Remnant 2 Summoner Guide: best perks, traits, skills, and all about this archetype


With the help of our in-depth Remnant 2 Summoner Guide, master the art of summoning powerful companions in the heat of combat, and learn the best traits, perks, skills, and its starting loadout.

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Remnant 2 Summoner Guide: best perks, traits, skills, and all about this archetype

If you like seriously ugly pets, you’ll love Remnant 2 Summoner archetype. As the name suggests, the Summoner allows you to summon creatures that then fight your opponents. It’s a pet class that’s much like a necromancer which can be used as a primary or secondary archetype.

In this article, we’ll explore everything about the Remnant 2 Summoner class, from unlocking it to its perks, skills, and more.

Unlocking Remnant 2 Summoner archetype

To unlock the Remnant 2 Summoner class, the first objective is to collect 15 Bloodmoon Essence found only in the overworld areas of Yaesha. During a blood moon, shoot down the floating pinkish-red orbs to collect these. They will come in useful in other items as well.

Next, you need a Bloodmoon Altar that shows up as a type of blue stone symbol on the map once you are nearby it. Explore the overworld areas of Yaesha to find this. Interact with it and trade the Bloodmoon Essence for the Faded Grimoire. There are many other items that you can explore later.

Now, head back to Ward 13, to Wallace (find him in a shack at the dock halfway up the stairs), and exchange the Faded Grimoire for the Tome of the Bringer. Now, go to the Archetype page and equip it to become a Summoner.


Starting loading of Remnant 2 Summoner class

The Summoner class has Crossbow as the Long Gun (this is the Imperial Gardens puzzle’s reward), the MP60-R as the Handgun, and the Rebellion Spear as the Melee.

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Remnant 2 Summoner Trait

Regrowth: At level 10, the health regen is boosted by up to 1.5 HP per second.

Keep in mind that the higher your level is, the more boosts you’ll gain from the trait. If you are at level 10, then even if you unequip the Handler and replace it, you can still select the class. You’ll have to reassign the trait points though if you still want the effects.

Remnant 2 Summoner Skills

Hold the skill button to summon the minions. This will drain the HP a little. Holding the button down has the sacrifice effect which has varying effects.

Minion: Flyer

Available at level 5 with a cost of 10% HP per minion. It’s a floating creature with purple flame projectiles. A max of two Flyers can be employed. The Sacrifice effect delivers 50 damage within a 3-meter radius, plus it makes three homing projectiles, each delivering 150 damage.

Minion: Reaver

Available at level 10 with a cost of 35% HP per minion. Maximum one Reaver can be summoned which will do a lot of damage. It’ll sacrifice itself to deliver 200 damage within a 6-meter range while also making spore bombs that do 200 damage each.

Minion: Hollow

Available by default with a cost of 15% HP per minion. A maximum of two Hollows can be summoned. It rolls on the ground to deliver melee damage. Within a 5-meter radius, it’ll sacrifice itself by exploding and doing 150 damage.

Experience tells us that you should assist these minions yourself if you want them to survive for a long period. The AI isn’t that great. Also, your HP reduces every time you summon them. Maybe purchase the Soul Anchor amulet from the Bloodmoon Altar. That’ll provide you with a 20% damage boost for 30 seconds at every spawn, at least.

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Remnant 2 Summoner Perks

Ruthless (Prime Perk): For 20 seconds, enraged minions have a boost of 30% in damage, attack speed, and movement speed.

Doing damage to a minion gets it enraged. You can shoot the minions yourself if you want to activate the enraged buff. Also, for keeping the Prime Perk active, the Summoner should be your main archetype.

Dominator (Damage Perk): Per active minion, there is a boost of 3.5% to mod and skill damage. A sacrifice grants a boost of 3% to ranged and melee damage for 30 seconds, or until another minion comes onto the scene. Each level-up increases the mod and skill critical chance by 5%.

Residue (Team Perk): KIA minions leave a 3-meter aura that grants 2.5% HP per second for 10 seconds. With level-ups, there is an added bonus of 20% to healing and lifesteal effects.

Outrage (Utility Perk): For 10 seconds, a sacrifice will give you a boost of 3% to lifesteal per minion. Each level-up adds 15% to movement speed at the time of a sacrifice.

Incite (Relic Perk): For 30 seconds, minions are granted a 5% boost in their max HP per second and a 15% boost in damage at the use of a Relic. Level-ups allow for minions to have a 15% boost in critical chance, provided they are affected by the incite buff.

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There you go! That’s all there is to the Remnant 2 Summoner archetype. Maybe this class is a little weak on its own, but pairing it up with any of the other archetypes, like Medic, Handler, or Alchemist, will bring some serious progress for sure.

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