 2 as well.

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Best Remnant 2 Starting Archetype: Medic Class

The Medic class is a support class in the game. The most common objective in choosing it as the Remnant 2 starting class is that it is not the best with offensive strikes. But that’s precisely the best thing for a new player. A support class is mainly concerned with supporting its teammates. Just a single hit weakens the class by a big amount. To deal with this, giving up some damage for some support utility is the easiest option to stay alive much longer.

That’s not to say the Medic would just sit back while its teammates are killed in battle. Far from it. The Long Gun of this class is one the best in the entire game: XMG57 Bonesaw. It has a high ammo rate with a great fire rate. This boosts its ability to suppress the fire. Also, as a Medic, you can have loads of fun constructing builds.

The one big drawback of the Medic class is the high cooldowns. Because of this, you have to deal with your assets cautiously.

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Unlocking the Medic class in Remnant 2

It is easy to unlock the best Remnant 2 starting class, Medic. First, purchase the Medic Pin from Dr. Norah. Using this item, craft the Caduceus Idol Engram. You will also need 10 Luminite Crystals and 1000 Scrap.


Skills of Medic class in Remnant 2

Here are the skills that a Medic has:


This is unlocked by default. The medic creates a 15-second Healing Spring AOE by punching a 3-meter hole in the ground. This heals 10.5 health per second while also speeding up the blight decay rate.

Healing Shield:

This is unlocked at level 5. All allies inside a 25-meter radius are protected for 10 seconds by the Medic’s healing energy, which restores 100% of their maximum health. Throughout this protected period, allies will recuperate 30% of their maximum health.


This is unlocked at level 10. Although it could seem like a deadly skill, it isn’t. It is, nevertheless, the most beneficial one. All dead friends are revived and receive a 75% health regeneration boost thanks to the Medic’s 30-meter shockwave. More time spent holding the SKILL button will result in an increase of 75% per second up to 300%. 25% of the healing was distributed to the allies who were resurrected. This skill’s cooling duration is 150 s, and it resets upon death or the use of the Worldstone.

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Remnant 2 Medic Guide: best perks, traits, skills, and all about this archetype

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That’s our case for the Medic class being the best Remnant 2 Starting Archetype. Others with different playing styles might differ, but we stick to this one.

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