Rainbow Six Master Chief skin: new crossover with Halo leaked


A new Rainbow Six Master Chief skin will be released soon along with interesting elite bundle cosmetics items as part of the Halo crossover, claims new leaks.

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Rainbow Six Master Chief skin: new crossover with Halo leaked

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege might soon feature a notable addition from the Halo universe – the iconic Master Chief.

A recent leak strongly suggests that the popular 5v5 shooter game is gearing up to introduce Rainbow Six Master Chief from the Halo series as an elite skin for the operator Sledge. This collaboration wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, as Rainbow Six Siege has previously joined forces with other franchises like Assassin’s Creed, Yakuza, Nier, and Resident Evil.

Rainbow Six Master Chief Skin

The diverse world of Siege, which has been thriving for nearly a decade, is no stranger to unexpected collabs. From the inclusion of WWE personalities to the allure of Nier’s 2B, the adventurous spirit of Assassin’s Creed, and the fascination of Yakuza (Like a Dragon), Ubisoft has skillfully blended narratives from diverse universes. Yet, the addition of Halo’s protagonist signifies a transformative moment, promising not just a fresh visual angle, but a fusion of fan bases.

The source of this intriguing rumor comes from Klobrille on Twitter, who briefly showcased a captivating Rainbow Six Master Chief skin in a now-deleted clip. Capturing the essence of Halo Infinite, this skin seems poised to make a significant statement.

This new elite bundle featuring Rainbow Six Master Chief is tailored for Sledge, one of the most beloved operators in Siege. As seen in the video clip, the skin takes inspiration from Master Chief’s appearance in Halo Infinite, and its visual impact is striking.

Another intriguing aspect of this crossover that fans eagerly await is the cosmetics accompanying the Rainbow Six Master Chief skin. The leaked video clip, which carries an air of authenticity, showcases the impressive Master Chief in full regalia, hinting at themed weapon skins and other possible cosmetics. However, it’s important to approach this realm of leaks with a healthy dose of skepticism.

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When will Rainbow Six Master Chief skin release?

The Siege community is buzzing with excitement over this leaked Rainbow Six Master Chief skin, with prominent content creator THERUSSIANBADGER tweeting: “IF THIS SH*T IS REAL WE ARE SO F#CKING BACK.” However, substantial questions linger. Will this skin cross over platforms, becoming universally available? Or will it remain an exclusive privilege for Xbox and PC gamers?

Ubisoft, known for its strategic information releases, has chosen to remain tight-lipped, neither confirming nor denying the leak. After the leak had already circulated widely on the internet, Ubisoft and Halo seemed to acknowledge it and began teasing the forthcoming release.

With their recent announcement of Siege’s upcoming Year 8 Season 3, titled Heavy Mettle, scheduled for the end of August, the community is abuzz with speculation about a potential surprise unveiling of Rainbow Six Master Chief skin.

Also, rumors have spread that this leaked Rainbow Six Master Chief skin is not only accurate but will debut in Year 8 Season 3, Heavy Mettle. Yet, as previously mentioned, it’s wise to approach this leak and the subsequent information with some caution. Halo Infinite’s new season is set to launch on August 29.

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While the impending update promises the introduction of Ram, the newest Operator, and alterations to Ranked and Quick Match modes, the potential entrance of Rainbow Six Master Chief skin remains enigmatic.

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