Rainbow Six Operation Heavy Mettle: Y8S3 operator, reworks, exciting features, more


Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Heavy Mettle is bring lots of exciting content, including a new operator, a Bu-Gi gadget, the innovative commendation system, reworks, and a lot more implemented in the game’s Y8S3 update.

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Rainbow Six Operation Heavy Mettle: Y8S3 operator, reworks, exciting features, more

Rainbow Six Siege celebrated its eighth anniversary in 2023, and the third season of the year titled Operation Heavy Mettle is right around the corner.

The highlights of Rainbow Six Y8S3 are manifold, including the introduction of a new Attacker Ram, a game mode, Operator balancing, playlist enhancements, and weapon reworks, along with several quality-of-life improvements.

So, let’s delve into the comprehensive breakdown of what’s in store for players with Rainbow Six Siege’s Y8S3 Operation Heavy Mettle.

Rainbow Six Seige Ram: The Y8S3 Operator

Ram emerges as a Korean Attacker set to join the fray in Year 8 Season 3, Operation Heavy Mettle. Ubisoft reveals that she is part of an all-female special forces unit with an intriguingly complex background. In crafting Ram’s persona for Operation Heavy Mettle, Ubisoft adopted a realistic approach, resulting in a character that feels grounded and authentic.

Although her backstory and personal details remain undisclosed thus far, players can anticipate learning more about her origins through her in-game bio as soon as she becomes available.

Rainbow Six Ram’s Loadout

Ram’s loadout is notably impressive, featuring the popular R4C assault rifle with a 1.5x scope as her primary weapon. The alternative option lies in the LMG-E machine gun. In the secondary weapon category, players can opt between the MK19mm pistol and the ITA 12S shotgun, the latter equipped with a five-round capacity. As for secondary gadgets, the selection offers flexibility between the Hardbreach charge and the Stun grenade.

Operating as a three-health, one-speed Attacker, Ram is set to play a supportive role in the game. Her addition to the Redhammer Squad, alongside renowned figures such as Thermite and Hibana, underscores her potential to unleash chaos on the battlefield.

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Rainbow Six Seige Bu-Gi Gadget

The Bu-Gi, a bulletproof drone of destruction introduced in Operation Heavy Mettle, becomes a formidable asset in Ram’s arsenal. This device can be deployed on the fly, and when traversing soft surfaces, it automatically shatters the floor. Notably, it also neutralizes Defender gadgets, rendering deployable shields and bulletproof cameras ineffective.

On the flip side, defenders looking to counter the drone need to locate a small canister protruding from the drone’s rear and take a shot at it. Impact Grenades are another effective means of eliminating the Bu-Gi. This versatile gadget also doubles up as a barricade breaker during deployment. Unlike conventional drones, the Bu-Gi can’t be controlled post-deployment, but its direction can be adjusted before launch.

Rainbow Six Seige Commendation System

Operation Heavy Mettle ushers in a fresh way for Rainbow Six players to interact with one another. The commendation system focuses on positive aspects, enabling players to commend two teammates at the game’s end across three different categories: Valor (Positive and Level-Headed), Dedication (Reliable and Engaged), and Guidance (Knowledgeable Strategist).

Commending the opposing team as a worthy opponent is also an option. This system is reminiscent of Overwatch 2’s Endorsement system and rewards players with Alpha Packs for their participation, contributing to their in-game Reputation.

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Operation Heavy Mettle’s Reworks and Balancing

One of the standout features of Rainbow Six Y8S3, Operation Heavy Mettle is the much-anticipated Frost rework. The deployment of Welcome Mats is now significantly swifter. Players ensnared in these mats have the option to extricate themselves with a debuff or receive assistance from teammates, minus the debuff, as was the norm.

The debuff, lasting for 60 seconds, hampers mobility, causing players to move at a reduced pace and leaving behind blood trails. Freeing oneself from the Welcome Mat now takes merely four seconds.

Apart from Frost, Grim has received a notable buff, allowing canisters to bounce off surfaces when using the alternative mode in his Kawan Hive Launcher. Additionally, Fuse’s Cluster Charges can now pass through deployable shields and Osa’s Talon Shield, broadening tactical options.

Rainbow Six Y8S3, Operation Heavy Mettle also brings a comprehensive overhaul to the Shotgun weapon class, excluding Slug Shotguns. This rework introduces enhanced precision when aiming down sights, amplified destruction when not aiming down sights, and even more destruction while moving and not aiming down sights.

Additionally, other Shotguns now share Bailiff’s efficiency, making them more consistent and viable. This rework empowers players to create easier rotations between bomb sites using Shotguns, promising to reshape Rainbow Six Siege’s ever-evolving meta.

Operation Heavy Mettle: New Features

In addition to the upgrades, we are also getting new features and elements in Operation Heavy Mettle like:

  • Thunderbird Elite skin
  • Weapon Roulette
  • Standard mode
  • Quick Match 2.0
  • Commendation System

Thunderbird is getting an Elite skin as part of Operation Heavy Mettle. Furthermore, a new Team Deathmatch mode, aptly titled “Weapon Roulette,” is on the horizon.

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In Weapon Roulette mode, all players wield the same weapon, which changes to a new random one after a brief interval. This mode serves as an excellent opportunity for players to familiarize themselves with various weapons and attachments, while also serving as a suitable warm-up before diving into Ranked matches.

The Unranked mode has been renamed “Standard.” This mode serves as an intermediary between Ranked and Quick Match, eliminating map and operator ban phases and reducing overtime rounds to just one.

Quick Match 2.0, designed to expedite matches, involves alterations in planning and action phase timers. The skill level of this mode has been soft reset, and a new pre-setup system for the defender side has been introduced, including the predeployment of reinforcements and rotation holes. Attackers now benefit from Attack Protection, featuring a 10-second invulnerability phase at the start of a round, ensuring a safer approach to entering buildings.

Operation Heavy Mettle: Quality-of-Life Enhancements

Operation Heavy Mettle introduces playable tutorials, catering to newcomers and offering comprehensive guidance. These tutorials are designed to provide first-time users with insights into core game mechanics, encompassing Basics, Attack, and Defense sessions.

Mechanics such as leaning, verticality, secondary gadgets, and unique abilities are covered, instilling confidence in newcomers as they familiarize themselves with the game’s dynamics.

Additionally, Rainbow Six Y8S3 introduces quality-of-life updates, allowing players to remove the HUD from the replay cam for capturing flawless moments. The “Free Cam plus hide UI” feature is now accessible to all spectators. The option to kick and promote players from the squad adds another layer of flexibility. Changes in the Battle Pass aim to enhance players’ ability to target desired rewards.

Well, the new R6 Operation Heavy Mettle will release on August 29, 2023, where players will be able to explore a lot of new content.

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