Rainbow Six Operator Tier List: Best Attackers and Defenders in 2023


With our thorough Rainbow Six Operator Tier List for 2023, get ready for tactical combat. In this guide, we’ll examine the advantages and disadvantages of each attacker and defender, offering helpful tips that will enable you to put together a strong team.

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Best Rainbow Six Seige Operator Tier List 2023

Rainbow Six Siege has solidified its position as one of the best online tactical shooters available, offering exhilarating gameplay and regular balance tweaks. With the game now in its 8th year, it’s time to evaluate and rank the best operators ever released.

This Rainbow Six Operator tier list will categorize operators based on their viability and contribution to competitive/ranked matches. Let’s explore the tiers and discover the top operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Operator Tier List: Overall Ranking

Tier ListOperators
Tier SBrava, Solis, Smoke
Tier AAzami, Kaid, Wamai, Valkyrie, Alibi, Capitao, Ace, Dokkaebi, Lion, Finka, Flores, Fuze
Tier BAsh, Kapkan, Lesion, Maestro, Thatcher, Mute, Rook, Mira, Jager, Doc, Nomad, Castle, Iana, Gridlock, Goyo, Melusi, Twitch, Buck, Sens, Thermite, Zofia, Aruni
Tier CThorn, Oryx, Tachanka, Pulse, Osa, Thunderbird, Mozie, Sledge, Zero, Glaz, Ela, Ying, Vigil, Frost, Hibana, Nokk, Maverick, Jackal
Tier DClash, Amaru, Caveira, Warden, Grim
Tier EMontagne, Blitz, Kali, Bandit, Blackbeard, Echo, IQ

Brava: The Gadget Disabler

Brava stands out as one of the newest additions to Team Rainbow, and her inclusion in the S tier in our R6 Operator tier list is well-deserved. Her special gadget, the Kludge Drone, adds depth and intensity to the game, elevating the tactical experience. As an attacker drone, the Kludge Drone possesses the remarkable ability to switch the allegiances of many defender gadgets. Even those gadgets that cannot be turned on will be disabled instead. This makes Brava one of the most potent gadget disablers in the game.

The importance of utility in Rainbow Six Siege cannot be overstated. Defender gadgets play a pivotal role in determining the outcome of each round. By neutralizing or disabling defender gadgets, Brava significantly disrupts the defensive strategies and empowers the attacking team. Her presence on the battlefield forces defenders to adapt and find alternative ways to defend against the assault.

Solis: The Intel Gatherer and Denier

Another recent addition to Team Rainbow, Solis, brings valuable intel-gathering and denial capabilities to the defending team. Her Spec-IO Electro-Sensor special gadget allows her to detect enemy electronic devices for a limited time. This ability is reminiscent of IQ’s gadget on the attacker side, but with Solis, defenders gain the upper hand in terms of intelligence.

Solis has the unique advantage of being able to share the information she gathers with the entire defending team. By casting her special gadget’s intel, she can tag the electronics she detects, allowing her team to capitalize on the information. This makes droning for attackers a perilous endeavor as Solis’s presence adds a layer of danger and risk to their reconnaissance efforts.

With Solis on the defending team, defenders gain a significant advantage in terms of information warfare. They can anticipate the attacker’s movements, identify potential breaches, and counter their strategies effectively. Solis’s inclusion in the S tier in our R6 Operator tier list is a testament to her invaluable role in the defense of objectives.

Smoke: The Well-Rounded Operator

Smoke has earned his place in the S tier due to his versatility and well-rounded skill set. His special gadget, the Remote Gas Grenade, allows him to deny a large area for several seconds. Positioning is crucial in Rainbow Six Siege, and Smoke’s ability to deny enemy advances and control areas for an extended period is a potent defensive tool.

The remotely detonated gas grenades give Smoke the advantage of setting traps. By placing a gas grenade in a strategic location, he can wait for enemies to enter the area before activating the gadget. The resulting gas damage not only inflicts harm but also induces panic among the attackers. This can lead to rushed decision-making and hasty mistakes, which defenders can capitalize on.

