Remnant 2 Medic Guide: best perks, traits, skills, and all about this archetype


Here is our detailed Remnant 2 Medic Class Guide, where we explore the essential perks, traits, skills, and other information regarding this crucial archetype.

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Remnant 2 Medic Guide: best perks, traits, skills, and all about this archetype

Remnant 2 Medic class is out of the shadows. The Medic is a support archetype with AOE healing abilities, as the name implies. But just because it’s a support class, don’t take it lightly. It’ll show its usefulness in the most dangerous of scenarios.

In this article, we’ll cover everything about Remnant 2 Medic class: its Skills, Perks, Traits, and more. Let’s dive right in.

Unlocking the Remnant 2 Medic Class

The Medic class is a started class that can be found in the tutorial stage. You can skip the Medic class at this stage if you want and buy the Medic Pin for Norah, the town doctor/chemist. This Medic Pin can be exchanged for the Medic class engram from Wallace from Ward 13.

As for the starting loadout of Remnant 2 Medic, the long gun is the XMG57 Bonesaw (a machine gun with a high fire rate and ammo count (of 300 in total, 150 are in the magazine)), the handgun is the Service Pistol, and the melee is the Steel Flail.


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Remnant 2 Medic Class Perks

Mostly, the Remnant 2 Medic perks boost the efficiency of the Relics. However, they also increase the healing value, overall damage output, etc. Let’s have a look at the perks:

Benefactor (Relic Perk): Relic use gets -1 Stagger. Boosts Relic Use Speed by 20%

Invigorated (Damage Perk): Boost of 5% to critical chance and of 25% to all damage. Damage increases with the Medic level.

Backbone (Utility Perk): The hits the Medic can sustain before losing Grey Health are boosted by 2.

Regenerator (Prime Perk): With 250 total health restorations of allies, a spent Relic charged is regained. So the more you heal yourself and allies, the more extra Relic charge you gain. That’s why the Medic class should focus on the support role of the team. Also, a Prime Perk of an archetype is only active if it is your main class.

Healing accumulation is reset through resting or respawning at a Worldstone. Every additional player boosts the healing requirement by 50%.

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Remnant 2 Medic Class Trait

The Remnant 2 Medic class’s trait is Triage.

The effect is increased healing by up to 50% at level 10. This is a unique trait and will be more efficient as the level increases. For example, at level 10, even if you unequip the Medic and use something else, you can still choose Triage. But for effects, you will have to assign the trait points once more.

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Remnant 2 Medic Class Skills

Much like the archetype Handler in Remnant 2, the Medic class has no skills that boast its firepower or damage output. Its specialty is to summon shields and healing wells not just for itself, but also for its allies and their companions. This could potentially turn the tide during a demanding situation in a battle.

Let’s have a look at these skills:

Healing Shield (Unlocks at level 5): Within a 25-meter radius, all allies are shielded by the healing energy of the Medic for 100% of their max health for 10 seconds. Allies will regain 30% of their max health over this shielded duration.

Redemption (Unlocks at level 10): This sounds like a lethal skill, but it isn’t. However, it’s the most helpful one. A 30-meter shockwave from the Medic revives all dead allies and regenerates 75% of their max health. Holding the SKILL button for some more time will grant an additional 75% per second up to 300%. The revived allies received 25% of the healing amount. The cooling period is 150s and this skill resets at death or the Worldstone.

Wellspring (Unlocks at level 0): The Medic punches (yep, you read that right) a 3-meter hole in the ground that acts as Healing Spring AOE restoring 10.5 Health per second as well as increasing Blight Decay Rate and lasting for 15 seconds.

If you use Wellspring right, it can take you far. You can use this skill from the very beginning, given that you have chosen this archetype. For co-op gameplay, Redemption is a great skill.

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That’s all there is to the Remnant 2 Medic class. Just because it’s a support class, don’t think it’s useless. Once you learn its tricks, it’s just as good as any other class.

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