Remnant 2 Lament Dungeon: Navigation Guide to All New Puzzles


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Remnant 2 Lament Dungeon Guide: Navigation Through All New Puzzles

Remnant 2 is not all about firepower and bloodshedding. At times, you need tact and cleverness to make it in this game. For example the Remnant 2 Lament Dungeon. Buried underneath the lush land of Yaesha, a world full of arm-twisting puzzles. Here, you’ll need to rely more on your brains than your brawn. There’s loot hidden in far-flung places.

In this article, we’ll look at navigating your way through the Tomb-Raider-style dungeon of Remnant 2 Lament while looting the place clean.

Guide to the Remnant 2 Lament Dungeon

Puzzles in every corner and mysteries hidden from head to toe are nothing new in Remnant 2. One of these puzzles, which can be found on Yaesha, is deft and cunning.

First of all, you cannot solve this problem unless The Lament has been cleared entirely. To unlock the door back to the beginning and make it simpler to transition between the top and lower parts, you’ll need to pass through the initial traps and then entirely through the area.

We’ll show you how to solve The Lament Door Puzzle in this guide.


Arrow traps in Remnant 2 Lament

As you enter the Lament dungeon, you come upon the arrow traps. There are no tricks here.

You’ll have to just be alert and dodge your way through the volley of incoming arrows. It’s not too tricky, just zig-zag along the length of the passage. Just remember that once your reach the midway point, the firing order changes. Delay the direction switch and you’ll get through. The lever at the end of the corridor will disable the arrow trap for the rest of the campaign run.

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Door Puzzle in Remnant 2 Lament

On the first floor, search for a book next to a corpse down the ramp. Notice the symbol on the first page and read the text on the next. Inside the room, search for this symbol on the tapestry that covers the dead Pan on top of the tables. Notice the symbols above them. Always check them as you enter a new Lament dungeon for they keep changing.

There will be a round device by the door, aligning the rings of which will open the door. The alignment is according to the symbols. The symbols’ order doesn’t matter.

Main Chamber in Remnant 2 Lament

Reaching the main chamber involves a secret passageway. Start at the previously unlocked checkpoint. At one corner of the room is a collapsed pillar. You will have to roll through the vases that lead to a hole leading downstairs. Turn right and go down to reach a small pool. One of the waterfalls conceals a tunnel. Find it and acquire the key at the end of it. This opens a storage room at the other end of the hall.

Take the shortcut back upstairs and dash into the storage room. Loot the chest there unashamedly, after which through the hole in the wall you go. At this, you will arrive at a boring-looking hall that conceals buzzsaw traps. Simply follow the left vertical buzzsaw when it spawns and hop sideways when it starts to reverse. All that remains is traversing to the main chamber where awaits the Red Widow armor set.

remnant 2 lament dungeon guide, remnant 2 lament dungeon puzzle solutions, remnant 2 lament door puzzle, remnant 2 lament dial puzzle, how to solve the lament puzzle in remnant 2, remnant 2 puzzle guide
Solving the door puzzle in Remnant 2 Lament may take some time

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Remnant 2 Lament Floating platforms

You’ll need the Kolket’s Razor item for this part of Remnant 2 Lament. You’ll get it from a miniboss that randomly spawns after opening one of the coffins after the door puzzle in the hall. Inspecting and interacting with this item turns it into a Kolket’s Key.

For this section, it’s an easy trick. You need to spot invisible bridges and walk across them from platform to platform. Just shoot in the direction of a supposed bridge and if the bullets stop, you have a bridge there. There’s a door on the other side of this section that will only be opened by Kolket’s Key.

Reaching the boat: Final Stage in Remnant 2 Lament

Once you are done with the above, there will be a boat on the other side of the wall. Normally, you can’t get through to it. But you can phase through an illusory wall placed there and reach it. You’ll find the Lodestone Crown, a helmet that’s more or less a flashlight. It also reacts with other lodestones.

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And there you have it. That’s all there is to reaching the end of the Remnant 2 Lament dungeon in one piece.

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