Smoke’s well-rounded nature makes him a formidable operator in both offensive and defensive scenarios. His versatile loadout and gadget provide him with the tools to adapt to different situations and contribute significantly to the success of his team. His inclusion in the S tier in our R6 Operator tier list highlights his overall effectiveness and impact on the game.

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Rainbow Six Operator Tier List: Best Attackers and Defenders

R6 Operator Tier List: Best Attackers

SNomad, Thatcher, Zero 
AAce, Brava, Finka, Hibana, Iana, Jackal, Maverick, Sledge, Thermite, Twitch, Zofia
BAsh, Buck, Capitao, Dokkaebi, Flores, IQ, Lion, Osa, Blackbeard
CFuze, Gridlock, Kali, Nøkk, Grim, Sens, Ying
DAmaru, Glaz
EBlitz, Montagne

Nomad: With her Airjab repulsion grenades, Nomad is the top anti-roaming operator in Siege. She provides excellent utility for covering attackers’ backs and immobilizing defenders.

Zero: Zero offers versatility and balance. His Argus cameras provide valuable intel and threat to defenders, while his weapon choices, including the MP7 and SC3000K, ensure he remains a formidable attacker.

Thatcher: Although frequently banned, Thatcher’s EMP grenades are invaluable. They disable electrical devices, making them an essential asset for any attacking team.

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R6 Operator Tier List: Best Defenders

SJäger, Mira, Aruni
AAzami, Bandit, Echo, Fenrir, Kaid, Kapkan, Mozzie, Mute, Smoke, Wamai, Valkyrie
BAlibi, Castle, Ela, Lesion, Maestro, Melusi, Pulse, Solis, Thorn, Thunderbird, Vigil, Warden
CDoc, Frost, Goyo, Oryx, Tachanka, Caveira
DClash, Rook

Jäger: Despite recent nerfs, Jäger remains a highly viable operator. His Active Defense Systems are reliable, and his 416-C Carbine is a standout weapon, making him an effective spawn-peeker.

Mira: Mira is a challenging operator to master but provides immense defensive strength. Her Black Mirrors offer insights into attackers’ strategies, and her secondary weapons make her versatile for counter-attacks and soft breaches.

Aruni: Aruni rounds off the S-Tier defenders with her strong weapons and versatility. Her P10 RONI is one of the best SMGs in the game, and her punching ability is useful in various scenarios.

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Rainbow Six Operator Tier List Explained

S Tier: Operators in the S Tier bring immense value to their team and excel in tactical gameplay. They pose significant challenges to enemies and have well-rounded abilities, exceptional weapons, and utilities. Notably, they perform well in any situation or map.

A Tier: A-Tier operators are just below S Tier and are highly powerful and versatile. Although they excel in specific situations, they may not be as universally effective as S Tier operators.

B Tier: Operators in the B Tier are also excellent, but they are more situational and easier to counter than those in A and S Tiers. They require careful consideration and strategy for optimal performance.

C Tier: Operators in the C Tier are more situational and require skilled players to perform well. While they are not considered weak, they are easier to counter compared to operators in higher tiers.

D and E Tier: Well, these are the weak operators that have a lot of potential if Ubisoft improves and buffs their gameplay elements.

In conclusion, the Rainbow Six Siege operator tier list provides a comprehensive ranking of operators based on their viability and contribution to competitive play. Brava, Solis, and Smoke are three operators in Rainbow Six Siege who have made a significant impact on the game and earned their place in the coveted S tier. Brava’s gadget-disabling abilities disrupt defender strategies, Solis’s intel-gathering and denial capabilities give defenders a crucial advantage, and Smoke’s versatility and area denial tactics make him a force to be reckoned with.

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The S Tier operators bring the most value and excel in all situations, while A and B Tier operators are still highly powerful but may require more strategic considerations. C Tier operators, while not weak, require skilled players to reach their full potential. Moreover, the top attackers and defenders offer unique strengths and utility that make them valuable assets to their respective teams.

As the meta evolves, this R6 Operator tier list will change accordingly, reflecting the ever-evolving landscape of Rainbow Six Siege.

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